Central Iowa Missions history

In 1998 the elders of the Grandview Church of Christ in Des Moines had been contemplating putting together some sort of program to help the congregations of the Lord’s church, that were struggling to exist, especially in Central Iowa. About 12-14 men of the congregation had indicated that they were willing to be taught some of the basic skills of preaching so that they could help serve the other congregations in central Iowa by filling their pulpits from time to time. The vision and foresight of the Grandview elders has undoubtedly helped keep several congregations alive.

Since the program’s beginning in 1999, we have been able to help about a dozen congregations, primarily in central Iowa. Several have used our preaching services when they needed a fill-in preacher. Others have sent men to attend the preacher training classes. Still others have had us hold a weekend Gospel Meeting for them with men who have come through our preacher training program doing the speaking. One congregation had us present our short version of the Personal Evangelism Class.

We do not interfere with the local autonomy of any of the congregations. We are only there to help and only show up when we have been invited. We do not claim to have highly polished speakers, but we do send out men who love the Lord and have a respect for His Word and who also love the brotherhood! The fellowship has been wonderful!

One unexpected result of this program is that some of the men who have gone through the training program have become not only men who can preach, but they also are able to teach a Bible class. They have learned leadership skills that can be utilized in other church programs.

The work of the Central Iowa Missions program is constantly changing as the needs of the Lord’s church in Central Iowa change.

Please let us know if there is any way that we might be able to help your congregation.

Art Wallis
Missions Evangelist