A Challenge for our Men

A Challenge for our Men
Men, you too can learn to preach!

In 1998, the elders of the Grandview Church of Christ had been contemplating putting together some sort of program to help the congregations of the Lord’s church, that were struggling to exist, especially in Central Iowa. About 12-14 men of the congregation had indicated that they were willing to be taught some of the basic skills of preaching so that they could help serve the other congregations in central Iowa by filling their pulpits from time to time. The vision and foresight of the Grandview eldership has undoubtedly helped keep several congregations alive, even thriving.

Many men have willingly and selflessly given of their time and talents to take turns going out to preach to the many congregations that we have helped over the past 15 months. We have had good success in helping those congregations. As part of the Central Iowa Missions program, we have helped the following congregations: Osceola, Marshalltown, Evergreen, Menlo, Knoxville, Mason City, and now Newton. (not forgetting that while Grandview was without a preacher, many of these men took turns preaching here, until we hired Jeff Reed) We were involved with a little fill-in preaching for Osceola, until their new minister was able to move in. We filled in a couple of times at Marshalltown, when their minister had to be gone. Evergreen has slowly had us cut back our responsibilities there, and now they have taken it by themselves. Menlo is still struggling. We have been helping out on Sunday mornings at Newton, with much potential for growth there. We also had a part in Mason City acquiring their new preacher. The Central Iowa Missions program maintains contact with many congregations, preachers, and preacher students. We were able to direct a resume from a preacher, who was a Bear Valley graduate a couple of years ago, to the Mason City congregation,. They had him come for an interview and preach for them. It was a good match. They (Arlen & Linda Dollen & 11 kids) moved in the end of May. But, perhaps our greatest success was with the congregation at Knoxville! We have been sending men there to preach (and sometimes teach) every other Sunday since April 11th, of 1999. Their minister had left just a little under two years earlier. With only a few men who would preach, it became quite time consuming to them. They had become discouraged. They were encouraged when they heard of the Central Iowa Missions program. We have not only supplied preachers for them every other week, but we have also held a Gospel Meeting for them in late fall, and held a Personal Evangelism Class for them on Wednesday nights during the winter. They were able to contact Brother Robert Clay (wife, Tammy) to interview with them. They have settled into their new home now to begin their work with Knoxville.

Brethren, these last 15 months we have done a lot of good for a lot of congregations. But, this isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon run. There is a lot more work to be done and we need more men trained to help do it. Again let me state, as I did several times in our preaching classes, “When the history of the Church of Christ in Iowa is written 100 years from now, we will have made a difference! And you will have been a part of it!”

May God continue to bless this program and each of you who has had some part in it!

For the Central Iowa Missions program,

Art Wallis

(Ephesians 3:20)

(The above article was adapted/modified from a bulletin article July 2, 2000 from the Grandview Church of Christ)

We are now offering this Preacher Training Class to the men of the area Churches of Christ. If the men of your congregation are interested in attending these classes, please contact us at (515) 262-4069. E-mail us at: anwallis@hotmail.com Write me at: Art Wallis, Central Iowa Missions, c/o Grandview Church of Christ, 2736 Hubbell Ave., Des Moines, IA 50317