Audio Archive 2008

2008.01.04 PM Jeremy Folding The Way of the Slug Download
2007.01.06 AM Mike Melvin God Is Love Download
2008.01.06 PM Dan Bailey God's Word is Living and Abidi Download
2008.01.13 AM Ron Melvin God's Love For the World Download
2008.01.13 PM Joe Longfellow God's Love is All Sufficient Download
2008.01.20 AM Mike Melvin God's Love for the Church Download
2008.01.20 PM Mike Dorrell God's Word is Powerful Download
2008.01.27 AM Darin Thompson God's Love for the Lost Download
2008.01.27 PM Michael Mazak God's Word is Eternal Download
2008.02.03 AM Art Wallis Let the Children Come to Jesus Download
2008.03.02 PM Alan Augspurger Perfect Love Casts Out Fear Download
2008.02.10 AM Art Wallis Filling A Niche in Religion Download
2008.02.10 PM Michael Mazak The Eye is the Lamp of the Body Download
2008.02.24 AM Art Wallis Noah Found Grace Download
2008.02.24 PM Orrin Nearhoof The Power of Light Download
2008.03.02 AM Art Wallis Jesus Didn't Look Back Download
2008.03.02 PM Darin Thompson Who Are We... Christians? Download
2008.03.02 AM Art Wallis Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Download
2008.03.09 PM Kelly Kaiser Love and Humility Download
2008.03.16 AM Art Wallis Sins That Crucified Christ Download
2008.03.16 PM Orrin Nearhoof Does God Hear Our Prayers? Download
2008.03.23 AM Art Wallis Eyes of Faith Download
2008.03.23 PM Joe Longfellow The Peter Personality Download
2008.03.30 AM Art Wallis Forgive To Be Forgiven Download
2008.04.06 AM Jeremy Folding Touching The Untouchable Download
2008.04.06 PM Jeremy Folding My Baloney Has A First Name Download
2008.04.20 AM Art Wallis We're Getting a New Preacher Download
2008.04.20 PM Robert Gordon Persecution Download
2008.04.27 AM Todd Johnson Impress On Them Download
2008.04.27 PM Mike Mazak Do Not Break Faith: Malachi - Download
2008.05.04 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 1 Download
2008.05.04 PM Jeremy Folding Studies in the Minor Prophets - part 1 Download
2008.05.11 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - Part 2 Download
2008.05.11 PM Jeremy Folding Obadiah: Servant of YHWH Download
2008.05.18 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 3 Download
2008.05.18 PM Jeremy Folding Jehovah Is God - Joel part 1 Download
2008.05.25 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 4 Download
2008.05.25 PM Jeremy Folding Looking to the Future - Joel part 2 Download
2008.06.01 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God - Part 1: Two Truths Download
2008.06.01 PM Jeremy Folding The Running Dove - Jonah Download
2008.06.08 AM Jeremy Folding How Are Your Convictions? Download
2008.06.15 AM Jeremy Folding The Heart of Religion: Seeking God Download
2008.06.15 PM Jeremy Folding Sermons From The Burden Bearer - Amos 3-6 Download
2008.06.22 AM Jeremy Folding Responding to the Reward Download
2008.06.22 PM Jeremy Folding Visions of the Burden Bearer Download
2008.06.29 AM Darin Thompson Declaration of Independence Download
2008.06.29 PM Joe Buxton Using Our Talents for God Download
2008.06.29 PM Lew Kirk Are You Fulfilling God's Purpose for You? Download
2008.07.06 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God Part 5 Fervency and Faithfulness Download
2008.07.13 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God Part 6 - God Ain't No Cow Download
2008.07.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Indictment of Israel Download
2008.07.20 AM Jeremy Folding Loss, Loyalty and Lament Download
2008.07.20 PM Jeremy Folding God's Warning of Punishment - Hosea 8 Download
2008.07.27 AM Jeremy Folding Letting Jesus Out Download
2008.08.03 AM Jeremy Folding Making the Time Download
2008.08.10 AM Jeremy Folding I Don't Want To Go There Download
2008.08.10 PM Jeremy Folding Who Is Like YHWH Download
2008.08.17 AM Jeremy Folding Inconvenienced Direct and Self Sacrificial Download
2008.08.17 PM Jeremy Folding Judgement Now Blessing Later Download
2008.08.24 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Church in the Face of Our Culture Download
2008.08.31 PM Jeremy Folding Contention and Restoration Download