Audio Archive 2007

2007.01.07 AM Mike Melvin ...Through the Grapevine Download
2007.01.07 PM Darin Thompson Three Minutes Download
2007.01.14 AM Art Wallis Going Home Download
2007.01.14 PM Mike Dorrell The Secret Curse: Pornography Download
2007.01.21 AM Mike Melvin Quality Assurance Download
2007.01.31 PM Ron Melvin Making God Smile Download
2007.01.28 AM Art Wallis Some Requirements to Get to Heaven Download
2007.01.28 PM Mike Mazak A Holy Home Download
2007.01.28 PM Mike Mazak A Holy Home Download
2007.02.04 AM Mike Melvin Firm Foundation Download
2007.02.04 PM Darin Thompson God Gave Us A Light Savior Download
2007.02.11 AM Art Wallis Reluctant Jonah Download
2007.02.11 PM Kelly Kaiser What On Earth Is Heaven Good For? Download
2007.02.18 AM Mike Melvin Secure Salvation Download
2007.02.18 PM Alan Augspurger Global Whining Download
2007.02.25 AM Alton Norman The Name Of Jesus Download
2007.03.04 AM Mike Melvin Ephesians 1-2 Download
2007.03.11 AM Mike Melvin Walk Like This (Ephesians 4-5) Download
2007.03.18 AM Art Wallis An Appeal For Unity Download
2007.03.18 PM Orrin Nearhoof Faith Walkers Download
2007.03.25 AM the Elders Imagine the Possibilities Download
2007.03.25 AM Orrin Nearhoof Pressing On... Download
2007.03.25 PM Darin Thompson "V" Is For Victory Download
2007.04.01 AM Mike Melvin Something Better Download
2007.04.01 PM Robert Gordon Jesus' Teaching on Handling Strife Download
2007.04.08 AM Art Wallis Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams, Unkept Promises Download
2007.04.08 PM Alan Augspurger I Thought He Looked Familiar Download
2007.04.15 AM Mike Melvin Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa! (Thinking Big With God On Your Side) Download
2007.04.15 PM Kelly Kaiser Mammon, Wisdom and You Download
2007.04.22 AM Art Wallis Crowns Christians Wear Download
2007.04.22 PM Dan Bailey The Grandview Website Download
2007.04.29 AM Dan Lightfoot Living By Faith Download
2007.04.29 PM Art Wallis Living By Faith - Part 2 Download
2007.05.06 AM Art Wallis Ministering to Others - Matthew 25:31-46 Download
2007.05.06 PM Darin Thompson Who's Praying For You? Download
2007.05.13 AM Mike Melvin 212 Degree Hot Download
2007.05.13 PM Mike Mazak Grace Download
2007.05.20 AM Art Wallis The Church of Christ is Not For Everyone Download
2007.05.20 PM Joe Longfellow God's Sermon Download
2007.05.27 AM Mike Melvin Unknown Download
2007.05.27 PM Ron Melvin Love Languages Download
2007.06.03 PM Art Wallis Why We Do What We Do Download
2007.06.03 PM Darin Thompson Final Jeopardy Download
2007.06.10 AM Mike Melvin Eight Seconds Download
2007.06.10 PM Art Wallis Sermon in a Sack Download
2007.06.17 AM Shawn Montandon The Compassionate Christ Download
2007.06.17 PM Shawn Montandon Six Stories, One Lesson Download
2007.06.25 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will Download
2007.06.24 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, Part 1 Download
2007.06.24 PM Orrin Nearhoof Christ, Our Sustainer Download
2007.07.01 PM Alan Augspurger The Christian Nature of America Download
2007.07.08 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, Part 3 Download
2007.07.08 PM Darin Thompson I've Got Your Back Download
2007.07.15 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, part 4 Download
2007.07.15 PM Josh Mongan Philadelphia, Brotherly Kindness Download
2007.07.22 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, part 5 Download
2007.07.22 PM Ron Melvin It's Important to Be Important Download
2007.07.29 AM Art Wallis The Joy of Being a Christian Download
2007.08.05 AM Art Wallis The Joy of Christianity Download
2007.08.05 PM Alan Augspurger Taking Risks Download
2007.08.12 AM Art Wallis More Water Download
2007.08.12 PM Ron Melvin Investing 101 - or - Mow Yards and Pray Download
2007.08.19 AM Art Wallis Remember Lot's Wife Download
2007.08.19 PM Darin Thompson "Square or Round..." corn that is, not pegs in a board Download
2007.08.26 AM Art Wallis God & People of the Covenant Download
2007.08.26 PM Art Wallis Jesus, Healer of Persons Download
2007.09.02 AM Art Wallis God & People of the Covenant, part 2 Download
2007.09.02 PM Joe Longfellow Idols?? Just Say No! Download
2007.09.09 AM Art Wallis There's Something About That Name Download
2007.09.16 PM Mike Dorrell Are You Thinking About Getting Out of the Boat? Download
2007.09.16 AM Orrin Nearhoof God's Revealed Righteousness Download
2007.09.16 PM Mike Mazak Be Careful, Be Quiet, and Do Not Fear Download
2007.09.23 AM Art Wallis Called To Be Like God, Part 1 Download
2007.09.23 PM Todd Johnson Amazing Download
2007.09.30 PM Alan Augspurger We're Spending Our Kids' Inheritance Download
2007.10.07 AM Art Wallis Down to the River to Pray Download
2007.10.07 PM Orrin Nearhoof Lessons From Paul's Prayer Download
2007.10.14 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like God, Part 3 Download
2007.10.12 PM Art Wallis Jesus' Example & Teaching of Forgiveness Download
2007.10.21 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like God, part 4 Download
2007.10.21 PM MIke Mazak Ezekiel Download
2007.10.28 AM Robert Notgrass The Mind of Christ Download
2007.10.28 PM Robert Notgrass The Love of the Father Download
2007.11.04 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like Christ, part 5 Download
2007.11.04 PM Dan Bailey The Kingdom of God Download
2007.11.11 AM Art Wallis A Sad Harvest Download
2007.11.18 AM Art Wallis Harvest Time Download
2007.11.18 PM Alan Augspurger By This Shall All Men Know... Download
2007.11.25 AM Art Wallis Going On When You Fell Like Giving Up Download
2007.11.25 PM Robert Gordon Subjection Download
2007.12.02 AM Art Wallis Counting the Cost Download
2007.12.02 PM Joe Longfellow Thank You, Lord! Download
2007.12.09 AM Art Wallis Cheap: Slightly Used Savior Download
2007.12.09 PM Orrin Nearhoof Grace: The Next Step, or Everything you wanted to know about Grace, but were afraid to ask. Download
2007.12.16 AM Art Wallis Not Crossing Over Jordan Download
2007.12.16 PM na Announcements Download
2007.12.16 PM Darin Thompson My Momma Always Said, But God Always Says Download
2007.12.23 PM Alan Augspurger Why Don't You Just Ask For Dir Download
2007.12.30 AM Art Wallis Wanting to Dwell on the Wrong Download
2007.12.30 PM Robert Housby The Contemporary Calling of God Download