Audio Archive 2006

2006.01.01 AM Alan Augspurger A Reminder Download
2006.01.08 AM Art Wallis Just Passing Through Download
2006.01.08 PM Josh Mongan A Forgiving Spirit Download
2006.01.15 AM Dennis Meyers Sold Out Download
2006.01.15 PM Dennis Meyers Sweet Victory Download
2006.01.22 PM Mitch Mort Ramblings of a Pipe Fitter Download
2006.01.29 AM Orrin Nearhoof Isaac: The Middle Blessing Download
2006.01.29 PM Darin Thompson When Your Failsafe Plan Fails Download
2006.02.05 PM Michael Mazak Is That Not What It Means To Love Me? Download
2006.02.12 AM Art Wallis A Lifetime of Love Download
2006.02.12 PM Joe Longfellow Why Do The Righteous Suffer? Download
2006.02.19 AM Art Wallis A God Who Loves Me Download
2006.02.19 PM Mike Dorrell Do You Laugh At God? Download
2006.02.26 PM Mike Mazak ...And Not To Lose Heart Download
2006.03.05 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Author of Our Salvation Download
2006.03.05 PM Ron Melvin How Far Is It? Download
2006.03.12 PM Art Wallis Teaching God's Word Download
2006.03.12 PM Ron Melvin I'd Walk a Mile in Your Shoes Download
2006.03.19 AM Art Wallis The Macedonian Call Download
2006.03.19 PM Todd Johnson Patterns & Pathways Download
2006.03.26 AM Art Wallis Spiritual Blessings in Christ Download
2006.03.26 PM Josh Mongan Godliness Triumphs Over Worldliness Download
2006.04.02 AM Dan Lightfoot These are the Days of Elijah Download
2006.04.02 PM Mike Dorrell Taming of the Tongue Download
2006.04.09 AM Alan Augspurger School's Out Download
2006.04.09 PM Darin Thompson EGO: Are You Edging God Out? Download
2006.04.16 AM Art Wallis Three Points to Ponder Download
2006.04.16 PM Ron Melvin A Phone Call From God Download
2006.04.23 AM Art Wallis The Little Things Download
2006.04.23 PM Michael Mazak Christ's Hope Download
2006.04.30 AM Orrin Nearhoof Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Download
2006.04.30 PM Darin Thompson The Final Exam Download
2006.05.07 AM Art Wallis Bring a Friend Download
2006.05.07 PM Joe Longfellow The Tax Download
2006.05.14 AM Art Wallis Great Women of the Bible Download
2006.05.14 PM MIke Mazak The Mind of Christ Download
2006.05.21 AM George Hulett Amazing Grace Download
2006.05.21 PM George Hulett Jesus the Nazarene Download
2006.06.04 AM Jason Macy Remembering Jesus Download
2006.06.04 PM Jason Macy Jesus As Our Example Download
2006.06.11 AM Alan Augspurger Take A Load Off Download
2006.06.11 PM Michael Mazak There Is Only One Victory That I Know For Sure Download
2006.06.18 AM Alan Augspurger Colors That No One Knows The Name Of Download
2006.06.18 PM Ron Melvin Download
2006.06.25 AM Art Wallis The Gospel Download
2006.06.25 PM Josh Mongan Download
2006.06.25 PM Josh Mongan Focusing On The Eternal Download
2006.07.02 AM Orrin Nearhoof Jesus Is Real Download
2006.07.02 PM Troy Wallis Liberty Download
2006.07.09 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, Part 1 Download
2006.07.09 PM Dan Bailey Judging Others Download
2006.07.16 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 2 Download
2006.07.16 PM Orrin Nearhoof Paul's Triad at Work in Hebrews Download
2006.07.23 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 3 Download
2006.07.23 PM Ron Melvin Fear Factor Download
2006.07.30 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 4 Download
2006.07.30 PM Todd Johnson A Story To Tell Download
2006.08.06 AM Michael Johnson The People Had a Mind to Work Download
2006.08.06 PM Mike Melvin Many Members, One Body: 1 Corinthians 12:14-26 Download
2006.08.13 AM Art Wallis Does It Really Matter? part 1 of 5 Download
2006.08.13 PM Josh Mongan Parables Download
2006.08.20 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference, part 3 Download
2006.08.27 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference? part 3 Download
2006.08.27 PM Mike Dorrell Are You a Sweet Smell to the Lord? Download
2006.08.28 AM Ron Melvin What's In It For Me? What Do I Care? Download
2006.09.03 AM Art Wallis Does It Really Matter, Part 5 Download
2006.09.10 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference? part 5 Download
2006.09.10 PM Joe Longfellow Love One Another Download
2006.09.17 AM Alan Augspurger Baba O'Riley Download
2006.09.17 PM Mike Melvin Quantity or Quality? Download
2006.09.24 AM Art Wallis Being Free Download
2006.09.24 PM Darin Thompson The Power of Forgiveness Download
2006.10.01 PM Ron Melvin Just a Little More Download
2006.10.08 AM Art Wallis I Had a Vision Download
2006.10.08 PM Mike Mazak Malachi Download
2006.10.15 AM Fred Rhodes Be Strong Download
2006.10.15 PM Mike Melvin Truth and Consequences Download
2006.10.22 AM Orrin Nearhoof Life's Lessons From Lot Download
2006.10.22 PM Darin Thompson The Power of Forgiveness: When, Why, and How Download
2006.10.29 PM Art Wallis Things to Remember Download
2006.10.29 PM Mike Mazak Malachi, Part 3 Download
2006.11.05 AM Darrick Shepherd The Cross Download
2006.11.05 PM Darrick Shepherd David's Charge to Solomon Download
2006.11.12 AM Art Wallis Thanksgiving, Prayer and the Kingdom Download
2006.11.12 PM Mike Melvin Qualities We Need in a Preacher Download
2006.11.19 AM Chad Wagner Two Questions Download
2006.11.19 PM Chad Wagner What is Baptism Download
2006.11.26 AM Art Wallis Thankful, For What? Download
2006.11.26 PM Mike Mazak I Want to Know God Download
2006.12.03 AM Alan Augspurger Terrorism: What We Can Do Download
2006.12.03 PM Darin Thompson Envision the Possibilities Download
2006.12.10 AM Art Wallis Human Suffering Download
2006.12.17 AM Art Wallis Human Suffering: Five Areas of Comfort for Aching Hearts Download
2006.12.17 PM Robert Gordion Naomi's Suffering Download
2006.12.24 AM Art Wallis Is Jesus the Expected One? Download
2006.12.24 PM Art Wallis Do You Know My Jesus? Download
2006.12.31 PM Alan Augspurger It Looked Good On Paper Download
2006.12.31 PM Kelly Kaiser Why Does God Matter Now? Download