Audio Archive 2005

2005.01.02 AM Brian Jones Family Faces: Table For One Download
2005.01.02 PM Brian Jones Introduction to Daniel Download
2005.01.09 AM Brian Jones Family Faces: Coping as a Couple Download
2005.01.09 PM Brian Jones The Faith of a 15 Year Old Download
2005.01.16 AM Brian Jones Mr. Mom and Mrs. Dad Download
2005.01.16 PM Brian Jones The Kingdom of God Shall Never Be Destroyed Download
2005.01.23 AM Brian Jones Chosen Children Download
2005.01.16 PM Brian Jones Faith in the Face of Fire Download
2005.01.30 AM Orrin Nearhoof Where is the Cross Today? Download
2005.01.30 PM Michael Mazak Attitude For One Day Download
2005.02.06 AM Alan Augspurger In Defense of the Conscience Download
2005.02.06 PM Mitch Mort Rejoice! Download
2005.02.13 AM Brian Jones Yours, Mine and Ours Download
2005.02.13 PM Brian Jones Five Truths About Love Download
2005.02.20 AM Brian Jones Qualifications of Deacons, Part 1 Download
2005.02.20 PM Brian Jones The Most High Rules in the Kingdoms of Men Download
2005.02.27 AM Brian Jones Deacon Qualifications, Part 2 Download
2005.02.27 PM Brian Jones Daniel: The Handwriting on the Wall Download
2005.03.06 AM Brian Jones Self-Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.06 PM Brian Jones Daniel in the Lion's Den Download
2005.03.13 AM Brian Jones Worldly Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.13 PM Brian Jones The Vision of the Four Beasts Download
2005.03.20 AM Ron Melvin The World's Most Attractive Church Download
2005.03.27 AM Brian Jones Marital Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.27 PM Brian Jones The Vision of the Ram and the Goat Download
2005.04.03 AM Brian Jones Religious Lies We Believe Download
2005.04.03 PM Brian Jones Daniel's Penitential Prayer Download
2005.04.10 AM Brian Jones Truths We Should Believe, part 1 Download
2005.04.10 PM Brian Jones Vision of the Seventy Weeks Download
2005.04.17 AM Brian Jones Truths We Should Believe, part 2 Download
2005.04.24 AM Brian Jones The Lordship of Jesus Download
2005.04.24 PM Brian Jones Vision of the End of Time Download
2005.05.01 AM Brian Jones Five Qualities of Healthy Families Download
2005.05.01 PM Brian Jones Facts About Families Download
2005.05.08 AM Orrin Nearhoof A Return to the Springs Download
2005.05.15 AM Brian Jones Why Doesn't God Give Me What I Want? Download
2005.05.15 PM Brian Jones Vision of the End of Time Download
2005.05.22 AM Brian Jones What Kind of Shoe Are You? Download
2005.05.22 PM Brian Jones Mate Selection Download
2005.05.29 AM Alan Augspurger Find the Cost of Freedom Download
2005.05.29 PM Robert Gordon, Michael Mazak Robert Gordon, Michael Mazak Download
2005.06.05 AM Brian Jones Are Women's Spiritual Roles Limited? Download
2005.06.05 PM Brian Jones The Man, The Mission and The Message: John the Immersor Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Women in God's Design Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Habits of a Humble Heart Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Women In God's Design Download
2005.06.19 AM Brian Jones Raising Your Children Without Raising Your Blood Pressure Download
2005.06.19 PM Brian Jones The Dance, The Desire, The Death Download
2005.06.26 AM Brian Jones What Can A Woman Do? Download
2005.06.26 PM Brian Jones Rebounding From Failure Download
2005.07.03 AM Brian Jones Things We Shouldn't Bring to Worship Download
2005.07.03 PM Brian Jones Having God My Way: The Cause of the Division in Israel Download
2005.07.15 AM Brian Jones But I've Already Been Baptized Download
2005.07.17 PM Brian Jones Striving for Humility Download
2005.07.24 AM Brian Jones A Mayday Message of 80 Words Download
2005.07.24 PM Brian Jones How To Handle Pressure Download
2006.08.06 AM Michael Johnson The People Had a Mind to Work Download
2005.08.07 PM Brian Jones Freedom From Self-Prisons Download
2005.08.14 AM Brian Jones The Sower Download
2005.08.14 PM Brian Jones Freedom From Anger Download
2005.08.21 PM Orrin Nearhoof Give Me This Mountain Download
2005.08.28 AM Ron Melvin WIIFM - WDIC Download
2005.09.04 AM Orrin Nearhoof Hold to God's Unchanging Hand Download
2005.09.04 PM Orrin Nearhoof Some Challenges from Paul Download
2005.09.11 AM Alan Augspurger Salvation: It's Harder Than It Looks Download
2005.09.11 PM Ron Melvin It's Not the Destination, It's the Journey Download
2005.09.18 AM Dan Lightfoot Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen Download
2005.09.18 PM Dan Lightfoot In All Your Ways Acknowlege Him Download
2005.09.25 AM Orrin Nearhoof Take A Walk Download
2005.10.23 AM Ron Melvin To Have A Friend, You Have to Be A Friend Download
2005.11.13 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Man Who Forgot Himself Download
2005.11.13 PM Todd Johnson Who's Kidding Who? Download
2005.11.20 AM Ron Melvin Something To Hope For Download
2005.11.20 PM Mike Dorrell Where Are You, Lord? Download
2005.12.23 PM Darin Thompson The Appalling Silence Download
2005.11.27 PM Art Wallis Christ in Prophecy, Promise and Practice Download
2005.12.04 AM Alan Augspurger You Will Find A Baby Download
2005.12.04 PM Mitch Mort 7 Ups Download
2005.12.11 AM Ron Melvin The Poor, the Crippled, the Blind and the Lame Download
2005.12.11 PM Josh Mongan Godly Living:: Not My Will But Thine Download
2005.12.18 AM Orrin Nearhoof Open Our Eyes To Jesus Download
2005.12.18 PM Troy Wallis Interview With God Download
2005.12.25 AM Art Wallis Wise Men Still Seek Him Download
2005.12.25 PM Darin Thompson Missions: Why We Should Reach Out Download