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2017 Audio

2017.01.01 AM Jeremy Folding Marking Time Download
2017.01.01 PM Jeremy Folding Reacting to Sin - 1 Samuel 15 Download
2017.01.08 AM Jeremy Folding Who gets The Promise? - Galatians 3:23-29 Download
2017.01.08 PM Jeremy Folding Faith in Grief - 1 Samuel 16:1-3 Download
2017.01.15 AM Jeremy Folding Acting Like Sons - Part 1 - Galatians 4:1-7 Download
2017.01.22 AM Jeremy Folding Acting Like Sons - Part Two - Galatians 4:8-11 Download
2017.01.29 AM Darin Thompson Relationships that Endure: Spiritual Growth that Leads to Spiritual Intimacy Download
2017.02.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Chinese Finger Trap - Galatians 4:21-5:6 Download
2017.02.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Chinese Finger Trap - Galatians 4:21 - 5:6 Download
2017.02.05 PM Jeremy Folding Out of the Darkness - 1 Samuel 16:1-10 Download
2017.02.12 AM Jeremy Folding The Evidence - Galatians 5:13-26 Download
2017.02.12 PM Jeremy Folding Get On The Train - 1 Samuel 16:11-13 Download
2017.02.19 AM Jeremy Folding Fulfilling the Law - Galatians 6:1-5 Download
2017.02.19 PM Jeremy Folding Out Of The Box Download
2017.02.26 AM Jeremy Folding Large Letters - Galatians 6:7-18 Download
2017.02.26 PM Art Wallis Drowning in Debt Download
2017.03.05 AM Jeremy Folding If It Walks Like A Duck - Evidence for the Existence of Christ Download
2017.03.05 PM Jeremy Folding The Showdown - 1 Samuel 19:18-24 Download
2017.03.12 AM Jeremy Folding Myth Buster - 1 John 1:1-4 Download
2017.03.12 PM Jeremy Folding I See Dead People - 1 Samuel 28 Download
2017.04.30 AM Mike Dorrell Forgivness Download
2017.05.21 AM Jeremy Folding A Light to the Nations - Part Three - 1 John 3:11-22 Download
2017.05.21 PM Jeremy Folding Out of the Box Download
2017.05.28 AM Jeremy Folding Gullible Rhymes With Orange - 1 John 3:23-4:6 Download
2017.05.28 PM Jeremy Folding Exile and Execution - 2 Kings 25:11-12, 18-21; Lam. 1:1-5 Download
2017.06.04 AM Jeremy Folding Putting the Fun in Dysfunction Download
2017.06.11 AM Jeremy Folding There is no Me in Family Download
2017.06.11 PM Jeremy Folding Out of the Rubble - Lamentations 5 Download
2017.06.25 PM Jeremy Folding The Best of Songs Download
2017.07.02 AM Jeremy Folding Freedom Download
2017.07.09 AM Jeremy Folding Do I Love You? Download
2017.07.09 PM Jeremy Folding Song of Solomon: Admiration Download
2017.07.16 AM Jeremy Folding Where Your Heart Is - 1 John 5:1-3 Download
2017.07.23 AM Jeremy Folding The Strain of the Moment - 1 John 5:1-6 Download
2017.07.30 AM Derek Braden Seek Ye First Download
2017.08.06 AM Jeremy Folding The Whole Package - 1 John 5:1-8 Download
2017.08.06 PM Jeremy Folding Song of Solomon 2:3-7 Download
2017.08.13 AM Jeremy Folding The Testimony of God - 1 John 5:9-12 Download
2017.08.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Whole Package - 1 John 5:6-8 Download
2017.08.20 AM Jeremy Folding To Death or Not To Death - 1 John 5:13-21 Download
2017.08.20 PM Phillip Quelle The Wall - House of Compassion Download
2017.08.27 AM Jeremy Folding A Hill To Die On - 2 John Download
2017.09.03 AM Jeremy Folding The Bully Pulpit - 3 John Download
2017.09.03 PM Jeremy Folding Absence - Song of Solomon 5:2-8, 6:1-3 Download
2017.09.10 AM Jeremy Folding An Ordinary Jo(seph) - Matthew 1-2 Download
2017.09.24 AM Jeremy Folding Over and Above Download

2016 Audio

2016.01.10 AM Jeremy Folding The Illuminati - Colossians 1:24-2:5 Download
2016.01.10 PM Jeremy Folding Perpetual Motion - 2 Samuel 16:5-13, 2 Samuel 19: 16-23, Psalm 92 Download
2016.01.17 AM Jeremy Folding Solid Ground - Colossians 2:6-10 Download
2016.01.17 PM Jeremy Folding We've Got the Sickness Already - 2 Samuel 21:1-14, Psalm 65 Download
2016.01.24 AM Jeremy Folding Nailed to the Cross - Colossians 2:11-15 Download
2016.01.24 PM Jeremy Folding Seeing the Light - 2 Samuel 21:15-22, Psalm 36 Download
2016.02.07 AM Jeremy Folding Putting a Cork in the Rabble Rouser - Colossians 2:16-23 Download
2016.02.07 PM Jeremy Folding Know Thyself - 2 Samuel 22, Psalm 18 Download
2016.02.14 AM Randall Meyer Answering the Call - Matthew 4:18-22 Download
2016.02.14 PM Ross Thompson Love Download
2016.02.21 AM Jeremy Folding A Healthy Sense of Entitlement - Colossians 3:1-11 Download
2016.02.21 PM Jeremy Folding Nine Tenths of the Law - 2 Samuel 24, Psalm 33 Download
2016.02.28 AM Jeremy Folding Fairies Aren't Real - Colossians 3:12-17 Download
2016.02.28 PM Jeremy Folding Leaving a Legacy - Part 1 - 1 Chronicles 22, 28; 1 Kings 1; Psalms 145 Download
2016.03.06 AM Jeremy Folding The "After" Life - Colossians 3:18 - 4:1 Download
2016.03.06 PM Jeremy Folding Leaving A Legacy - Part 2 - 1 Chronicles 22, 28; 1 Kings 1; Psalm 145 Download
2016.03.13 AM Jeremy Folding Application of Knowledge - Colossians 4:2-6 Download
2016.03.16 PM Justus Folding Spiritual Samurai Download
2016.03.20 AM Jeremy Folding E Pluribus Unum - Colossians 4:7-18 Download
2016.03.20 PM Jeremy Folding Last Words - 2 Samuel 23 Download
2016.03.27 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man - Part One Download
2016.03.27 PM Jeremy Folding The King is Dead - Psalm 37 Download
2016.04.03 AM Jeremy Folding The Basics: Foundation for a Series on the Parables Download
2016.04.03 PM Jeremy Folding Ordinary Average Guy Download
2016.04.10 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man - Part Three - Sacrifice Download
2016.04.10 PM Jeremy Folding Proof of Faith - 1 Peter 1:1-9 Download
2016.04.24 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man Part Four - Integrity Download
2016.04.24 PM Jeremy Folding On The Shoulders Of Giants - 1 Peter 1:10-16 Download
2016.05.01 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man - Part 5 - Ministry Download
2016.05.01 PM Jeremy Folding Problem With Partiality - 1 Peter 1:17-25 Download
2016.05.08 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man - Part Six - Purpose Download
2016.05.08 PM Jeremy Folding Growth Development - 1 Peter 2:1-3 Download
2016.05.15 AM Jeremy Folding SIMPLE Man - Part 7 - Loyalty Download
2016.05.15 PM Jeremy Folding The Lighthouse - 1 Peter 2:4-10 Download
2016.05.22 AM Jeremy Folding SIMPLE Man - Part 8 - Endurance Download
2016.05.22 PM Matt Glawe Presentation on Sunset International Bible Institute Download
2016.05.29 AM Brad Lyons Testing Your Faith is Not Pass/Fail Download
2016.06.05 AM Jeremy Folding S.I.M.P.L.E. Man - Part Nine - Conclusion Download
2016.06.05 PM Jeremy Folding The Program - 1 Peter 2:11-12 Download
2016.06.12 AM Art Wallis Introducing Nehemiah Download
2016.06.12 PM Jeremy Folding The Program Part 2: The Example - 1 Peter 2:21-25 Download
2016.06.19 AM Art Wallis Sacrifice Download
2016.06.19 PM Art Wallis Job Download
2016.06.19 PM Jason Housby Haiti Mission Report Download
2016.06.26 AM Jeremy Folding Introducing Nehemiah Download
2016.06.26 PM Jeremy Folding The Program - Part 3: Act Normal - 1 Peter 2:13-3:12 Download
2016.07.03 AM Jeremy Folding Being Realistic - Nehemiah 2 Download
2016.07.03 PM Jeremy Folding Leaving Fear Behind - 1 Peter 3:13-17 Download
2016.07.10 AM Jeremy Folding The Montage - Nehemiah 3 Download
2016.07.24 AM Devin Swindle Ephesians 1 - Superheroes Download
2016.07.31 AM Quention Nash Our Holiness: A Reflection of God's Holiness Download
2016.08.07 AM Jeremy Folding Fighting Off Loan Sharks – Nehemiah 5 Download
2016.08.07 PM Jeremy Folding Connecting the Dots - 1 Peter 4:1-11 Download
2016.08.14 AM Jeremy Folding The Danger Zone - Nehemiah 6 Download
2016.08.14 PM Jeremy Folding Strange Things - 1 Peter 4:12-19 Download
2016.08.21 AM Jeremy Folding The Least Important Scripture - Nehemiah 7 Download
2016.08.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Phalanx - 1 Peter 4:12-19 Download
2016.08.28 AM Jeremy Folding The Christian's Kryptonite - Nehemiah 9 Download
2016.08.28 PM Jeremy Folding Tom, Dick & Harry - 2 Peter 1:1-4 Download
2016.09.04 AM Jeremy Folding The Christian's Kryptonite Download
2016.09.04 PM Jeremy Folding Layer Cake - 2 Peter 1:5-11 Download
2016.09.11 AM Jeremy Folding The “ABC” Method – Nehemiah 10 Download
2016.09.11 PM Jeremy Folding Consider the Source - 2 Peter 1:12-21 Download
2016.09.16 PM Dr. Dale Manor Abraham, What Did You See? Download
2016.09.16 PM Dr. Dale Manor What Does This have to do with That? Download
2016.09.17 PM Dr. Dale Manor Hezekiah: The Churchill of Judah Download
2016.09.17 PM Dr. Dale Manor Yahweh and the Gods of Canaan Download
2016.09.18 AM Dr. Dale Manor O Jerusalem, Jerusalem Download
2016.09.18 AM Dr. Dale Manor It is Written: Sacred and Secular Texts Download
2016.09.18 PM Jeremy Folding Evil Ninjas - 2 Peter 2:1-10a Download
2016.09.25 AM Jeremy Folding Getting Your Mind Right - Nehemiah 11-12 Download
2016.09.25 PM Jeremy Folding All Day Sucker - 2 Peter 2:10b-22 Download
2016.10.02 AM Jeremy Folding When the Cat's Away - Nehemiah 13 Download
2016.10.02 PM Jeremy Folding Using What God Gave You - 2 Peter 3:1-2 Download
2016.10.09 AM Jeremy Folding The Sheep Business - part 1 Download
2016.10.09 PM Jeremy Folding The State of Remembrance - 2 Peter 3:3-9 Download
2016.10.16 PM Jeremy Folding On The Lookout - 2 Peter 3:10-18 Download
2016.10.23 AM Jeremy Folding The Copyright on Jesus Download
2016.10.23 PM Jeremy Folding You Brought a Child Here? Download
2016.10.30 AM Jeremy Folding Do you hear what I am saying? Download
2016.11.06 AM Jeremy Folding The Snickers Bar Experiment - Galatians 1:6-9 Download
2016.11.06 AM Lew Kirk Worship Download
2016.11.06 PM Micah Brinkley Paragould Children's Home Report Download
2016.11.13 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are You Aiming To Please? - Galatians 1:10-2:2 Download

2015 Audio

2015.01.04 AM Jeremy Folding Limited Knowledge - Job 4-7 Download
2015.01.04 PM Jeremy Folding Be Better Than Hamilton - Luke 14:25-35 Download
2015.01.11 AM Jeremy Folding Know Your Adversary - Job 8-10 Download
2015.01.18 AM Jeremy Folding That Escalated Quickly! - Job 11-14 Download
2015.01.18 PM Jeremy Folding What Type Of Ignorant Are You? Download
2015.01.25 AM Jeremy Folding Illusion of Truth Effect - Job 15-17 Download
2015.01.25 PM Jeremy Folding Rational or Rationalize - Luke 16:14-31 Download
2015.02.01 AM Jeremy Folding The Love of God Download
2015.02.08 AM Lew Kirk Deacons - Acts 6 Download
2015.02.08 PM Jeremy Folding Dealing With Inevitability - Luke 17:1-10 Download
2015.02.15 AM Jeremy Folding What Deacons Do Download
2015.02.15 PM Jeremy Folding Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers - Luke 17:11-19 Download
2015.02.22 AM Jeremy Folding A Few Good Men Download
2015.02.22 PM Jeremy Folding Predicting the Unpredictable - Luke 17:20-37 Download
2015.03.01 AM Jeremy Folding Taking It Personally - Job 18-19 Download
2015.03.08 AM Jeremy Folding The Fairness Doctrine - Jobe 20, 21 Download
2015.03.08 PM Jeremy Folding Humble Pie - Luke 18:15-30 Download
2015.03.15 AM CEO Children's Homes Micah Brinkley Download
2015.03.15 AM Micah Brinkley Our Homes Download
2015.03.15 PM Jeremy Folding Being Blind Download
2015.03.22 AM Jeremy Folding Occam's Razor - Job 22-24 Download
2015.03.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Walls Come Tumbling Down Download
2015.03.29 AM Derek Braden Sin Download
2015.04.05 AM Jeremy Folding My Righteousness - Job 25-31 Download
2015.04.05 PM Jeremy Folding Expectations - Luke 19:28-40 Download
2015.04.12 AM Jeremy Folding Eli-WHO? - Job 31:1-5 Download
2015.04.12 PM Jeremy Folding Turning the Tables - Luke 19:45-20:18 Download
2015.04.19 AM Jeremy Folding There's a Storm Comming - Job 31:6-36 Download
2015.04.19 PM Jeremy Folding Stupid Questions - Luke 20:19-40 Download
2015.05.03 AM Jeremy Folding Stockholm Syndrome - Job 42:7-17 Download
2015.05.03 PM Jeremy Folding Biology - Luke 21:1-4 Download
2015.05.10 AM Jeremy Folding Under the Sun-Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Download
2015.05.10 PM Jeremy Folding The Coming of the Son of Man - Part One - Luke 21:5-36 Download
2015.05.17 AM Jeremy Folding Chasing the Wind: Rationalism - Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 Download
2015.05.17 PM Jeremy Folding The Coming of the Son of Man - Part Two - Luke 21:5-36 Download
2015.05.24 AM Jeremy Folding Chasing the Wind: Hedonism - Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Download
2015.05.24 PM Brad Lyons What Can We Learn From Demons? Download
2015.05.31 AM Elders Deacon Installation Download
2015.06.07 AM Jeremy Folding The Result of Chasing the Wind - Ecclesiastes 2:12-26 Download
2015.06.07 PM Jordan Tate Joy Download
2015.06.07 PM Randall Meyer Preparation Download
2015.06.14 AM Paul Powers Is God working in you? Download
2015.06.14 PM Paul Powers What Do the Lost Have to Lose? Download
2015.06.21 AM Jeremy Folding Red Pill or Blue Pill - Ecclesiastes 3 Download
2015.06.21 PM Jeremy Folding Shadow of Good Things to Come - Luke 22:1-22 Download
2015.06.28 AM Jeremy folding Eyes Wide Open - Ecclesiastes 4 Download
2015.06.28 PM Jeremy Folding The Standard of Greatness - Luke 22:24-30 Download
2015.07.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Sacrifice of Fools - Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Download
2015.07.05 PM Jeff Silver Fathers Download
2015.07.12 AM Jeremy Folding Bursting the Bubble - Ecclesiastes 5:8-20 Download
2015.07.12 PM Justus Folding Let Us Reason Together Download
2015.07.12 PM Ross Thompson Encouragement Download
2015.07.19 AM Jeremy Folding A Prevalent Evil - Ecclesiastes 6:1-9 Download
2015.07.19 PM Jeremy Folding Taking the Initiative - Luke 22:39-23:12 Download
2015.07.26 AM Jeremy Folding Practical People - Ecclesiastes 6:10 - 7:17 Download
2015.08.02 AM Jeremy Folding Interpreting Life - Ecclesiastes 7:19-8:17 Download
2015.08.02 PM Jeremy Folding Two Tickets to the Gun Show - Luke 23:33-24:53 Download
2015.08.09 AM Jeremy Folding Quality vs Quantity - Ecclesiastes 9:1-12 Download
2015.08.09 PM Jeremy Folding The Warrior Poet Download
2015.08.16 AM Jeremy Folding Famous Last Words of a Fool Download
2015.08.16 PM Jeremy Folding Humble Beginnings Download
2015.08.23 AM Jeremy Folding The Way of the Wise - Ecclesiastes 11:1-8 Download
2015.08.23 PM Jeremy Folding Striking Down a Giant - 1 Samuel 17, Psalm 8 Download
2015.08.30 AM Brad Lyons What Are You Seeking? Download
2015.09.06 AM Jeremy Folding Against the Wind - Ecclesiastes 11:9 - 12:14 Download
2015.09.06 PM Jeremy Folding Flee as a Bird - 1 Samuel 19-20; Psalm 11 Download
2015.09.13 AM Wissam Youssif Public Worship and Us Download
2015.09.13 PM Wissam Youssif Abraham, Muhammad, and the Golden Butterfly Download
2015.09.13 PM Wissam Youssif Islam: The Untold Story Download
2015.09.27 AM Jeremy Folding Addiction and Rationalization - Part One Download
2015.09.27 PM Jeremy Folding In The Doeg House - 1 Samuel 21, 22; Psalm 35, 52 Download
2015.10.25 AM Jeremy Folding Drugs Download
2015.10.25 PM Jeremy Folding The Seal of Approval - 2 Samual 12, Psalm 15 Download
2015.11.15 AM Jeremy Folding USI Download
2015.11.15 PM Jeremy Folding Solid at the Core - 2 Samuel 7-10 & Psalm 16 Download
2015.11.22 AM Jeremy Folding Understanding Freedom Download
2015.11.22 PM Jeremy Folding Facing the Consequences - 2 Samuel 12-15 & Psalm 62 Download
2015.11.29 PM Ross Thompson Reaching the Lost Download
2015.12.06 AM Darin Thompson Why Some Leave the Church: What We Can't Change and What We Can Change Download
2015.12.06 PM Ross Thompson Reaching the Lost Download
2015.12.13 AM Jeremy Folding Beginnings - Colossians 1:1-8 Download
2015.12.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Desert of Sorrow - 2 Samuel 15; Psalm 63 Download
2015.12.27 AM Jeremy Folding The Real Thing Download
2015.12.27 PM Jeremy Folding The Should Have Beens Download

2014 Audio

2014.01.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Great Escape - Acts 5:12-42 Download
2014.01.05 PM Jeremy Folding Discipleship Defined - Luke 6:12-26 Download
2014.01.12 AM Jeremy Folding Waiting on Widows - Acts 6:1-7 Download
2014.01.12 PM Jeremy Folding Tough Love - Luke 6:27-49 Download
2014.01.19 AM Jeremy Folding Attacking the Sacred Cow - Acts 6:8-8:1 Download
2014.01.19 PM Jeremy Folding Faith's Character - Luke 9:1-17 Download
2014.01.26 AM Jeremy Folding The Magic Mentality - Acts 8:1-25 Download
2014.01.26 PM Jeremy Folding A Reed Blowing in the Wind? - Luke 7:18-23 Download
2014.02.09 AM Jeremy Folding Saul's Conversion - Acts 9:1-31 Download
2014.02.09 PM Joe Longfellow Jamaica Mission Report Download
2014.02.16 AM Jeremy Folding Pride and Prejudice - Acts 10 Download
2014.02.16 PM Jeremy Folding The Parable of the Soils - Luke:8:4-15 Download
2014.02.23 AM Jeremy Folding Salvation for the Gentiles - Acts 10:36-48 Download
2014.02.23 PM Jeremy Folding Stilling the Storm - Luke 8:22-25 Download
2014.03.02 AM Jeremy Folding Taking Issue With the Gospel - Acts 11:1-18 Download
2014.03.02 PM Jeremy Folding The Confrontation Between Heaven and Hell - Luke 8:26-39 Download
2014.03.09 AM Jeremy Folding Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Acts 11:19-30 Download
2014.03.09 PM Jeremy Folding Divine Interruptions - Luke 8:40-56 Download
2014.03.23 AM Jeremy Folding Birth of Foreign Missions Acts 13 Download
2014.04.13 AM Jeremy Folding Mission Accomplished Acts14:1-28 Download
2014.04.13 PM Jeremy Folding Sacred Cows Make the Best hamburger - Luke 9:57-62 Download
2014.04.27 AM Spencer Furby James - Guidance for Teens Download
2014.05.04 AM Jeremy Folding The Jerusalem Council - Acts 15:1-35 Download
2014.05.04 PM Jeremy Folding Real Joy - Luke 10:17-24 Download
2014.05.11 AM Jeremy Folding Division Equals Multiplication - Acts 15:36 - 16:10 Download
2014.05.11 PM Jeremy Folding Looking For the Loophole - Luke 10:25-37 Download
2014.05.18 PM Jeremy Folding Mad at the Master - Luke 10 Download
2014.05.25 AM Jeremy Folding Gospel Urgency - Acts 17:1-15 Download
2014.05.25 PM Jeremy Folding Teach Us to Pray - Part One - Luke 11:1-4 Download
2014.06.15 AM Jeremy Folding Final Farewell - Acts 20:18-38 Download
2014.06.15 PM Jeremy Folding Teach Us to Pray - Part Three - Luck 11:5-13 Download
2014.06.22 AM Todd Johnson Rome AD 56 vs. America AD 2014 Download
2014.06.22 PM Joe Longfellow Calming the Storm Download
2014.07.06 AM Jeremy Folding The Price of Declarations - Galatians 2:20 Download
2014.07.06 PM Jeremy Folding Evidence Demands a Verdict - Luke 11:14-26 Download
2014.07.13 AM Jeremy Folding The Two Forms of Advice - Acts 21:1-40 Download
2014.07.20 AM Jeremy Folding Telling your Story - Acts 22:1-23 Download
2014.07.20 PM Jeremy Folding Spreading Influence - Luke 12:1-12 (cut short) Download
2014.07.27 AM Jeremy Folding The Work of Blessing - Acts 27:1-44 Download
2014.08.03 AM Jeremy Folding Telling Your Story - Acts 22:1-23 Download
2014.08.03 PM Jeremy Folding The Leaven of Sociaty: Entitlement - Luke 12:15-17 Download
2014.08.03 PM Jeremy Folding The Leaven of Society: Entitlement - Luke 12:15-17 Download
2014.08.10 AM Jeremy Folding Who is God? - Exodus 34:5-7 Download
2014.08.10 PM Jeremy Folding The Leaven of Society: No Judgement - Luke 12:35-48 Download
2014.08.17 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Holiness - Isaiah 40:18-25 Download
2014.08.17 PM Jeremy Folding The Leaven of Society: Personal Responsibility - Luke 12:49-59 Download
2014.08.24 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Wisdom Download
2014.08.24 PM Jeremy Folding The Leaven of Society: Spiritual Snobbery - Luke 13:1-9 Download
2014.08.31 AM Kelly Kaiser Marriage - Ephesians 5:21 Download
2014.09.07 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Devoted Download
2014.09.07 PM Jeremy Folding The Plagues of Sin Download
2014.09.14 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Jealousy Download
2014.09.14 PM Jeremy Folding Plague of Sin: Addiction and Rationalization - Part One Download
2014.09.21 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Dependable Download
2014.09.21 PM Jeremy Folding Plagues of Sin: Rationalization Download
2014.09.28 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Friendly Download
2014.09.28 PM Jeremy Folding Plague of Sin: Alcoholism Download
2014.10.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Righteous Download
2014.10.05 PM Jeremy Folding Plague of Sin: Drugs Download
2014.10.12 AM Jeremy Folding The Character of God: Forgiving Download
2014.10.12 PM Jeremy Folding Politics Without Principles Download
2014.10.19 AM Jeremy Folding Lesson 10: Gracious Download
2014.10.19 PM Jeremy Folding Plagues of Sin: SEX Download
2014.10.26 PM Jeremy Folding Plagues of Sin: U.S.I. Download
2014.11.02 AM Art Wallis Forfeiting God's Grace Download
2014.11.02 PM Alan, Lew and Dan Elder's Report to the Congregation Download
2014.11.09 AM Jeremy Folding Pull Up Your Big Boy Pants Download
2014.11.09 PM Jeremy Folding Plague of Sin: The New Narcotic Download
2014.11.16 PM Jeremy Folding Plague of Sin: The Remedy Download
2014.11.23 AM Jeremy Folding The Source of Thanksgiving - Psalm 100 Download
2014.11.23 PM Jeremy Folding When God Reigns - Luke 13:10-21 Download
2014.11.30 AM Art Wallis A Change Is Coming Download
2014.12.07 PM Jeremy Folding Asking the Right Question - Luke 13:22-30 Download
2014.12.14 AM Jeremy Folding Only Three Friends? - Job 2:11-3:26 Download
2014.12.14 PM Jeremy Folding Prophets and Jerusalem - Luke 13:31-35 Download
2014.12.21 AM Jeremy Folding Holding Out For a Hero Download
2014.12.21 PM Matt Glawe Poor in Spirit - 2 Samuel 9:1-13 Download
2014.12.28 AM Jeremy Folding The Truth About Resolutions Download
2014.12.28 PM Jeremy Folding Filling the Awkward Silence - Luke 14 Download

2013 Audio

2013.01.06 AM Jeremy Folding Waging Warfare - 1 Timothy 1:18-20 Download
2013.01.06 PM Jeremy Folding The Raging Nations - Isaiah 13-23 Download
2013.01.13 AM Jeremy Folding The Prayerful Life - 1 Timothy 2:1-7 Download
2013.01.13 PM Jeremy Folding Black Holes of Life - Isaiah 24-35 Download
2013.01.20 AM Jeremy Folding The Knife and Fork - 1 Timothy 2:8-15 Download
2013.01.20 PM Jeremy Folding The Book of Hezekiah - Isaiah 36-39 Download
2013.01.27 AM Jeremy Folding The Knife and Fork - 1 Timothy 2:8-15 Download
2013.01.27 PM Jeremy Folding Who is like the Lord - Isaiah 40-43 Download
2013.02.03 AM Jeremy Folding The Servants - 1 Timothy 3:8-13 Download
2013.02.03 PM Jeremy Folding The God Who Satisfies - Isaiah 44-48 Download
2013.02.10 AM Jeremy Folding The Woman Behind the Man - 1 Timothy 3:11 Download
2013.02.10 PM Jeremy Folding Behold the Messiah - Isaiah 49-52 Download
2013.02.17 AM Jeremy Folding God's Chosen Instrument - 1 Timothy 3:14-15 Download
2013.02.17 PM Jeremy Folding The Song of the Messiah - Isaiah 53 Download
2013.02.24 AM Jeremy Folding The Heart of Truth - 1 Timothy 3:16 Download
2013.02.24 PM Jeremy Folding Time of Rain and Snow - Isaiah 54-58 Download
2013.03.03 AM Jeremy Folding Seasons of Deceit - 1 Timothy 4:1-5 Download
2013.03.10 AM Jeremy Folding Nourishment - 1 Timothy 4:6-10 Download
2013.03.10 PM Jeremy Folding Intro to the Judges Download
2013.03.17 AM Jeremy Folding Ministerial Advice - 1 Timothy 4:11-16 Download
2013.03.17 PM Jeremy Folding Living With the Enemy - Joshua 1:1-2:5 Download
2013.03.24 AM Jeremy Folding Closing the Generation Gap - 1 Timothy 5:1-16 Download
2013.03.24 PM Jeremy Folding Second Intro to Judges - Judges 2:6-3:4 Download
2013.03.31 AM Art Wallis Mystery of the Empty Tomb Download
2013.04.07 AM Jeremy Folding Functional Leadership - 1 Timothy 5:17-25 Download
2013.04.07 PM Jeremy Folding No Guts No Glory - Judges 3:5-31 Download
2013.04.14 AM Jeremy Folding Instructions to Slaves - 1 Timothy 6:1-5 Download
2013.04.14 PM Jeremy Folding Driving the Point Home - Judges 4:1-24 Download
2013.04.21 AM Jeremy Folding The Cost of Riches - 1 Timothy 6:6-19 Download
2013.04.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Song of Deliverance - Judges 5:1-31 Download
2013.04.28 AM Jeremy Folding Flee, Follow, Fight - 1 Timothy 6:11-21 Download
2013.04.28 PM Jeremy Folding Midnight Madness - Judges 6:1-35 Download
2013.05.05 AM Jeremy Folding The Promise of Life - 2 Timothy 1:1-7 Download
2013.05.05 PM Jeremy Folding When Less is More - Judges 6:36-7:23 Download
2013.05.12 AM Jeremy Folding Overcoming Shame - 2 Timothy 1:8-13 Download
2013.05.12 PM Jeremy Folding When More is Less - Judges 7:23-8:32 Download
2013.05.19 AM Jeremy Folding Turning the Lion Loose - 2 Timothy 1:14-2:2 Download
2013.05.19 PM Jeremy Folding Government as Judgment - Judges 8:33-9:21 Download
2013.05.26 AM Jeremy Folding Surrender Your Options - 2 Timothy 2:3-13 Download
2013.05.26 PM Jeremy Folding Precision Bombing - Judges 9:27-57 Download
2013.06.02 AM Jeremy Folding Congregational Gangrene - 2 Timothy 2:14-19 Download
2013.06.02 PM Jeremy Folding History Matters - Judges 10-12 Download
2013.06.09 PM Jeremy Folding The Silver Spoon - Judges 13 Download
2013.06.16 AM Jeremy Folding Handling Conflict - 2 Timothy 2:23-26 Download
2013.06.16 PM Jeremy Folding The Lion, The Wench, and the Wardrobe - Judges 14-15 Download
2013.06.23 AM Jeremy Folding Dangerous Times - 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Download
2013.06.23 PM Jeremy Folding Samson & The Temple of Doom - Judges 16 Download
2013.06.30 AM Art Wallis You Are Needed Download
2013.06.30 PM Joe Longfellow Good Download
2013.07.07 AM Jeremy Folding Following Examples - 2 Timothy 3:6-15 Download
2013.07.07 PM Jeremy Folding Micah's Bed and Breakfast - Judges 17-18 Download
2013.07.14 AM Jeremy Folding The Wisdom of the Book - 2 Timothy 3:14-16 Download
2013.07.14 PM Matt Glawe Jesus Is The Answer Download
2013.07.21 AM Jeremy Folding The Majesty of Ministry - 2 Timothy 4:1-4 Download
2013.07.28 AM Jeremy Folding Passing the Torch - 2 Timothy 4:5-8 Download
2013.08.04 AM Jeremy Folding End of the Road - 2 Timothy 4:9-22 Download
2013.08.04 PM Jeremy Folding Shattering the Silence - Luke 1:1-38 Download
2013.08.11 AM Jeremy Folding Esther - An Introduction Download
2013.08.11 PM Jeremy Folding Two Women's Worship - Luke 1:39-56 Download
2013.08.18 AM Jeremy Folding Miss Persia - Esther 1:1-2:20 Download
2013.08.18 PM Jeremy Folding Family Feud - Luke 1:57-80 Download
2013.08.25 AM Jeremy Folding Pride and Prejuduce - Esther 2:19-3:15 Download
2013.08.25 PM Jeremy Folding The Christ is Born - Luke 2:1-20 Download
2013.09.01 AM Jeremy Folding Dilemma and Decision - Esther 4:1-17 Download
2013.09.01 PM Jeremy Folding Simeon and Anna - Luke 2:21-40 Download
2013.09.08 AM Jeremy Folding In the Interim - Esther 5:9-6:14 Download
2013.09.08 PM Jeremy Folding The AWOL Jesus - Luke 2:39-52 Download
2013.09.15 AM Jeremy Folding Mission Impossible - Esther 5:1-8, 7:1-10 Download
2013.09.15 PM Jeremy Folding The Baptizer - Luke 3:1-20 Download
2013.09.22 AM Jeremy Folding Jewish Mardi Gras - Esther 8-10 Download
2013.09.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Baptism and Genealogy of Jesus: Luke 3 1-20 Download
2013.09.29 AM Art Wallis Scandal of the Cross Download
2013.09.29 PM Mike Johnson Devo on Pain Download
2013.10.06 AM Joe Buxton Living on the Edge Download
2013.10.06 PM Joe Buxton What is the Risk? Download
2013.10.13 AM Jeremy Folding Getting Ahead of God - Acts 1:1-26 Download
2013.10.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Temptation of Christ, Part 1 - Luke 4, Deut 1-8 Download
2013.10.20 AM Jeremy Folding Pentecost in Perspective - Acts 2:1-40 Download
2013.10.20 PM Jeremy Folding The Temptation of Christ, Part 2 - Luke 4:1-13 Download
2013.10.27 AM Jeremy Folding How to Handle Your Falling Apart - 2 Samuel 12:16-23 Download
2013.10.27 PM Jeremy Folding The Temptation of Christ: Part 3 - Luke 4:1-13 Download
2013.11.03 AM Jeremy Folding A Healthy Church - Acts 2:41-47 Download
2013.11.03 PM Jeremy Folding Prophets and Popularity - Luke 4:14-30 Download
2013.11.10 AM Jeremy Folding Truth or Consequences - Acts 4:1-18 Download
2013.11.10 PM Jeremy Folding The Rebuke of Jesus - Luke 4:31-44 Download
2013.11.17 AM Jeremy Folding Truth or Consequences - Acts 4:1-18 Download
2013.11.17 PM Jeremy Folding Hooking a Fisherman - Luke 5:1-11 Download
2013.11.24 AM Art Wallis Oh Give Thanks - Psalms 118 Download
2013.11.24 PM Joe Buxton I Want to Go Home - Psalm 27:4 Download
2013.12.01 AM Art Wallis Law of Moses vs. Obedient Faith in Jesus Download
2013.12.01 PM Joe Longfellow Baptism Download
2013.12.08 AM Jeremy Folding Responding to Persecution - Acts 4:19-31 Download
2013.12.15 AM Jeremy Folding Profession and Possessions - Acts 4:32-5:11 Download
2013.12.15 PM Jeremy Folding Eating, Drinking and Being Merry - Luke 5:27-39 Download
2013.12.22 AM Jeremy Folding Fasting and the Incarnation - Isaiah 58-59 Download
2013.12.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Sabbath Controversy - Luke 6:1-11 Download
2013.12.29 AM Art Wallis O The Joy Download
2013.12.29 PM Timothy Class Timothy Class Devotional Download

2012 Audio

2012.01.01 AM Art Wallis A New Beginning Download
2012.01.01 PM Art Wallis Our Ministry of Reconciliation Download
2012.01.08 AM Jeremy Folding The Lord's Supper Download
2012.01.08 PM Jeremy Folding A Touchy Subject - 1 Corinthians 7:1-9 Download
2012.01.15 AM Jeremy Folding He Could Have Saved Himself - Mark 15 Download
2012.01.15 PM Jeremy Folding A New Level of Thinking - 1 Corinthians 7:8-16 Download
2012.01.22 AM Jeremy Folding Breaking the Barrier - Mark 15:33-16:7 Download
2012.01.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Status Quo - 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 Download
2012.02.05 AM Jeremy Folding Simple Salvation Part One - The Scope of Salvation Download
2012.02.05 PM Jeremy Folding Undistracted Devotion - Luke 12:41-48 Download
2012.02.12 AM Jeremy Folding Simple Salvation Part Two - The Work of Salvation Download
2012.02.12 PM Jeremy Folding Separating Truth From Love - 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 Download
2012.02.19 AM Jeremy Folding Simple Salvation Part Three - The Work of Salvation - Part Two Download
2012.02.19 PM Jeremy Folding When a Right is Wrong - 1 Corinthians 9:1-23 Download
2012.02.26 AM Jeremy Folding Simple Salvation Part Four - The Outcome of Salvation Download
2012.02.26 PM Jeremy Folding The Past and Present - 1 Corinthians 9:24-10:10 Download
2012.03.04 AM Steve Eckman The Blessing of Sacrifice - John 12:20-25 Download
2012.03.04 PM Jeremy Folding Lessons From Our Fathers - 1 Corinthians 10:11-14 Download
2012.03.11 AM Jeremy Folding Encouraging the Elect - 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Download
2012.03.11 PM Jeremy Folding Table Talk - 1 Corinthians 10:14-33 Download
2012.03.18 AM Jeremy Folding Authenticity - 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16 Download
2012.03.18 PM Jeremy Folding A Question of Covering - 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 Download
2012.03.25 AM Jeremy Folding Inter-dependency - 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 Download
2012.03.25 PM Jeremy Folding Correcting Communion Part One - 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 Download
2012.04.01 AM Jeremy Folding Sanctification - 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 Download
2012.04.01 PM Jeremy Folding Correcting Communion Part Two - 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Download
2012.04.08 AM Jeremy Folding What About The Bunny? Download
2012.04.08 PM Jeremy Folding True and False Spirituality - 1 Corinthians 12:1-3 Download
2012.04.15 AM Jeremy Folding Sanctified Grief - 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Download
2012.04.15 PM Jeremy Folding Unity in Diversity - 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 Download
2012.04.22 AM Jeremy Folding Sanctification and the Second Coming - 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Download
2012.04.22 PM Jeremy Folding Body Language - 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Download
2012.04.29 AM Art Wallis Jesus Helps Us Download
2012.05.13 AM Jeremy Folding Layered Leadership - 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15 Download
2012.05.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Excellent Way - Part One - 1 Corinthians 13 Download
2012.05.20 AM Jeremy Folding Closing Comments - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 Download
2012.05.20 PM Jeremy Folding The Excellent Way Part Two - 1 Corinthians 13 Download
2012.05.27 AM Jeremy Folding Growth in Persecution - 2 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Download
2012.06.03 AM Jeremy Folding Scripture Twisting - 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Download
2012.06.03 PM Jeremy Folding Gifts and Self Control - 1 Corinthians 14:26-40 Download
2012.06.10 AM Jeremy Folding Perserverance & Purity Download
2012.06.10 PM Jeremy Folding A Refresher Course Download
2012.06.17 AM Jeremy Folding Christian Work Ethic Download
2012.06.17 PM Jeremy Folding Closing Words Download
2012.06.24 AM Art Wallis Things Change Download
2012.06.24 PM Tyler Sparks God is Spirit & His Worshipers Must Worship Him in Spirit Download
2012.07.01 AM Jeremy Folding Freedom Download
2012.07.01 PM Jeremy Folding Why Bad Things Happen Download
2012.07.08 AM Jeremy Folding Intro - Proverbs 1:1-7 Download
2012.07.08 PM Jeremy Folding Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 2 Cor 1:12 - 2:11 Download
2012.07.15 AM Jeremy Folding Perverse Men - Proverbs 1:7-33 Download
2012.07.15 PM Jeremy Folding The Sufficency of God Download
2012.07.22 AM Jeremy Folding A Tale of Two Ladies - Wisdom and Folly Download
2012.07.22 PM Jeremy Folding Content Vs. Container - 2 Corinthians 4:7-15 Download
2012.07.29 AM Art Wallis Is 21st Century Chrianity Obsolete? Download
2012.08.05 PM Jeremy Folding Death: Friend, Not Foe Download
2012.08.12 AM Jeremy Folding The Fool Download
2012.08.12 PM Jeremy Folding The PC Gospel Download
2012.08.19 AM Jeremy Folding The Sluggard Download
2012.08.19 PM Jeremy Folding Ambassadoring - 2 Cor 5:20 - 6:10 Download
2012.08.26 AM Jeremy Folding God and Man Download
2012.08.26 PM Jeremy Folding Choosing Sides Download
2012.09.02 AM Jeremy Folding Word Investments Download
2012.09.02 PM Jeremy Folding Good Grief - Part One Download
2012.09.09 AM Jeremy Folding Stewardship... It's a Matter of T.R.U.S.T Download
2012.09.09 PM Jeremy Folding Good Grief - Part Two Download
2012.09.16 AM Jeremy Folding Serving In The Neighborhood Download
2012.09.16 PM Jeremy Folding Learning to be Liberal Download
2012.09.23 AM Jeremy Folding A Model For Marriage - Proverbs 31:10-31 Download
2012.09.23 PM Jeremy Folding Commitments - 2 Corinthians 8:16-9:15 Download
2012.09.30 AM Art Wallis Draw Near to God for Better Things Download
2012.10.07 AM Jeremy Folding Divine Discipline Download
2012.10.07 PM Jeremy Folding Leadership Download
2012.10.14 AM Jeremy Folding Principles of Discipline Download
2012.10.21 AM Jeremy Folding Why the Rod is Righteous Download
2012.10.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Reluctant Fool Download
2012.10.28 AM Jeremy Folding Contentment in Chaos Download
2012.10.28 PM Jeremy Folding Boasting in Weakness Download
2012.11.04 AM Jeremy Folding Proverbs and Politics Download
2012.11.04 PM Jeremy Folding Paul's Closing Argument Part 1 Download
2012.11.11 AM Jeremy Folding Proverbs and the Will of God Download
2012.11.11 PM Jeremy Folding Paul's Closing Argument - Part Two Download
2012.11.18 AM Art Wallis O Give Thanks Unto the Lord Download
2012.11.18 PM Tom Collier Trust in the Lord Download
2012.11.25 AM Jeremy Folding Introduction to Timothy Download
2012.11.25 PM Jeremy Folding Introduction to Isaiah Download
2012.12.02 AM Jeremy Folding Guard the Truth Download
2012.12.02 PM Jeremy Folding The Problem Download
2012.12.09 AM Jeremy Folding Using the Law Lawfully - 1 Timothy 1:8-11 Download
2012.12.09 PM Jeremy Folding The Solution to Pollution - Isaiah 6 Download
2012.12.16 AM Jeremy Folding The Model Example Download
2012.12.23 AM Jeremy Folding Opportunities and Pitfalls Download
2012.12.23 PM Jeremy Folding We Se Jesus Download

2011 Audio

2011.01.02 AM Jeremy Folding Who Defines You? Download
2011.01.02 PM Jeremy Folding Dead Dogs Download
2011.01.16 AM Jeremy Folding The Perspective Glasses Download
2011.01.16 PM Jeremy Folding Calling Jeremiah Download
2011.01.23 AM Jeremy Folding Tearing Down Walls Download
2011.01.23 PM Jeremy Folding Arresting Degeneracy Download
2011.01.30 AM Art Wallis That's Your Brother Up There Download
2011.01.30 PM Joe Buxton Resolution Download
2011.02.06 AM Jeremy Folding The Management of Grace Download
2011.02.06 PM Jeremy Folding Learning the Lesson Download
2011.02.13 AM Jeremy Folding Praying Strategically Download
2011.02.13 PM Jeremy Folding Toughening Up the Prophet - Jeremiah Download
2011.02.20 AM Jeremy Folding The Good Preservatives Download
2011.02.20 PM Jeremy Folding Who Do You Run To? Download
2011.02.27 AM Jeremy Folding Unity's Purpose - Eph 4:7-16 Download
2011.02.27 PM Jeremy Folding Clay In His Hands Download
2011.03.06 AM Jeremy Folding Dissociative Identity Disorder Download
2011.03.06 PM Jeremy Folding Surviving the Dark Times Download
2011.03.13 AM Jeremy Folding New and Improved Download
2011.03.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Heart of National Failure Download
2011.03.20 AM Jeremy Folding The Highest Form of Flattery Download
2011.03.20 PM Jeremy Folding Who Will You Listen to? Download
2011.03.27 AM Jeremy Folding Purge and Fill - Eph 5:15-21 Download
2011.03.27 PM Jeremy Folding The Dream of Jeremiah - chapters 30-31 Download
2011.04.03 AM Jeremy Folding Mutual Submission - Part 1 Download
2011.04.03 PM Jeremy Folding The Greatness and Weakness of Faith Download
2011.04.10 AM Jeremy Folding Mutual Submission - Part 2 Download
2011.04.10 PM Jeremy Folding The Requirements of God Download
2011.04.17 AM Jeremy Folding Mutual Submission Part 3 Download
2011.04.17 PM Jeremy Folding The Dream of Jeremiah - Chap 30-31 Download
2011.04.24 AM Jeremy Folding Reflections on the Resurrection Download
2011.04.24 PM Jeremy Folding A Prophet to the Nations Download
2011.05.01 AM Jeremy Folding Weapons of War Download
2011.05.01 PM Jeremy Folding Intro to Exodus Download
2011.05.08 AM Jeremy Folding Honoring Your Mothere Download
2011.05.08 PM Jeremy Folding Pharaohs Fear and Israel's Faith Download
2011.05.15 AM Jeremy Folding Quiet Warfare Download
2011.05.15 PM Jeremy Folding Preparing Israel's Deliverer Download
2011.05.22 AM Jeremy Folding The Beginning of the Gospel Download
2011.05.22 PM Jeremy Folding Beating Around The Burning Bush Download
2011.05.29 AM Art Wallis God's Broken Heart Download
2011.05.29 PM Michael Johnson Patience and Waiting Download
2011.06.05 AM Jeremy Folding Fishers of Men Download
2011.06.05 PM Jeremy Folding The Finger of God Download
2011.06.12 AM Jeremy Folding The Authority of Christ Download
2011.06.12 PM Jeremy Folding The Meaning of the Passover Download
2011.06.19 AM Jeremy Folding The Blessing Download
2011.06.26 AM Jeremy Folding Day in the Life of Jesus Download
2011.07.03 AM Art Wallis Set Free Download
2011.07.10 AM Jeremy Folding Who Is This Man Download
2011.07.10 PM Jeremy Folding God's Boot Camp Download
2011.07.17 AM Art Wallis I Made A Commitment Download
2011.07.17 PM Alan Augspurger Slavery vs Freedom Download
2011.07.24 AM Jeremy Folding Friends In Low Places Download
2011.07.31 AM Jeremy Folding Feast or Famine Download
2011.07.31 PM Jeremy Folding God's Boot Camp Part Two Download
2011.08.07 AM Jeremy Folding Anger - Right or Wrong Download
2011.08.07 PM Jeremy Folding The Tyranny of the Urgent Download
2011.08.14 AM Jeremy Folding Unforgiveable Opposition Download
2011.08.21 AM Jeremy Folding The Parable of the Soils Download
2011.08.28 AM Jeremy Folding Stilling the Sea Download
2011.08.28 PM Jeremy Folding Ratifying the Covenant Download
2011.09.04 AM Jeremy Folding The Confrontation Between Heaven and Hell Download
2011.09.04 PM Jeremy Folding Reclaiming Control - Exodus 32 Download
2011.09.11 AM Jeremy Folding Divine Interruption - Mark 5 Download
2011.09.11 PM Jeremy Folding The Presence of God - Exodus 33 Download
2011.09.18 AM Jeremy Folding Hard Hearted Disciples - Mark 6 Download
2011.09.18 PM Jeremy Folding A New Beginning - Exodus 34 Download
2011.09.25 AM Jeremy Folding Hart of the Problem Download
2011.09.25 PM Jeremy Folding Responding to Grace Download
2011.10.02 AM Jeremy Folding Meeting Jesus... In the Word Download
2011.10.02 PM Jeremy Folding God Draws Near Download
2011.10.09 AM Jeremy Folding Meeting Jesus... In The Home Download
2011.10.09 PM Jeremy Folding Welcome to the Church at Corinth Download
2011.10.16 AM Jeremy Folding Meeting Jesus... In Worship Download
2011.10.16 PM Jeremy Folding Multiplying Divisions Download
2011.10.23 AM Jeremy Folding Meeting Jesus... In Eternity Download
2011.10.23 PM Jeremy Folding True Wisdom Download
2011.10.30 AM Jeremy Folding Meeting Jesus Download
2011.10.30 PM Jeremy Folding Substandard Saint Download
2011.11.06 AM Joe Buxton Do You Hear What I Hear Download
2011.11.06 PM Joe Longfellow Why Was Christ Sent? Download
2011.11.13 AM Jeremy Folding Not Who You Think He Is Download
2011.11.13 PM Jeremy Folding A Different Look at Leadership 1 Corinthians 3 Download
2011.11.20 AM Jeremy Folding ThanksGIVING Download
2011.11.20 PM Jeremy Folding A Call To Repentance Download
2011.11.27 AM Jeremy Folding When Faith and Doubt Collide Download
2011.11.27 PM Jeremy Folding Follow the Leader Download
2011.12.04 AM Jeremy Folding The Rich Young Ruler Download
2011.12.04 PM Jeremy Folding Taking Sin Seriously - Part 1 Download
2011.12.11 AM Jeremy Folding The Abuse of Authority Download
2011.12.11 PM Jeremy Folding Taking Sing Seriously - Part Two Download
2011.12.18 AM Jeremy Folding The Love God Wants Mark12 Download
2011.12.18 PM Jeremy Folding Taking Sin to Court Part 2 Corinthians 6 Download
2011.12.25 AM Jeremy Folding The Transformation Download

2010 Audio

2010.01.03 PM Jeremy Folding Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Download
2010.01.10 AM Jeremy Folding Conformity Is Not Uniformity Download
2010.01.10 PM Jeremy Folding Friends with God Download
2010.01.17 AM Jeremy Folding The Foundation of Acceptance Download
2010.01.17 PM Jeremy Folding Deja vu All Over Again Download
2010.01.24 AM Jeremy Folding Focus On The Future Download
2010.01.24 PM Jeremy Folding Ishmael Must Go Download
2010.01.31 AM Orrin Nearhoof Gideon Download
2010.01.31 PM Jerad Penick Turn the World Upside Down - The Four I's Download
2010.01.31 PM Mike Johnson It's Lonley Up Here Download
2010.02.07 AM Jeremy Folding A Song of Foundations Download
2010.02.07 PM Jeremy Folding Conflict Resolution Download
2010.02.14 AM Jeremy Folding A Song of Foundations - Part 1 Download
2010.02.14 PM Jeremy Folding Life's Hardest Trials Download
2010.02.21 AM Jeremy Folding A Song of Confidence - Part 2 Download
2010.02.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Present in the Light of the Future Download
2010.02.28 AM Jeremy Folding Part 3 A Song of Confession Download
2010.02.28 PM Jeremy Folding Here Comes The Bride Download
2010.03.07 AM Jeremy Folding Part 4 Song of Realities Download
2010.03.07 PM Jeremy Folding Part 18 The Abundant Entrance Download
2010.03.14 AM Jeremy Folding A Song of Restoration Download
2010.03.14 PM Jeremy Folding Why Pray? Download
2010.03.21 AM Jeremy Folding Man and God Download
2010.03.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Nature of Prayer Download
2010.03.28 AM Jeremy Folding The Beautiful King Download
2010.03.28 PM Jeremy Folding The Secrets of Prayer Download
2010.04.04 AM Jeremy Folding Assembled In His Presence Download
2010.04.04 PM Jeremy Folding The Pattern Of Prayer Download
2010.04.11 AM Jeremy Folding Freedom From Fear Download
2010.04.11 PM Jeremy Folding The Pattern of Prayer Download
2010.04.18 AM Jeremy Folding Handling A Bad Conscience Download
2010.04.18 PM Jared Van Egdom Compete Download
2010.04.18 PM Jerad Penick Success & Failure Download
2010.05.02 AM Jeremy Folding Following The Path Download
2010.05.02 PM Jeremy Folding Prayer's Certainties Download
2010.05.09 AM Jeremy Folding The Reflection Download
2010.05.09 PM Jeremy Folding Realization, Not Resignation Download
2010.05.16 AM Jeremy Folding A Workaholic's Psalm Download
2010.05.16 PM Jeremy Folding Prayer's Possibilities #8 Download
2010.05.23 AM Jeremy Folding Out of the Pit Download
2010.05.23 PM Jeremy Folding Prayer's Possibilities Download
2010.05.30 AM Orrin Nearhoof Jesus_The Brightness of Gods Glory Download
2010.05.30 PM Tom Collier Our Ascending Years Download
2010.06.06 AM Jeremy Folding Reading The Books Download
2010.06.06 PM Jeremy Folding The Prayer For Unity Download
2010.06.13 AM Jeremy Folding The Suffering Victor Download
2010.06.13 PM Jeremy Folding Changes Part 12 Prayer Download
2010.06.20 PM Art Wallis Five Impossible Things Download
2010.06.27 AM Jeremy Folding The Winner's Attitude Download
2010.06.27 PM Jeremy Folding A Servants Persepective Download
2010.07.04 AM Jeremy Folding The Price Of Declarations Download
2010.07.04 PM Jeremy Folding A Prisoner's Perspective Download
2010.07.11 AM Jeremy Folding The Blame Game Download
2010.07.25 AM Jason Housby Faith in Action Download
2010.08.01 PM Jeremy Folding Christian Citizenship Download
2010.08.08 PM Jeremy Folding Leaving the Comfort Zone Download
2010.08.15 AM Jeremy Folding Solving Problems Download
2010.08.22 AM Jeremy Folding Opposition or Favor Download
2010.08.22 PM Jeremy Folding A Few Good Men Part 1 Download
2010.08.29 AM Art Wallis History Not Fiction Download
2010.08.29 PM Mike Johnson Lean On Me! Download
2010.09.05 AM Jeremy Folding Solving The Identity Crisis Download
2010.09.05 PM Jeremy Folding A Few Good Men Part 2 Download
2010.09.12 AM Jeremy Folding Making Plans Download
2010.09.12 PM Jeremy Folding Perspective on Profit and Loss Download
2010.09.19 AM Jeremy Folding Indirect Encouragement Download
2010.09.19 PM Jeremy Folding Perspective on Perfection - part 1 Download
2010.09.26 AM Jeremy Folding Strengthening The Heart Download
2010.09.26 PM Jeremy Folding Perspective On Perfectionism: Part Two Download
2010.10.03 AM Jeremy Folding The Paradigm Shift Download
2010.10.03 PM Jeremy Folding Guard Your Heart Download
2010.10.10 AM Jeremy Folding May I Be Excused Download
2010.10.10 PM Jeremy Folding Destination Disease Download
2010.10.17 AM Jeremy Folding Who God Uses Download
2010.10.17 PM Jeremy Folding After God's Heart Download
2010.10.24 AM Jeremy Folding Fractal Geometry Download
2010.10.24 PM Jeremy Folding A Heart Of Preperation Download
2010.10.31 AM Jeremy Folding Imperfect Family Download
2010.10.31 PM Jeremy Folding A Friend After God's Heart Download
2010.11.07 AM Mike Melvin Three Questions - Luke 15 Download
2010.11.07 PM Mike Johnson Heros From 1 Sam 24 Download
2010.11.14 AM Jeremy Folding Beyond the Pseudo-Community Download
2010.11.14 PM Jeremy Folding David: An Obedient Heart Download
2010.11.21 AM Jeremy Folding A Life, Not A Day Download
2010.11.21 PM Jeremy Folding How We Worship Download
2010.11.28 AM Art Wallis Who Is God? Download
2010.11.28 PM Art Wallis Who Is God - part 2 Download
2010.12.05 AM Jeremy Folding What To Do When I'm... Download
2010.12.05 PM Jeremy Folding The Heart of a Shepherd Download
2010.12.12 AM Jeremy Folding Restoration Download
2010.12.12 PM Jeremy Folding The Over Exposed Heart Download
2010.12.19 PM Jeremy Folding The Significance of Christ Download
2010.12.26 AM Jeremy Folding Taking Inventory Download
2010.12.26 PM Jeremy Folding The Heart of A Father Download

2009 Audio

2009.02.15 PM Jeremy Folding Out Of The Shadows, Part 11 Download
2009.03.08 AM Jeremy Folding The Perfect Gift Download
2009.03.08 PM Jeremy Folding Throwing Out the Baby With the Dish Water Download
2009.03.15 AM Jeremy Folding Lesson Download
2009.03.15 AM Orrin Nearhoof Elder Instlation ( Dan & Lew ) Download
2009.03.15 PM Jeremy Folding The Faith of Old, Part 1 Download
2009.03.22 AM Jeremy Folding The Power of Perspective Download
2009.03.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Faith of Old, Part 2 Download
2009.04.12 AM Jeremy Folding Learning Christ: The Character of the Church Download
2009.04.12 PM Jeremy Folding Embracing the Struggle of Christianity Download
2009.04.19 AM Jeremy Folding Are You Religious? Download
2009.04.19 PM Elders Easton Van Egdom - Prayer Service Download
2009.05.03 AM Jeremy Folding What God Doesn't Want Download
2009.05.03 PM Jeremy Folding Lesson 20 - Courage In The Face Of Fire Download
2009.05.10 AM Jeremy Folding Mothers Day Download
2009.05.10 PM Jeremy Folding Part 21 - Do Not Refuse Him Download
2009.05.17 AM Jeremy Folding What Makes A Christian Download
2009.05.17 PM Jeremy Folding The State of Philadelphia Download
2009.05.24 AM Jeremy Folding Lesson 5 - Understanding the Relationship Download
2009.05.24 PM Jeremy Folding Putting Marriage in it's Place Download
2009.05.31 AM Orrin Nearhoof Paul's Challenge for Christan Living Download
2009.05.31 PM Darin Thompson The Burden of Happy Feet Download
2009.06.07 AM Jeremy Folding Faith Based Rescue Download
2009.06.07 PM Jeremy Folding What Not To Love Download
2009.06.14 AM Jeremy Folding The Bottom Line Download
2009.06.14 PM Jeremy Folding Where Are You Standing, Part 25 Download
2009.06.21 AM Jeremy Folding Peace And Reconciliation Download
2009.06.21 PM Jeremy Folding The Christian Sacrificial System Download
2009.06.28 AM Jeremy Folding Peace and Reconciliation Download
2009.07.05 AM Jeremy Folding True Freedom Download
2009.07.05 PM Jeremy Folding Maintaining Your Idenity Download
2009.07.12 AM Jeremy Folding Life vs.Death Download
2009.07.12 PM Jeremy Folding When The Bottom Falls Out Download
2009.07.19 AM Jeremy Folding Under The Reign of Grace Download
2009.07.19 PM Jeremy Folding A Question of Scruples Download
2009.07.26 AM Jeremy Folding Slavery is Freedom Download
2009.08.02 AM Jeremy Folding The Abusive Husband Download
2009.08.02 PM Jeremy Folding Submission is Not a Four-Letter Word Download
2009.08.09 AM Jeremy Folding Renewal Download
2009.08.09 PM Jeremy Folding Integrity Download
2009.08.23 PM Joe Buxton Game of Life Download
2009.09.06 AM Jeremy Folding Groaning Is Not Whining Download
2009.09.13 AM Jeremy Folding The Guarantee Download
2009.09.13 PM Jeremy Folding Certainty in Uncertainty Download
2009.09.20 AM Jeremy Folding Understanding Election Download
2009.09.20 PM Jeremy Folding A Ram, A Goat, A Horn Download
2009.09.27 AM Jeremy Folding Man's Part In Salvation Download
2009.09.27 PM Jeremy Folding Navigation Through Life Download
2009.10.11 AM Jeremy Folding God Doesn't Give Up Download
2009.10.11 PM Jeremy Folding Running On Fumes Download
2009.10.18 AM Jeremy Folding Taming the Wild Branches Download
2009.10.18 PM Jeremy Folding Shaping Our World View Download
2009.10.25 AM Jeremy Folding Batman Isn't Christian Download
2009.10.25 PM Jeremy Folding To ____ Land I'm On My Way Download
2009.11.01 AM Jeremy Folding Divine Demonstrations Download
2009.11.01 PM Jeremy Folding First Failure Download
2009.11.08 AM Jeremy Folding The "Therefore" to Grace Download
2009.11.08 PM Jeremy Folding Letting God Choose Download
2009.11.15 AM Jeremy Folding Using Your Allotment Download
2009.11.15 PM Jeremy Folding When You Need a Friend Download
2009.11.22 AM Jeremy Folding Embracing Authenticity Download
2009.11.22 PM Jeremy Folding The Peril of Victory Download
2009.11.29 AM Art Wallis New Things Download
2009.11.29 PM Darin Thompson MSU University Download
2009.12.13 AM Jeremy Folding Opposition Is Not Service Download
2009.12.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Eliezer Alternative Download
2009.12.20 AM Jeremy Folding The Meaning of His Birth Download
2009.12.20 PM Jeremy Folding It's All Up To Me Download
2009.12.27 AM Jeremy Folding Dressed For Success Download
2009.12.27 PM Jeremy Folding The Circumcised Life Download

2008 Audio

2008.01.04 PM Jeremy Folding The Way of the Slug Download
2007.01.06 AM Mike Melvin God Is Love Download
2008.01.06 PM Dan Bailey God's Word is Living and Abidi Download
2008.01.13 AM Ron Melvin God's Love For the World Download
2008.01.13 PM Joe Longfellow God's Love is All Sufficient Download
2008.01.20 AM Mike Melvin God's Love for the Church Download
2008.01.20 PM Mike Dorrell God's Word is Powerful Download
2008.01.27 AM Darin Thompson God's Love for the Lost Download
2008.01.27 PM Michael Mazak God's Word is Eternal Download
2008.02.03 AM Art Wallis Let the Children Come to Jesus Download
2008.03.02 PM Alan Augspurger Perfect Love Casts Out Fear Download
2008.02.10 AM Art Wallis Filling A Niche in Religion Download
2008.02.10 PM Michael Mazak The Eye is the Lamp of the Body Download
2008.02.24 AM Art Wallis Noah Found Grace Download
2008.02.24 PM Orrin Nearhoof The Power of Light Download
2008.03.02 AM Art Wallis Jesus Didn't Look Back Download
2008.03.02 PM Darin Thompson Who Are We... Christians? Download
2008.03.02 AM Art Wallis Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Download
2008.03.09 PM Kelly Kaiser Love and Humility Download
2008.03.16 AM Art Wallis Sins That Crucified Christ Download
2008.03.16 PM Orrin Nearhoof Does God Hear Our Prayers? Download
2008.03.23 AM Art Wallis Eyes of Faith Download
2008.03.23 PM Joe Longfellow The Peter Personality Download
2008.03.30 AM Art Wallis Forgive To Be Forgiven Download
2008.04.06 AM Jeremy Folding Touching The Untouchable Download
2008.04.06 PM Jeremy Folding My Baloney Has A First Name Download
2008.04.20 AM Art Wallis We're Getting a New Preacher Download
2008.04.20 PM Robert Gordon Persecution Download
2008.04.27 AM Todd Johnson Impress On Them Download
2008.04.27 PM Mike Mazak Do Not Break Faith: Malachi - Download
2008.05.04 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 1 Download
2008.05.04 PM Jeremy Folding Studies in the Minor Prophets - part 1 Download
2008.05.11 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - Part 2 Download
2008.05.11 PM Jeremy Folding Obadiah: Servant of YHWH Download
2008.05.18 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 3 Download
2008.05.18 PM Jeremy Folding Jehovah Is God - Joel part 1 Download
2008.05.25 AM Jeremy Folding Who Are We - part 4 Download
2008.05.25 PM Jeremy Folding Looking to the Future - Joel part 2 Download
2008.06.01 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God - Part 1: Two Truths Download
2008.06.01 PM Jeremy Folding The Running Dove - Jonah Download
2008.06.08 AM Jeremy Folding How Are Your Convictions? Download
2008.06.15 AM Jeremy Folding The Heart of Religion: Seeking God Download
2008.06.15 PM Jeremy Folding Sermons From The Burden Bearer - Amos 3-6 Download
2008.06.22 AM Jeremy Folding Responding to the Reward Download
2008.06.22 PM Jeremy Folding Visions of the Burden Bearer Download
2008.06.29 AM Darin Thompson Declaration of Independence Download
2008.06.29 PM Joe Buxton Using Our Talents for God Download
2008.06.29 PM Lew Kirk Are You Fulfilling God's Purpose for You? Download
2008.07.06 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God Part 5 Fervency and Faithfulness Download
2008.07.13 AM Jeremy Folding Seeking God Part 6 - God Ain't No Cow Download
2008.07.13 PM Jeremy Folding The Indictment of Israel Download
2008.07.20 AM Jeremy Folding Loss, Loyalty and Lament Download
2008.07.20 PM Jeremy Folding God's Warning of Punishment - Hosea 8 Download
2008.07.27 AM Jeremy Folding Letting Jesus Out Download
2008.08.03 AM Jeremy Folding Making the Time Download
2008.08.10 AM Jeremy Folding I Don't Want To Go There Download
2008.08.10 PM Jeremy Folding Who Is Like YHWH Download
2008.08.17 AM Jeremy Folding Inconvenienced Direct and Self Sacrificial Download
2008.08.17 PM Jeremy Folding Judgement Now Blessing Later Download
2008.08.24 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Church in the Face of Our Culture Download
2008.08.31 PM Jeremy Folding Contention and Restoration Download

2007 Audio

2007.01.07 AM Mike Melvin ...Through the Grapevine Download
2007.01.07 PM Darin Thompson Three Minutes Download
2007.01.14 AM Art Wallis Going Home Download
2007.01.14 PM Mike Dorrell The Secret Curse: Pornography Download
2007.01.21 AM Mike Melvin Quality Assurance Download
2007.01.31 PM Ron Melvin Making God Smile Download
2007.01.28 AM Art Wallis Some Requirements to Get to Heaven Download
2007.01.28 PM Mike Mazak A Holy Home Download
2007.01.28 PM Mike Mazak A Holy Home Download
2007.02.04 AM Mike Melvin Firm Foundation Download
2007.02.04 PM Darin Thompson God Gave Us A Light Savior Download
2007.02.11 AM Art Wallis Reluctant Jonah Download
2007.02.11 PM Kelly Kaiser What On Earth Is Heaven Good For? Download
2007.02.18 AM Mike Melvin Secure Salvation Download
2007.02.18 PM Alan Augspurger Global Whining Download
2007.02.25 AM Alton Norman The Name Of Jesus Download
2007.03.04 AM Mike Melvin Ephesians 1-2 Download
2007.03.11 AM Mike Melvin Walk Like This (Ephesians 4-5) Download
2007.03.18 AM Art Wallis An Appeal For Unity Download
2007.03.18 PM Orrin Nearhoof Faith Walkers Download
2007.03.25 AM the Elders Imagine the Possibilities Download
2007.03.25 AM Orrin Nearhoof Pressing On... Download
2007.03.25 PM Darin Thompson "V" Is For Victory Download
2007.04.01 AM Mike Melvin Something Better Download
2007.04.01 PM Robert Gordon Jesus' Teaching on Handling Strife Download
2007.04.08 AM Art Wallis Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams, Unkept Promises Download
2007.04.08 PM Alan Augspurger I Thought He Looked Familiar Download
2007.04.15 AM Mike Melvin Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa! (Thinking Big With God On Your Side) Download
2007.04.15 PM Kelly Kaiser Mammon, Wisdom and You Download
2007.04.22 AM Art Wallis Crowns Christians Wear Download
2007.04.22 PM Dan Bailey The Grandview Website Download
2007.04.29 AM Dan Lightfoot Living By Faith Download
2007.04.29 PM Art Wallis Living By Faith - Part 2 Download
2007.05.06 AM Art Wallis Ministering to Others - Matthew 25:31-46 Download
2007.05.06 PM Darin Thompson Who's Praying For You? Download
2007.05.13 AM Mike Melvin 212 Degree Hot Download
2007.05.13 PM Mike Mazak Grace Download
2007.05.20 AM Art Wallis The Church of Christ is Not For Everyone Download
2007.05.20 PM Joe Longfellow God's Sermon Download
2007.05.27 AM Mike Melvin Unknown Download
2007.05.27 PM Ron Melvin Love Languages Download
2007.06.03 PM Art Wallis Why We Do What We Do Download
2007.06.03 PM Darin Thompson Final Jeopardy Download
2007.06.10 AM Mike Melvin Eight Seconds Download
2007.06.10 PM Art Wallis Sermon in a Sack Download
2007.06.17 AM Shawn Montandon The Compassionate Christ Download
2007.06.17 PM Shawn Montandon Six Stories, One Lesson Download
2007.06.25 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will Download
2007.06.24 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, Part 1 Download
2007.06.24 PM Orrin Nearhoof Christ, Our Sustainer Download
2007.07.01 PM Alan Augspurger The Christian Nature of America Download
2007.07.08 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, Part 3 Download
2007.07.08 PM Darin Thompson I've Got Your Back Download
2007.07.15 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, part 4 Download
2007.07.15 PM Josh Mongan Philadelphia, Brotherly Kindness Download
2007.07.22 AM Art Wallis Knowing God's Will, part 5 Download
2007.07.22 PM Ron Melvin It's Important to Be Important Download
2007.07.29 AM Art Wallis The Joy of Being a Christian Download
2007.08.05 AM Art Wallis The Joy of Christianity Download
2007.08.05 PM Alan Augspurger Taking Risks Download
2007.08.12 AM Art Wallis More Water Download
2007.08.12 PM Ron Melvin Investing 101 - or - Mow Yards and Pray Download
2007.08.19 AM Art Wallis Remember Lot's Wife Download
2007.08.19 PM Darin Thompson "Square or Round..." corn that is, not pegs in a board Download
2007.08.26 AM Art Wallis God & People of the Covenant Download
2007.08.26 PM Art Wallis Jesus, Healer of Persons Download
2007.09.02 AM Art Wallis God & People of the Covenant, part 2 Download
2007.09.02 PM Joe Longfellow Idols?? Just Say No! Download
2007.09.09 AM Art Wallis There's Something About That Name Download
2007.09.16 PM Mike Dorrell Are You Thinking About Getting Out of the Boat? Download
2007.09.16 AM Orrin Nearhoof God's Revealed Righteousness Download
2007.09.16 PM Mike Mazak Be Careful, Be Quiet, and Do Not Fear Download
2007.09.23 AM Art Wallis Called To Be Like God, Part 1 Download
2007.09.23 PM Todd Johnson Amazing Download
2007.09.30 PM Alan Augspurger We're Spending Our Kids' Inheritance Download
2007.10.07 AM Art Wallis Down to the River to Pray Download
2007.10.07 PM Orrin Nearhoof Lessons From Paul's Prayer Download
2007.10.14 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like God, Part 3 Download
2007.10.12 PM Art Wallis Jesus' Example & Teaching of Forgiveness Download
2007.10.21 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like God, part 4 Download
2007.10.21 PM MIke Mazak Ezekiel Download
2007.10.28 AM Robert Notgrass The Mind of Christ Download
2007.10.28 PM Robert Notgrass The Love of the Father Download
2007.11.04 AM Art Wallis Called to be Like Christ, part 5 Download
2007.11.04 PM Dan Bailey The Kingdom of God Download
2007.11.11 AM Art Wallis A Sad Harvest Download
2007.11.18 AM Art Wallis Harvest Time Download
2007.11.18 PM Alan Augspurger By This Shall All Men Know... Download
2007.11.25 AM Art Wallis Going On When You Fell Like Giving Up Download
2007.11.25 PM Robert Gordon Subjection Download
2007.12.02 AM Art Wallis Counting the Cost Download
2007.12.02 PM Joe Longfellow Thank You, Lord! Download
2007.12.09 AM Art Wallis Cheap: Slightly Used Savior Download
2007.12.09 PM Orrin Nearhoof Grace: The Next Step, or Everything you wanted to know about Grace, but were afraid to ask. Download
2007.12.16 AM Art Wallis Not Crossing Over Jordan Download
2007.12.16 PM na Announcements Download
2007.12.16 PM Darin Thompson My Momma Always Said, But God Always Says Download
2007.12.23 PM Alan Augspurger Why Don't You Just Ask For Dir Download
2007.12.30 AM Art Wallis Wanting to Dwell on the Wrong Download
2007.12.30 PM Robert Housby The Contemporary Calling of God Download

2006 Audio

2006.01.01 AM Alan Augspurger A Reminder Download
2006.01.08 AM Art Wallis Just Passing Through Download
2006.01.08 PM Josh Mongan A Forgiving Spirit Download
2006.01.15 AM Dennis Meyers Sold Out Download
2006.01.15 PM Dennis Meyers Sweet Victory Download
2006.01.22 PM Mitch Mort Ramblings of a Pipe Fitter Download
2006.01.29 AM Orrin Nearhoof Isaac: The Middle Blessing Download
2006.01.29 PM Darin Thompson When Your Failsafe Plan Fails Download
2006.02.05 PM Michael Mazak Is That Not What It Means To Love Me? Download
2006.02.12 AM Art Wallis A Lifetime of Love Download
2006.02.12 PM Joe Longfellow Why Do The Righteous Suffer? Download
2006.02.19 AM Art Wallis A God Who Loves Me Download
2006.02.19 PM Mike Dorrell Do You Laugh At God? Download
2006.02.26 PM Mike Mazak ...And Not To Lose Heart Download
2006.03.05 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Author of Our Salvation Download
2006.03.05 PM Ron Melvin How Far Is It? Download
2006.03.12 PM Art Wallis Teaching God's Word Download
2006.03.12 PM Ron Melvin I'd Walk a Mile in Your Shoes Download
2006.03.19 AM Art Wallis The Macedonian Call Download
2006.03.19 PM Todd Johnson Patterns & Pathways Download
2006.03.26 AM Art Wallis Spiritual Blessings in Christ Download
2006.03.26 PM Josh Mongan Godliness Triumphs Over Worldliness Download
2006.04.02 AM Dan Lightfoot These are the Days of Elijah Download
2006.04.02 PM Mike Dorrell Taming of the Tongue Download
2006.04.09 AM Alan Augspurger School's Out Download
2006.04.09 PM Darin Thompson EGO: Are You Edging God Out? Download
2006.04.16 AM Art Wallis Three Points to Ponder Download
2006.04.16 PM Ron Melvin A Phone Call From God Download
2006.04.23 AM Art Wallis The Little Things Download
2006.04.23 PM Michael Mazak Christ's Hope Download
2006.04.30 AM Orrin Nearhoof Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Download
2006.04.30 PM Darin Thompson The Final Exam Download
2006.05.07 AM Art Wallis Bring a Friend Download
2006.05.07 PM Joe Longfellow The Tax Download
2006.05.14 AM Art Wallis Great Women of the Bible Download
2006.05.14 PM MIke Mazak The Mind of Christ Download
2006.05.21 AM George Hulett Amazing Grace Download
2006.05.21 PM George Hulett Jesus the Nazarene Download
2006.06.04 AM Jason Macy Remembering Jesus Download
2006.06.04 PM Jason Macy Jesus As Our Example Download
2006.06.11 AM Alan Augspurger Take A Load Off Download
2006.06.11 PM Michael Mazak There Is Only One Victory That I Know For Sure Download
2006.06.18 AM Alan Augspurger Colors That No One Knows The Name Of Download
2006.06.18 PM Ron Melvin Download
2006.06.25 AM Art Wallis The Gospel Download
2006.06.25 PM Josh Mongan Download
2006.06.25 PM Josh Mongan Focusing On The Eternal Download
2006.07.02 AM Orrin Nearhoof Jesus Is Real Download
2006.07.02 PM Troy Wallis Liberty Download
2006.07.09 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, Part 1 Download
2006.07.09 PM Dan Bailey Judging Others Download
2006.07.16 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 2 Download
2006.07.16 PM Orrin Nearhoof Paul's Triad at Work in Hebrews Download
2006.07.23 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 3 Download
2006.07.23 PM Ron Melvin Fear Factor Download
2006.07.30 AM Art Wallis Things That Save Us, part 4 Download
2006.07.30 PM Todd Johnson A Story To Tell Download
2006.08.06 AM Michael Johnson The People Had a Mind to Work Download
2006.08.06 PM Mike Melvin Many Members, One Body: 1 Corinthians 12:14-26 Download
2006.08.13 AM Art Wallis Does It Really Matter? part 1 of 5 Download
2006.08.13 PM Josh Mongan Parables Download
2006.08.20 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference, part 3 Download
2006.08.27 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference? part 3 Download
2006.08.27 PM Mike Dorrell Are You a Sweet Smell to the Lord? Download
2006.08.28 AM Ron Melvin What's In It For Me? What Do I Care? Download
2006.09.03 AM Art Wallis Does It Really Matter, Part 5 Download
2006.09.10 AM Art Wallis Does It Make Any Difference? part 5 Download
2006.09.10 PM Joe Longfellow Love One Another Download
2006.09.17 AM Alan Augspurger Baba O'Riley Download
2006.09.17 PM Mike Melvin Quantity or Quality? Download
2006.09.24 AM Art Wallis Being Free Download
2006.09.24 PM Darin Thompson The Power of Forgiveness Download
2006.10.01 PM Ron Melvin Just a Little More Download
2006.10.08 AM Art Wallis I Had a Vision Download
2006.10.08 PM Mike Mazak Malachi Download
2006.10.15 AM Fred Rhodes Be Strong Download
2006.10.15 PM Mike Melvin Truth and Consequences Download
2006.10.22 AM Orrin Nearhoof Life's Lessons From Lot Download
2006.10.22 PM Darin Thompson The Power of Forgiveness: When, Why, and How Download
2006.10.29 PM Art Wallis Things to Remember Download
2006.10.29 PM Mike Mazak Malachi, Part 3 Download
2006.11.05 AM Darrick Shepherd The Cross Download
2006.11.05 PM Darrick Shepherd David's Charge to Solomon Download
2006.11.12 AM Art Wallis Thanksgiving, Prayer and the Kingdom Download
2006.11.12 PM Mike Melvin Qualities We Need in a Preacher Download
2006.11.19 AM Chad Wagner Two Questions Download
2006.11.19 PM Chad Wagner What is Baptism Download
2006.11.26 AM Art Wallis Thankful, For What? Download
2006.11.26 PM Mike Mazak I Want to Know God Download
2006.12.03 AM Alan Augspurger Terrorism: What We Can Do Download
2006.12.03 PM Darin Thompson Envision the Possibilities Download
2006.12.10 AM Art Wallis Human Suffering Download
2006.12.17 AM Art Wallis Human Suffering: Five Areas of Comfort for Aching Hearts Download
2006.12.17 PM Robert Gordion Naomi's Suffering Download
2006.12.24 AM Art Wallis Is Jesus the Expected One? Download
2006.12.24 PM Art Wallis Do You Know My Jesus? Download
2006.12.31 PM Alan Augspurger It Looked Good On Paper Download
2006.12.31 PM Kelly Kaiser Why Does God Matter Now? Download

2005 Audio

2005.01.02 AM Brian Jones Family Faces: Table For One Download
2005.01.02 PM Brian Jones Introduction to Daniel Download
2005.01.09 AM Brian Jones Family Faces: Coping as a Couple Download
2005.01.09 PM Brian Jones The Faith of a 15 Year Old Download
2005.01.16 AM Brian Jones Mr. Mom and Mrs. Dad Download
2005.01.16 PM Brian Jones The Kingdom of God Shall Never Be Destroyed Download
2005.01.23 AM Brian Jones Chosen Children Download
2005.01.16 PM Brian Jones Faith in the Face of Fire Download
2005.01.30 AM Orrin Nearhoof Where is the Cross Today? Download
2005.01.30 PM Michael Mazak Attitude For One Day Download
2005.02.06 AM Alan Augspurger In Defense of the Conscience Download
2005.02.06 PM Mitch Mort Rejoice! Download
2005.02.13 AM Brian Jones Yours, Mine and Ours Download
2005.02.13 PM Brian Jones Five Truths About Love Download
2005.02.20 AM Brian Jones Qualifications of Deacons, Part 1 Download
2005.02.20 PM Brian Jones The Most High Rules in the Kingdoms of Men Download
2005.02.27 AM Brian Jones Deacon Qualifications, Part 2 Download
2005.02.27 PM Brian Jones Daniel: The Handwriting on the Wall Download
2005.03.06 AM Brian Jones Self-Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.06 PM Brian Jones Daniel in the Lion's Den Download
2005.03.13 AM Brian Jones Worldly Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.13 PM Brian Jones The Vision of the Four Beasts Download
2005.03.20 AM Ron Melvin The World's Most Attractive Church Download
2005.03.27 AM Brian Jones Marital Lies We Believe Download
2005.03.27 PM Brian Jones The Vision of the Ram and the Goat Download
2005.04.03 AM Brian Jones Religious Lies We Believe Download
2005.04.03 PM Brian Jones Daniel's Penitential Prayer Download
2005.04.10 AM Brian Jones Truths We Should Believe, part 1 Download
2005.04.10 PM Brian Jones Vision of the Seventy Weeks Download
2005.04.17 AM Brian Jones Truths We Should Believe, part 2 Download
2005.04.24 AM Brian Jones The Lordship of Jesus Download
2005.04.24 PM Brian Jones Vision of the End of Time Download
2005.05.01 AM Brian Jones Five Qualities of Healthy Families Download
2005.05.01 PM Brian Jones Facts About Families Download
2005.05.08 AM Orrin Nearhoof A Return to the Springs Download
2005.05.15 AM Brian Jones Why Doesn't God Give Me What I Want? Download
2005.05.15 PM Brian Jones Vision of the End of Time Download
2005.05.22 AM Brian Jones What Kind of Shoe Are You? Download
2005.05.22 PM Brian Jones Mate Selection Download
2005.05.29 AM Alan Augspurger Find the Cost of Freedom Download
2005.05.29 PM Robert Gordon, Michael Mazak Robert Gordon, Michael Mazak Download
2005.06.05 AM Brian Jones Are Women's Spiritual Roles Limited? Download
2005.06.05 PM Brian Jones The Man, The Mission and The Message: John the Immersor Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Women in God's Design Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Habits of a Humble Heart Download
2005.06.12 PM Brian Jones Women In God's Design Download
2005.06.19 AM Brian Jones Raising Your Children Without Raising Your Blood Pressure Download
2005.06.19 PM Brian Jones The Dance, The Desire, The Death Download
2005.06.26 AM Brian Jones What Can A Woman Do? Download
2005.06.26 PM Brian Jones Rebounding From Failure Download
2005.07.03 AM Brian Jones Things We Shouldn't Bring to Worship Download
2005.07.03 PM Brian Jones Having God My Way: The Cause of the Division in Israel Download
2005.07.15 AM Brian Jones But I've Already Been Baptized Download
2005.07.17 PM Brian Jones Striving for Humility Download
2005.07.24 AM Brian Jones A Mayday Message of 80 Words Download
2005.07.24 PM Brian Jones How To Handle Pressure Download
2006.08.06 AM Michael Johnson The People Had a Mind to Work Download
2005.08.07 PM Brian Jones Freedom From Self-Prisons Download
2005.08.14 AM Brian Jones The Sower Download
2005.08.14 PM Brian Jones Freedom From Anger Download
2005.08.21 PM Orrin Nearhoof Give Me This Mountain Download
2005.08.28 AM Ron Melvin WIIFM - WDIC Download
2005.09.04 AM Orrin Nearhoof Hold to God's Unchanging Hand Download
2005.09.04 PM Orrin Nearhoof Some Challenges from Paul Download
2005.09.11 AM Alan Augspurger Salvation: It's Harder Than It Looks Download
2005.09.11 PM Ron Melvin It's Not the Destination, It's the Journey Download
2005.09.18 AM Dan Lightfoot Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen Download
2005.09.18 PM Dan Lightfoot In All Your Ways Acknowlege Him Download
2005.09.25 AM Orrin Nearhoof Take A Walk Download
2005.10.23 AM Ron Melvin To Have A Friend, You Have to Be A Friend Download
2005.11.13 AM Orrin Nearhoof The Man Who Forgot Himself Download
2005.11.13 PM Todd Johnson Who's Kidding Who? Download
2005.11.20 AM Ron Melvin Something To Hope For Download
2005.11.20 PM Mike Dorrell Where Are You, Lord? Download
2005.12.23 PM Darin Thompson The Appalling Silence Download
2005.11.27 PM Art Wallis Christ in Prophecy, Promise and Practice Download
2005.12.04 AM Alan Augspurger You Will Find A Baby Download
2005.12.04 PM Mitch Mort 7 Ups Download
2005.12.11 AM Ron Melvin The Poor, the Crippled, the Blind and the Lame Download
2005.12.11 PM Josh Mongan Godly Living:: Not My Will But Thine Download
2005.12.18 AM Orrin Nearhoof Open Our Eyes To Jesus Download
2005.12.18 PM Troy Wallis Interview With God Download
2005.12.25 AM Art Wallis Wise Men Still Seek Him Download
2005.12.25 PM Darin Thompson Missions: Why We Should Reach Out Download

2004 Audio

2004.01.18 AM Brian Jones Abortion Download
2004.01.18 PM Brian Jones Keeping A Short Fuse Download
2004.01.25 AM Brian Jones Some Wisdom For 2004 Download
2004.01.25 PM Brian Jones Crossing The Jordan Download
2004.03.21 AM Brian Jones Table Manners Download
2004.03.21 PM Brian Jones Fasting Part 3: Shall We Fast Today? Download
2004.03.28 AM Brian Jones Are You High Maintenance? Download
2004.04.11 PM Brian Jones Can We Interpret The Bible Alike? Download
2004.04.18 AM Brian Jones Who or What is the Center of Your Life? Download
2004.04.18 PM Brian Jones Paul's Sins Download
2004.04.25 AM Brian Jones Objections to Baptism Download
2004.06.13 AM Brian Jones Surviving Doubt Download
2004.06.13 PM Brian Jones The Dinosaur Dilemma Download
2004.08.29 PM Dan Bailey What Is So Important About Doctrine? Download
2004.11.07 AM Brian Jones Biblical Illiteracy in America Download
2004.11.07 PM Brian Jones Is God Still Talking? Download
2004.11.14 AM Brian Jones Conversion Stories Download
2004.11.14 PM Brian Jones God's Recycling Business Download
2004.11.21 AM Brian Jones Keeping the Local Church Unified Download
2004.11.21 PM Brian Jones Ring of Belief Download
2004.11.28 AM Brian Jones Making Faith Your Own Download
2004.11.28 PM Brian Jones The Drinking Deception Download
2004.12.04 AM Brian Jones The Way That Seems Right is Often Wrong Download
2004.12.04 PM Brian Jones Is There an Eternal Hell? Download
2004.12.12 AM Brian Jones Successful Family Living Download
2004.12.12 PM Brian Jones Overcoming Lonliness Download
2004.12.19 AM Brian Jones The Sacrificial General Download
2004.12.26 AM Ron Melvin A Baker's Dozen Download
2004.12.26 PM Mike Dorrell The Prodigal Son Download
2004.12.19 PM Brian Jones The Church, the Apostacy, the Restoration and the Restoration Download

2003 Audio

2003.08.24 AM Alan Augspurger A Beautiful Mind Download
2003.08.24 PM Darin Hamm God's Desire For Us Download
2003.08.31 AM Orrin Nearhoof Joy Download
2003.08.31 PM Mike Mazak Finding Jesus Download
2003.09.07 AM JJ Sheuerer The Rules Don't Change Download
2003.09.07 PM JJ Sheuerer The Joy of Christianity Download
2003.11.09 AM Brian Jones A New Wardrobe Download
2003.11.09 PM Brian Jones The Best Seat in the House Download
2003.11.23 AM Brian Tipton If You Learn Nothing Else Download
2003.11.16 AM Ron Melvin Making A Mark - God's Grace Download
2003.11.16 PM Darin Thompson Titus 1 Download
2003.11.23 AM Brian Tipton If You Learn Nothing Else Download
2003.11.23 PM Brian Tipton How to Make a Difference Download
2003.11.30 AM Art Wallis Thrice Dead Fool Download
2003.11.30 PM Mitch Mort Titus 2 Download
2003.12.07 AM Ron Melvin Surprised Sheep and Graceless Goats Download
2003.12.07 PM Joe Longfellow Titus 3 Download
2003.12.14 AM Art Wallis A Lesson In Missions Download
2003.12.14 PM Orrin Nearhoof Jesus: Our Life, Mind, God and Strength Download