Volume 34 Number 3

Bible Reading Is FUNdamental – Year Two

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalms 119:105

A year ago we began Bible Reading Is FUNdamental. It was a system designed to have members report on the number of Bible chapters read on a weekly basis.

This concept was based on the national program termed RIF [Reading is FUNdamental]. The basic purpose of RIF is to prepare and motivate children to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to those children and families who need them.

In a parallel sense, congregations of the Lord’s people should also have a desire to prepare and motivate children, adults and families to read their Bibles on a regular and consistent basis. We have that wonderful admonition in II Timothy 2:15, which reads as follows: “Be diligent [Study] to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” A basic analysis of this verse tells us that Paul wanted his readers to develop a good understanding of God’s word. One way this is accomplished is by regular attention to reading the Bible. Thus, the expression, Bible Reading Is FUNdamental [BRIF].

We know many members at Grandview read their Bibles on a regular basis, to continue and encourage this activity we began to track the number of chapters read each week by the members at Grandview. So what can we report after one year of tracking these numbers?  We can report that over a period of 12 months 23,785 chapters were read!  All together there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible, so that translates into the entire Bible having been read through 20 times by the Grandview family.  A significant accomplishment!

Although the year of 2010 has ended, BRIF has not ended.  We will continue to encourage everyone to participate in reading their Bibles throughout the year of 2011 and continue to report the number of chapters read each week.


End of this issue.