Volume 34 Number 1


It is that time again.  At midnight Friday night, we closed the books on 2010, and we moved into a brand new year.  Many will post a new wall calendar, and many will have celebrated the New Year with food, football, fellowship, or time with family and friends. Hopefully, we will have spent some time reflecting on our life, and the direction we hope it will take during the next twelve months.

Many take this time of the year to make some resolutions.  We may determine to exercise more, to eat better, to be more prudent with financial matters, and to be more spiritual in our lives.  Yet, the reality is that writing a new year on our checks does not change anything.  When we awoke on New Year’s Day, we had the same debts, the same struggles, the same behaviors that we had New Year’s Eve.

Likewise, our relationships do not change by inserting new pages in our new Day Planner.  Any strained relationship will not have been altered, and in the same vein, a lukewarm relationship with the Lord will not have changed.  An individual who was lost will not find salvation through the “dropping of the ball” in Times Square.  New Year’s is only cosmetic and in and of itself offers no real change in our lives.

However, the great news is that we can change our lives.  Whether on January 1, 2011 or July 1, 2011, we can choose to live differently.  We can change our life styles, we can eat better, and we can improve our financial habits.  With God’s help we can restore any problem relationship, and we can enrich each other.  In responding to God’s grace demonstrated through Jesus Christ, we can be saved from our sins and live every day triumphantly.  The impact of 2011 lies in what changes we are willing to make.  It is up to each of us.  What will we do?


End of this issue.