Volume 33 Number 52

Help Wanted: Shepherd, Fisherman, Carpenter…

As you journey along the paths where your Bible studies guide you sometimes you just have to wonder at the mind of God. We look at routes God blazed to lead His people, and realize that only God would have been able to see what His people needed. Travel with me down a few of God’s roads.

Moses, Hebrew by birth, saved by his mother’s wisdom and a watertight basket, to be raised as an Egyptian prince. However, God was not in need of a prince, He needed a shepherd. So down the path Moses goes spending a few quiet years tending sheep. Yet, he was a shepherd like no other, a shepherd with a prince’s education. Now, God had a man with the knowledge of leadership, but a shepherd’s heart to lead his new nation. It is probably no coincidence that God led Samuel to another shepherd, David, as His chosen king to lead Israel.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and we see some of Christ’s closest companions were fishermen. How fitting that the group he chose to mentor and spread His message, had engrained in them hard work, teamwork, and an aversion to letting “one get away.”

Now look at the path God chose for a Savior. He could have been born into royalty, power or influence, but God had another design. He chose a young virgin, most likely a teenager, and an earthly father who was a carpenter. Christ grew up with a humble mother and father as his example. You must wonder how this example, along with spending hours watching and helping his father shape wood—seeing in the wood what few others could see, gave Jesus the tools needed to shape the destiny of the world?

To be sure God sees things we fail to grasp, which leaves us asking this question. What does God see in us that He needs to shape the world? What is in you, the homemaker, accountant, teacher, driver, engineer, nurse, farmer, teenager, child, shepherd, fisherman, carpenter… that God has given you for His purpose? The “Help Wanted” sign is out.
Wade McKnight, Southern Oaks Church of Christ, Chickasha, OK
News & Notes
MEET AND GREET:  Please join us in the fellowship hall December 29th after Bible Study to meet and greet Richard and Beth’s daughter, Kellie Potter, and her fiancée, Steve.  Kellie is a former Grandview member and will be married next spring in Canada where the couple will make their home.  Although some of you do not know Kellie, all well wishers are welcome.  There will be a box for cards and light refreshments will be served.

NEW YEARS EVE:  We will be having a gathering at the building.  Bring a game and some snacks and enjoy the fun!  We will begin at 8:00 pm.  See you then!

ADULT BIBLE CLASS: In the adult Bible class we will be beginning a study on the book of James. All students are encouraged to read the first chapter and answer the question: “What do the first eight verses teach us about Jesus?”

TEENS:  We will be ice skating at the downtown rink for a get together on Dec 29 at 2:00 pm.  We will meet there or if you need a ride, please call Ann Longfellow.

Bryan and Casey Jones family has moved to East Tennessee and have this temporary address until they purchase a home:

Brian & Kasey Jones
106 Car-Mol, Apt 9
Johnson City, TN 37601

LOST & FOUND:  A table for lost and found is now in the area by the south entrance into the kitchen.  This is the place to look for lost items.

THANK YOU!  To Ladies of Grandview:  A special thanks to each of you gave to us.  We really appreciated it!  Your brother and sister in Christ, Marge and Glenn

Sisters in Christ:  Wow! What a surprise!  The goodies have been scrumptious!  And, the gift cards and washcloths are being put to use.  God bless you all, Judy Singer

Prayer Requests


Please continue to pray for Karen Belk as she heals from skin cancer surgery.

Please continue to pray for Millie Buxton regarding her eye problems.

Continue to keep Elaine Folding in prayer as she continues to heal.

Leo Gaulke, is doing well after his back surgery. Pray for his continual healing.

Please continue to pray for the success of Doris Gaulke’s treatment.

Mark McGee will be having corneal transplant surgery on Wednesday the 29th. Please keep him in prayer.

Marge Stevens saw the doctor on the 8th and was told to return in two months to better determine the state of the wrinkle on the back of her eye.

Please continue to pray for Marge and Glen Stevens regarding their health issues.

Garry Van Egdom is home now. It was determined during testing that he has mesothelioma. He will be starting his first of three chemotherapy sessions on January 4. Please continue to pray for Garry and Marcia.


Mike Dorrell’s father, Richard, has been in and out of the hospital for the past two months fighting pneumonia. He has been on breathing machines this past week.

Ronnie Harrison’s stepmom, Eileen, has congestive heart failure. She is now in assisted living.

Melissa Hiskey and Cassie Johnson’s father, Merle Hardy, is not doing well. His white and red blood count is not normal. Please pray for the family during this rough period of time.

Jim Mort’s sister is in Hospice in Pennsylvania. Please prayer for her and family.

Jerod Van Egdom’s father, Ron received word that his insurance approved the stem cell transplant.

Dan Lightfoot, the father of Kayla Wallis, had neck surgery last Wednesday, and is still in a tremendous amount of pain.


Amanda Schafer, a friend of Sunny Folding, will be having a hysterectomy on the 29th. Please pray that this will solve all of the medical problems this young woman is having.

Terese, a friend of Brian and Melissa Hiskey, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dennis Martin, a friend of Linda Kaiser will have a biopsy in January. Please pray for good results.

Ida Rabon, a friend of Linda Kaiser lung cancer is spreading. Please pray for her and family.

Jesse Taylor a family friend of the Kaisers is terminal. Please pray for him and family.

Dave, a friend of Mike Ogle, is doing well after a successful surgery to remove the solidified mass from his lung.

Pray for spiritual revival for our nation.

Keep in prayer those traveling this week.

Iowa churches that are currently without preachers need prayer.

Looking for a job: David Colton, Andrew Graves, Andrea Kirk, Rich Potter

Missions: Bob and Marla Housby; Mike and Diane Richardson

Calendar of Events

  • Dec 19 – Teen Gathering, 7:30pm at Sparks
  • Dec 26 – The Shores—2:00pm
  • Dec 31 – New Years  get-together
  • Jan 2 – Potluck Lunch at 12:00 pm
  • Jan 9 – Service at The Shores 2:00pm
  • Jan 11 – Sonbeams meet
  • Jan 16 – Teen Gathering 7:30pm
  • Jan 18 – Ladies Fellowship 7:00pm
  • Feb 12 – Bible Bowl—Hickman Church

End of this issue.