Volume 33 Number 5

Some Random Background: Book Of Judges

The Book of Judges does not specifically name its author. The tradition is that the Prophet Samuel was the author of Judges. Internal evidence indicates that the author of Judges lived shortly after the period of the Judges. Samuel fits this qualification.

The Book of Judges is a tragic account of how God was taken for granted by His children year after year, century after century. Judges is a sad contrast to the book of Joshua which chronicles the blessings God bestowed on the Israelites for their obedience to God in conquering the land. In Judges, they were disobedient and idolatrous, leading to their many defeats. Yet God has never failed to open His arms in love to His people whenever they repent from their wicked ways and call upon His name. (Judges 2:18) Through the 15 judges of Israel, God honored His promise to Abraham to protect and bless his offspring (Genesis 12:2-3).

After the death of Joshua and his contemporaries, the Israelites returned to serving Baal and Ashtaroth. God allowed the Israelites to suffer the consequences of worshipping false gods. It was then that the people of God would cry out to God for help. God sent His children judges to lead them in righteous living. But time after time they would turn their backs on God and return to their lives of wickedness. However, keeping His part of the covenant with Abraham, God would save His people from their oppressors throughout the span of the Book of Judges.

Probably the most notable judge was the 12th judge, Samson, who came to lead the Israelites after a 40-year captivity under the rule of the ruthless Philistines. Samson led God’s people to victory over the Philistines where he lost his own life after 20 years as judge of Israel.

Disobedience always brings judgment. The Israelites present a perfect example of what we are not to do. Instead of learning from experience that God will always punish rebellion against Him, they continued to disobey and suffer God’s displeasure and discipline. If we continue in disobedience, we invite God’s discipline, not because He enjoys our suffering, but “because the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he  punishes everyone He accepts as a son.”  (Hebrews 12:6).

News & Notes

SHOWER:  There will be a shower for Jess Mort on Jan 31 in the fellowship hall from 2-4pm with an ice cream sundae bar.  Please see Anne Ogle or Missy Thompson if you would like to give to a group gift.

CHILI COOKOFF:  February 7th at our pm potluck will be the day!  We are also going to have a cookie bake off so please get your favorite recipe ready!

BIBLE BOWL: Bible bowl practice is at 4:30 today.

MISSING BOWL:  If you find a  yellow Pyrex bowl please see Phyllis Mort.

LECTURESHIP:  The 2010 Grandview Lectureship will be held April 23-25 beginning Friday night at 7:00 and ending after the 6:00 Sunday evening service. Be watching for more details.

SEMINAR:  The Davis City congregation will be hosting a Creation “seminar” – with Brad Harrub as their speaker on May 21 – 23. Check the fliers in the commons areas for more detailed information.

Bible Reading is FUNdamental (BRIF):  Members at Grandview read the Bible on a regular basis, and to continue and encourage this fact, we have started to track the number of verses read each week by the members at Grandview.  Below are the number of chapters reported during the period January 3, 2010 through January 23, 2010.  It is interesting to note that there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible and Grandview readers have reported a total of 1,963.5 chapters have been read already this year!

Jan 9 – 538
Jan 16 – 732
Jan 23 – 693.5

THE SHORES: Thanks to all of you who were able to attend The Shores services in Pleasant Hill last Sunday. There were 11 from Grandview and 22 from The Shores.  That was great! Thank-you for your continued support of this outreach program.

LADIES DAY:  Just a reminder to save the date for May 1st for the Hickman Road Ladies Day.  There will be flyers and more information following.

To the church at Grandview:  We have been so blessed with your generous ‘pounding’ and stocking of our pantry.  Thank you for your helping hand in the state of our new life together here in Des Moines.  From the first moment we experienced Grandview, we have felt at home.  You have been so loving, accepting, gracious, kind and even fun!  Thank you so much for making us feel like family.  God bless you, Grandview Church.  In Love, Michael and Stephanie Watson

Prayer Requests

Gene McClaren requested prayers as she is having some home-sickness for Iowa.

Mayrene Dales and Ronnie Harrison are both suffering from the flu.

Mike Mazak will become a civilian on March 21st. He has requested prayers as he makes the transition from the military and begins seeking other employment.

Brody Decker whom we have been praying for concerning leukemia has been hospitalized for the flu.

Diane George’s mother has passed away.  Please remember the family.

Lyndsay Gordon has a prayer request for her friend from high school Katie Ford had a stroke.  She is only 31 years old.  She has had a second stroke since that time.

Lyndsay’s niece Michaela who is now home from the hospital.

Jerad Penick’s grandfather went to the hospital with an unknown heart condition.

Please remember all those looking for employment– this is a very stressful time for them!  David and Frank Colton, Floyd West (Susie Easter’s brother), Deborah Wallis, Michelle Parker (Potter’s daughter), Tom Collier.  Anne Ogle’s mother Arlene is in danger of losing her job.

Anne Ogle’s grandfather, Earnest Kughl had his leg removed and is not responding well to treatments.  Ann’s dad has been having difficulty dealing with his father’s current condition.

Joanne Miller has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension.

Shane Siegle’s sister, Cherrie Hubbard has now learned her cancer has spread to her bones.

Please pray for Deb Kuper and the children as well as Chad.

Brian Hiskey’s friend, Jeff Ward has received word that his tumor has spread to his brain.

Brian Hiskey’s friend Jaylee decided to abort her baby. She will probably have her remaining child taken away from her. She is 16 years old; and pray for his co-worker Mike as he has been temporarily laid off from work and he usually handles these situations poorly.

Martha Winkelman’s (a friend of Phyllis Mort) cancer has spread throughout her body.

Ronnie Harrison’s sister, Sharon, is doing better but still struggling with her appetite.

Nick Lacina who has leukemia and worships at the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.

Clint Mongan is now recovering at home.

Pray for our nation and all the challenges facing it.

Expectant mothers:  Sarah Mongan, Dawn White, Dora Bailey, Anne Ogle, Melissa Ludwig

Marnie Walker and the girls in Des Moines with the house for sale while Philip is in Alabama.

Josh White (son-in-law of a member of the church in Council Bluffs) had a stroke. Additionally, his family has requested prayers that both he and his wife Kaylla come to the decision to be restored in their relationship with God. They are living in Ankeny.

LOOKING FOR WORK:  Marla Housby is seeking part-time employment in the Des Moines community.  If you can help with information; please contact her at 515.988.4220.

Missions:  Richardsons; Emilee Flaherty – medical missions in Zambia; Bob and Marla Housby—Italy

Calendar of Events

  • Jan 31 – Jess Mort Shower—2-4 pm
  • Feb 7 – PM Potluck—CHILI (and Cookie) COOKOFF!
  • Feb 13 – Bible Bowl—Hickman Road  – 9 am
  • Feb 16 – Ladies  Fellowship—Caribou Coffee
  • Feb 20 – Jess Mort and Jerod Flaherty wedding
  • Feb 27 – Blood Drive
  • Apr 23-25    Grandview Lectureship
  • May 1 – Hickman Ladies Day

End of this issue.