Volume 33 Number 16

Help Wanted… Shepherd, Fisherman, Carpenter

As you journey along the paths where your Bible studies guide you sometimes you just have to wonder at the mind of God. We look at routes God blazed to lead His people, and realize that only God would have been able to see what His people needed. Travel with me down a few of God’s roads.

Moses, Hebrew by birth, saved by his mother’s wisdom and a watertight basket, to be raised as an Egyptian prince. However, God was not in need of a prince, He needed a shepherd. So down the path Moses goes spending a few quiet years tending sheep. Yet, he was a shepherd like no other, a shepherd with a prince’s education. Now, God had a man with the knowledge of leadership, but a shepherd’s heart to lead his new nation. It is probably no coincidence that God led Samuel to another shepherd, David, as His chosen king to lead Israel.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and we see some of Christ’s closest companions were fishermen. How fitting that the group he chose to mentor and spread His message, had engrained in them hard work, teamwork, and an aversion to letting “one get away.”

Now look at the path God chose for a Savior. He could have been born into royalty, power or influence, but God had another design. He chose a young virgin, most likely a teenager, and an earthly father who was a carpenter. Christ grew up with a humble mother and father as his example. You must wonder how this example, along with spending hours watching and helping his father shape wood—seeing in the wood what few others could see, gave Jesus the tools needed to shape the destiny of the world?

To be sure God sees things we fail to grasp, which leaves us asking this question. What does God see in us that He needs to shape the world? What is in you, the homemaker, accountant, teacher, driver, engineer, nurse, farmer, teenager, child, shepherd, fisherman, carpenter… that God has given you for His purpose? The “Help Wanted” sign is out.

Wade McKnight, Southern Oaks Church of Christ, Chickasha, OK


End of this issue.