Volume 33 Number 12

Living Within God’s Laws

How could Jesus walk on water?  How could he feed thousands of people with only five small loaves of bread and a two small fish?  How could he make a person who had been dead four days live again?  The answer is really quite simple.  He can change and manipulate the laws of nature any time he wants to and in any way he wants to because he’s the one who created these laws of nature (John 1:3, Colossians 1:16, Hebrews 1:2).  He is not subject to the laws of nature, they are subject to him.

The rest of us, though, must live within the powers of these laws.  If we jump off of a tall building, the law of gravity will pull us to the earth.  We can use a safety net to prevent injury or death, but we can’t keep gravity from pulling us earthward.  If we touch a hot pan, we’ll burn our skin.  We can use a pot holder to keep our skin from touching the pan, but if we touch it we’ll get burned.  We cannot change the laws of nature.  We are subject to them even if we do not know they exist or if we don’t understand them.  However, we can learn how to live within the laws Jesus has created and make battleships of steel that float and rockets that go into space.  Our lives are happiest when we learn to work within these laws instead of defying them.

The same principle is true with the spiritual laws of God.  Jesus could heal on the Sabbath or forgive an adulterous woman or take a thief to paradise, things that seem to us to be violations of the law.  But remember, he is the one who gave the laws.  He knows them inside and out, and can even change the laws when he chooses (see Mt. 5:22, 28, 32, 34).  Jesus is greater than the laws he has given (see Mt. 12:8).   The lawgiver is greater than the law.

The rest of us, though, like with the laws of nature, must live within the scope of these spiritual laws to have life at its best.  We have no choice.  These are the laws of God and no matter how much we may want to change or ignore them, we cannot do so without severe consequences.  We are subject to these spiritual laws even if we don’t know that they exist or even if we don’t understand them.  God tells us how to worship, how to become a Christian, and how to treat our neighbors.  He has laws about marriage, about priorities, and about attitudes.  We can choose to ignore or even defy his spiritual laws, but unless you can walk on water, I don’t suggest that you do so.

Joe Chesser, Fruitland Church of Christ, Jackson, Missouri


End of this issue.