Volume 33 Number 11

Roberta Edwards, Missionary to Haiti

Robert Edwards was the cover story on the Christian Woman magazine in the Jan/Feb issue.  This is an excerpt from the Mar/Apr issue with an update on her situation.  She is supported by the Estes Church of Christ in Henderson, Tennessee.
Roberta Edwards was enjoying a rare vacation with her parents when she received word of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan 12.  For almost 24 hours she waited to hear from her children to know if they were safe.

Thomas Widlord, the oldest child in the Sonlight Children’s Home, took responsibility for caring for the other children after the quake.  All of them survived except for Nicky, a 15-year-ol boy who had come to live at the children’s home only 2 months before.  When the quake struck he was outside near a tall concrete wall that fell on him and killed him.  In the days following the earthquake, the children comforted each other, slept outside on the ground while aftershocks continued and began helping feed those in need.

Roberta tried to return home to Haiti, however, the chaos that followed resulted in limited travel availability and made getting into the country extremely difficult.  She was not able to arrive in Port au Prince until several days later.

Although many homes and other buildings in the area were destroyed and many people left homeless and injured, we are thankful to report that the Sonlight Children’s Home still stands.  The contents were shaken up and some of the external security walls fell, but the home is a safe haven for Roberta, the children, and other Christians and neighbors.

Since Roberta’s return, the Estes Church of Christ has sent teams of workers to help with wall reconstruction, food distribution, and attention to medical needs.  Arrangements have also been made for bulk food and supplies to be purchased in the Dominican Republic and trucked in to the children’s home.  Roberta, her kids, local Christians and members of the Santo Nutrition Center are preparing “family packs”  of food and distributing these to people in need through a network of area congregations.

Information requests about the Estes congregation’s Haiti disaster Relief effort may be sent to the Estes Church of Christ, PO Box 191, Henderson, TN 38340 or contacted by email at estescoc@gmail.com.


End of this issue.