Volume 33 Number 10

Living Life on the Edge

Even though the Olympic competitions are now over and the medals have been awarded, I still have some vivid memories of some of the events.  I just can’t seem to get curling out of my mind! (Go ahead and laugh.  It was kinda funny, wasn’t it?!)  Actually, it’s the downhill skiing that I’m thinking about.  One particular image is that of a slalom skier making a sharp turn.  Traveling at a tremendous speed, her body is leaning almost parallel to the ground as she maneuvers around a marker.  The only things that are keeping her from sliding out of control and are keeping her from serious injury, or even death, are the edges of her skis as they bite into the snow and ice.  Talk about living life on the edge!!  And for what?  Olympic competitors push their bodies and equipment to the limit for a moment’s glory and perhaps a medal to display.  Is it worth it to them?  Absolutely!

It is exciting, and we love to watch it. Perhaps it’s the element of danger that keeps us glued to the TV.  Or, perhaps it’s appreciation for their skills and effort. Whatever our reasons for watching are, there is something that we can learn from watching, if we will.  There are a lot of things that go into the making of an Olympic skier – training, physical ability, practice, conditioning, courage, money, etc.   But one thing an Olympic champion must have is faith in his skis.  A skier cannot do what he does without believing that his skis will do what they are supposed to do.  He is willing to put his life on the line because he believes that the edges of his skis will grip the snow.

Christians are called to live life on the edge.  Anyone can slide down a bunny slope.  Anyone can stay with the crowd on the broad, easy road.  But God is looking for people who will stand apart from the rest of the world, people who will have the courage to allow their faith in God to do what no ordinary person can do, people who have the faith to throw mountains into the sea, people who expect the impossible.  Read Hebrews 11 and learn what it means to live life on the edge.  Christians should never become spectators.  We have not yet seen the limits of what people with faith in God can do!  And if that were not incentive enough, our reward is eternal life with God!

If Olympic champions can trust their skis, surely God’s people can trust him to equip them to live life on the edge!  Is it worth it to you?

Joe Chesser, Fruitland Church of Christ, Jackson, MO


End of this issue.