Volume 32 Number 46

November: A Time to Give Thanks

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good…

Give thanks to the God of heaven”

(Psalm 136:1,26)

A former teacher in our congregation, Jane Volkerding, was recently reminiscing about an old Thanksgiving poem that she would often share with the children in her class.  This lovely and simple poem reads as follows-

Why is there a Thanksgiving Day
in chilly gray November?
So we can pause and give our thanks
for good things we remember.

As we further reflect upon good things which we remember, we are including the last public prayer that we remember Carl W. Long (recently departed) praying:  “Lord, we’ve been better for being here.  Bless us Lord, as only you can, and help us to live better lives.  And thank you for Jesus’ cross.  We love you Lord.  Now, bring us back again.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

-Robert M. Housby

Reprinted from November 15, 2008

News & Notes

GRANDVIEW MEN: Today the men of the congregation are encouraged to take the class on Bible Reading in the classroom off the new fellowship hall during Bible Class time this morning. Next Sunday, Nov. 29th, we will be having a special men’s class dealing with Giving Public Prayers. If you read the Bible in public or give Prayers in public, these classes may be of benefit to you. – Art

MEN: The ‘Extra Advanced Preaching’ class will begin in the fireside room off the new fellowship hall on Sunday morning, December 6th.  We will be building on the skills that we have learned in earlier classes; i.e. use of Vine’s Expository Dictionary (word studies), constructing sermon outlines, use of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and other Bible research helps. Lord willing, in each of the times we meet in this class this quarter, we will be doing some in-depth study of some basic Bible doctrines.  I hope we will be able to take some time in class to actually work, as a group, on putting together some sort of ‘rough’ general outline of the materials from class, so it will be easy for you to finish working it up into a sermon. Please bring your Bible, your Vine’s (if you have one), pen or pencil or laptop or blackberry. – Art

CARE PACKAGES:  The deadline for the care package donations has been extended to this evening.  Also, if you have name of those who might want the packages (especially military, college students etc) , please write the name on the bulletin board in the Commons room or let Todd Johnson know.

PLACED MEMBERSHIP:  Galen & Gwen Duckstein, 206 N Marshall, PO  Box 203, Prairie City, IA,  50228, Home phone: 515-994-2482, Galen cell: 515-971-9115, Gwen cell: 515-971-9114, Galen email: grduckstein@gmail.com, Gwen email: fivecentduck@gmail.com

Dora Crocker has also placed membership.

Prayer Requests

Michael Watson requested prayers last Sunday night concerning the decisions and choices he has been making. He confessed that he has not been making the right choices and asked for prayers for strength.  Michael also asked for prayers for his father who has had rotator cuff surgery.  His fiance, Stephanie Pounders is suffering from insomnia.  Please pray that this passes quickly and that stress is reduced in her life.

Ronnie Harrison had a stress test on Friday. Pray that the test comes back normal.

McKenna Thompson did not have surgery on Monday. The doctors are wanting to wait one month and reevaluate the inflamed gland at that point.

Emma Wallis is doing well after her surgery-pray for quick healing.    Tim Bailey has mono. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Bob and Marla Housby have safely arrived from Italy.

Mike Johnson’s manager Pat is suffering from a Staph infection in his arm.

Marge Steven’s sister Dorothy has problems with high blood pressure—Her medication was been changed.

Dan Nitz, Marnie Walker’s father, was admitted to the hospital Wednesday for chest pains.

Cassie, Melissa & Micah’s grandmother was moved to the beginning Alzheimer’s Unit in York, Nebraska. Also, their Great Aunt Pearl passed away. Please pray for the family during this time.

Brian Hiskey’s grandmother was hospitalized Monday with heart palpitations; his friend Laylee was in danger of having the state take away her child, now she is pregnant again and the state may take both children; and pray for his co-worker Mike as he has been temporarily laid off from work and he usually handles these situations poorly.  Also, Brian’s friend, Jeff Ward has esophageal cancer and liver cancer.

Mary Steele’s daughter, Tiffini, will be having a hysterectomy December 4.

Dot, Beth and Jeannie’s step-mother has wide spread cancer in the abdomen but will be on medication..

Clint Mongan is now recovering at home.

Elaine’s daughter Jennifer that has parvo virus.

Pray for our nation and all the challenges facing it.

Mike Mazak’s father is in failing health and his desire to bring him to Christ.

Shane Siegle’s sister, Cherrie Hubbard has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Those looking for employment:  David and Frank Colton, Floyd West (Susie Easter’s brother), Kyle and Deborah Wallis, also remember our state workers!

Phil Walker is now in Birmingham, Alabama.  Marnie and the girls will be staying in Des Moines until the house sells.

Martha Winkelman’s (a friend of Phyllis Mort) cancer has spread throughout her body.

Amber Birmingham, a friend of the Morts, has asked for us to pray for a tumor that was found.

The family of Jason Hubbard needs our prayers for their 12 year old daughter Abbey and the family with difficulties.

Ronnie Harrison’s sister Sharon has been losing weight from her treatments.

Nick Lacina who has leukemia and worships at the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.

Expectant mothers:  Sarah Mongan, Dawn White, Dora Crocker, Anne Ogle

Missions:  Richardsons; Emilee Flaherty – medical missions in Zambia; Bob and Marla Housby—Italy

Calendar of Events

  • Dec 6 – Dora Crocker and Tim Bailey wedding – Sunday, at 3:00 pm
  • Jan 22 – All Church Birthday Party!
  • Feb 20 – Jess Mort and Jerod Flaherty wedding

End of this issue.