Volume 32 Number 39


October 25, 2009 is our Family and Friends Day activity. This is truly an activity by which each of us as a member at Grandview can make things happen.  This is truly one opportunity in which everyone can participate. We all know someone whom we can invite, and probably more than one “someone.”

For our Family and Friends Day in past, it has been suggested that each of us develop a Ten Most Wanted List, and use that list as a basis for distributing invitations. However, we are not suggested ONLY ten, but we are asking that each one of us consider inviting family members and friends.  It is not about numbers, and we understand that; it is about the potential to reach out to lost souls and to those who need to hear the saving gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The flyers announcing Family and Friends Day have been posted. The mailboxes will be out for our use. The invitations are ready. Now is the time to begin inviting family and friends for October 25th.  However, there are additional opportunities to help. We will need at least two people to serve as greeters at each entrance [except the one directly into the auditorium], people to help with parking, and to “usher.” Also, even with the added parking as a result of the construction and remodeling, some of us might have to park in other locations so that we can conserve the “on campus” parking space for our visitors.

We have set October 14th as the date to have all invitations prepared and turned in for mailing. Remember to put your invitations in the “mailboxes” and we will pick them up at each worship opportunity, and on Friday October 16th, they will be mailed from our building. If we have a great number of invitations, we may request assistance in getting them all into the mail by that date.

Let us each pray for this special activity and for those whom we will invite to join us.

News & Notes

POTLUCK:  Today is a potluck day!  Please stay even if you didn’t bring anything!

SONBEAMS:  The Sonbeams will be going for breakfast at 8:30 on Tuesday Oct. 13, at The Machine Shed Restaurant, 11151 Hickman Rd. See Lyle if you need a ride.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY:  October 25!  The mail boxes and invitations are out so address an invitation to those you want to attend!

AREA WIDE DEVO:  Games, Pizza, Devotional, October 11th, 5 p.m.; Church of Christ in Marshalltown; For more information: Jeremy Bjelland (641) 751-5073 * jbjelland@york.edu

PREACHING CLASS:  There is a sign-up list in the old fellowship area for those men who may be interested in attending the “Extra Advanced Preaching Class” that will be starting in a few weeks.  Please sign the list if you plan to attend to be sure we have enough booklets.  Thanks!  Art

THE SHORES will only have one service in October and that is on the 11th. Our Friends and Family Day are October 25th. We will resume the regular schedule in November on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

THE SHORES:  The Shores will only have one service in October and that is on the 11th. Our Friends and Family Day are October 25th. We will resume the regular schedule in November on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. – Art

THANK YOU to all of you from Grandview who help with our services at The Shores. Thanks to those who come to sing, lead songs, preach, or give prayers. On September 27 there were 22 from The Shores and 10 from Grandview there. Your help and encouragement are appreciated!

CIM MEETING: On Sunday afternoon, October 18th, there will be a CIM Meeting for current CIM preachers and those men who would like to become CIM preachers at 4:30 at the Grandview Building, in the new fellowship area. Pizza and pop (coffee) will be served. You are welcome to bring along your wife and kids for the food and we will have the meeting in the side room after we eat. Please give Art a count as to how many will be there from your immediate family to be sure we have enough pizza and pop. Please give Art the count by Wednesday night, October 14th. Thank-you.  Art

THANK YOU to the anonymous person who gave me “Streams in the Desert”, a daily devotional reading book. I started reading it a couple of weeks ago, and have found it very helpful. Thanks again, Judy Singer

WORKDAY:  There will be an outside workday on October 10.

MEN AND BOYS CAMPOUT will be held on October 23.  There will be a meeting the week before to plan food etc.

NEW CLASS – This Wednesday night, October 7th, the two classes will combine into one class again in the main auditorium. The new topic will be: ‘Where The Saints Met’.  We will be looking at various cities where the early church was established. We look forward to having you with us in class for this important study.

Mike and Ann Ogle are moving the 17th. Moving can be stressful, please pray for them during this time.

Clint Mongan Fund

The Hickman Road church of Christ is starting a fund to help Clint and his family out over the future months.  We hope to be able to pay his monthly bills and provide money for them to live off of while he recuperates and finds a new occupation.  We hope many of you will be able to contribute and help as he and his family face this very rough time.  If you are interested, make checks payable to the “Hickman Road Church of Christ” and in the memo line put, “Mongan Family Fund.”  Mail them to:

Hickman Road Church of Christ
Attn: Mongan Family Fund
5217 Hickman Road
Des Moines, IA  50310

However you can help would be greatly appreciated.  You can also pass this information along to other people or congregations you may know who might be interested in helping.  No amount is too small – it all adds up and can help pay for a few more groceries, and everyone can pray.  He is a good worker with a generous spirit who needs his Christian family to step in and help him and his family out for a while.

Prayer Requests

Friends and Family Day is coming up on the 25th. Please pray for it’s success.

Clint Mongan had surgery on his heel last Tuesday.  He is continuing to improve.  The Hickman church has set up a fund for him as he did not have any insurance.  If you would like to contribute to this fund indicate the purpose on the check and either give it to one of the elders or send it to the Hickman church.

Damena Kreinbring, wife of Barry Kreinbring, a deacon at the Hickman Road congregation in Des Moines, and daughter of Roger and Dianna Kruse, passed away late Tuesday night.  Both Barry and Damena grew up in the church here.  She leaves behind two daughters in high school (Courtney and Jerin) and a son (Cameron) in elementary.  We ask everyone to keep the family in your prayers.

Ernie Lowry, Carrie Johnson’s father, has been hospitalized in Denver last Sunday with a rapid heartbeat.  They are trying to regulate his medications so that he can be released.

Mike Mazak will be getting out of the National Guard. Pray for him and his family during this time of transition.

Diane George’s aunt passed away last week.

Ben Brewer a friend of Micah Hardy, has just received word that he ahs a brain tumor. He is 23 years old.

Dora Crocker will be receiving the Radioactive Iodine Treatment at the end of this week to take care of any remaining cancer cells. This is a very difficult treatment.  Please pray that this is successful.

Shane Siegle’s sister, Cherrie Hubbard has been diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time they are saying surgery and 6 weeks of radiation is all she will need. We pray that is all and that she can get back to being cancer free very soon.

Those looking for employment:  Floyd West (Susie Easter’s brother) and Phil Walker.

The family of Geri Hawhee as she was admitted to hospice, after fighting cancer.

Brian Hiskey’s neighbor Laylee is probably not going to be able to keep her children due to some poor decision making on her part. Please pray for her and the decision she will make in the future.

Mary Steele’s daughter Tiffini dealing with endometriosis .

Martha Winkelman’s (a friend of Phyllis Mort) cancer has spread throughout her body.

Amber Birmingham, a friend of the Morts, has asked for us to pray for the complete removal of a tumor that was found. She is 22 years old.

The family of Jason Hubbard needs our prayers for their 12 year old daughter Abbey and the family with difficulties.

Anne Ogle’s mom, Arlene, will be having the spot removed from her chest soon.

Preston Barth (Vicki & Chris Barth) who is 2 years old with kidney failure from an E coli infection is doing much better.

Ronnie Harrison’s sister Sharon has begun the cancer treatment and is having the side effects from that treatment.

Lyndsay Gordon asking for prayers on behalf of a friend of her sister: Tommy and Amber Flinn and their newborn son, Miles who is having heart problems.

Nick Lacina who has leukemia andworships at the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.

Expectant mothers:  Sarah Mongan.

Missions:  Bob and Marla Housby in Italy and the Richardsons.

Calendar of Events

  • Oct 10 – Outside Workday
  • Oct 11 – Area Wide Devo-Marshalltown 5:00 pm
  • Oct 13 – Sunbeam’s Breakfast
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque
  • Oct 17 – Ogles moving
  • Oct 23 – Men and Boys Campout
  • Oct 25 – Friends and Family Day
  • Ladies Quilting—1st & 3rd Tuesday at 9:30-11:30am  Building

End of this issue.