Volume 32 Number 36

Me and My Grandma
by Elyse Hardy

My Grandmother’s name is Ma’am.  Her real name is Karen.  She is my mommy’s mom.  Her favorite color is purple and I think her favorite flower is a red rose.  My grandmother like grapes and boost.  My grandpa died a long time ago.

My grandmother lived in an apartment for a long time and then she moved and lived with me and my family.  On Friday my grandma and me watched cartoons together and we would make stuff in the kitchen like pudding.  I always liked it when I got to sleep in her bed and we would play games like monopoly.  We used to go to get donuts and went to Perkins once.  On my birthday we went to Builder Bear Workshop where you can get a stuffed animal and get to pick out an outfit for it.  For Christmas Grandma got me a sleeping bag for my bed and for camping.  Every time we go to bed we say forever and ever and 5 more days.  I think that means that we are going to have a lot of time together.  And we say 5 more days because it’s five more days to Friday.

Grandma has been sick a long time.   Daddy said she is going to die and we need to be happy around her.  When I go to see her I made a turkey with my hand and used her favorite color and wrote on it for her.  When I leave Grandma I feel sad because I don’t want her to die because we had a lot of fun times together.  She can only talk very slowly and a little different because she is sick and she needs help from people in her family because she doesn’t like the nurses to help her.

The last time I saw her she told me she loved me.   She was sitting part way up.  And when she loses something I find it for her.   If she was sitting here today I think she would say,  “I love you Elyse” and I would say, “I love you Ma’am.”  When she dies I will miss her.  I used to show her my school papers and she would say they were very good.  When ma’am dies she will be with her father and with God and Daddy said she will watch over me and see me and I can talk to her whenever I want.

News & Notes

KAREN ACRES:  We will be singing at Karen Acres on September 20.

LADIES QUILTING will begin Sept. 15. We will meet each 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 at the building.  We work independently on our projects, sharing tips and ideas. If you are a quilter or are interested in learning to quilt, or just want to come and share in the fellowship, we would love to have you join us. Questions?  Call Betty Bailey.

LADIES CLASS:  We will get together at the Starbucks north of I35/80 by the Hilton Garden Inn.

NURSERY VOLUNTEERS Needed!  Please see Tammy Sparks to sign up to help with the attended nursery.   The nursery is going to resume again in the fall.  Many visitors have commented on how much they appreciate having a place for their toddlers during worship service.  You must be in ninth grade or older to help.  Your willingness is greatly appreciated!

ZAMBIA WORK:  Please remember Emily Flaherty, Sherri Lange’s niece, during her work in Zambia. The Harding in Zambia (HIZ) group will have arrived in Africa.  Tim and Dora spoke with Emily at a sendoff last Sunday and she told them that between Osceola, Grandview and her Aunt Sherri, who buys in bulk, she collected seven boxes for the work in Zambia. So much so, that they had to ship most of it!  Donna Bailey

Missions VBS Supplies
We would like to begin collecting supplies for the mission work again this year.  The supplies are an important addition to the  work that we do through the Richardsons in Bonaire, Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica.  We need the following items:

Construction Paper—as much as we can get since this is a hot item in these countries.
Crayons—200  plus boxes
Children’s Safety Scissors—150
Markers—50 boxes
Glue Sticks—200
Bible related stickers (for attendance and other projects) – 50 sheets
Thanks for your help!  Darin

Dear Grandview family,
I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your help, and hard work with Mom and Dad’s (Bob and Gene) anniversary celebration!! Everything was just beautiful!  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that so many people care, and think so much of them. They truly are great people!  And you know what the saying is “birds of a feather…”   They will be enjoying all the generosity for quite a while, with all the restaurant certificates!! I think that is one of their favorite pastimes!!   Again, thank you! You have helped make some wonderful memories!!  Candace  and Benton McClaran

Prayer Requests

Kayla Wallis has had a miscarriage.

Dora Crocker will begin the second phase of her thyroid cancer treatment Sept 9 in preparation for the Radioactive Iodine Treatment at the beginning of Oct. This will be a difficult couple of weeks because of a restricted diet while at the same time stopping the thyroid replacement hormones resulting in extremely low energy. Dora will be at Harding until Sept 25 and then return to TX for 2 weeks for the Treatment. Please pray that Dora can keep up with classes and be cured of this cancer.

Mary Steele’s daughter Tiffini has endometriosis and is in a lot of pain. The medications they are trying are having bad side effects. The doctors don’t want to perform a hysterectomy due to her age and risk for heart disease.

Brian Hisky’s neighbor Laylee is a 16 year old mother having some problems with the idea of remaining with her foster parents.

Bob and Marla Housby are preparing to leave for Italy on the 14th

Elaine Folding requested prayers because of the pain in her left knee. Additionally, she received a positive report from her recent mammogram.

A friend of Phyllis Mort, Martha Winkelman, has cancer of the pate and is struggling with a lot of pain.

Joanne Miller, a member of Evergreen, had good news after the last of her medical diagnoses, however she still has more to go through.

Amber Birmingham, a friend of the Morts, has asked for us to pray for the complete removal of a tumor that was found. She is 22 years old.

The family of Jason Hubbard needs our prayers for their 12 year old daughter Abbey and the family with difficulties.

Anne Ogle’s mom, Arlene, received notice that the bump that removed from her chest is cancerous. The doctors have told her it the least dangerous type of skin cancer.

Gail Kish a friend of the Foldings, is doing better after her accident, but still awaiting some more procedures to help her broken back.

Kelly, RIchard and Beth Potter’s daughter no longer has any problems with her work status. She is now able to go back to work and everything has been taken care of. She sends her thanks to all those who where praying about her situation.

The brother in law of Nancy Wallis, Gary Brown, is having medical issues.

Karen Kauffman from Hickman church asked for prayers for Preston Barth (parents Vicki & Chris Barth) who is 2 years old and has kidney failure from an E coli infection

Ronnie Harrison’s sister Sharon will began radiation treatments for her cancer.

Lyndsay Gordon asking for prayers on behalf of a friend of her sister: Tommy and Amber Flinn and their newborn son, Miles who is having heart problems.

Please continue to remember Marge and Glenn Stevens.

Prayers have been requested for Nick Lacina who worships with his parents the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.  Nick is 18 and has leukemia.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Sparks and his brother-in-law, Rich Potter, Floyd West (Susie Easter’s brother).

Phyllis Mort’s sister in law Carol had to have a perforated section of her colon removed on Wednesday. It is unknown whether she is able to continue her chemo treatments at this time.

Expectant mothers:  Sarah Mongan.

Calendar of Events

  • Sep 19 – Alison Augspurger and Rich Stricklett wedding
  • Sep 20 – Singing at Karen Acres
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.