Volume 32 Number 33

A Matter of Fruit…

Read Luke 13:1-17

In the very back of the garden of my childhood home grew an apple tree. I knew it was an apple tree however, I do not remember what kind of apples grew on the tree. There is a reason for this, which I’ll soon get to. I do remember that it was a beautiful tree. The soil it was planted in was rich and every year the tree’s dimensions expanded. Back to the fruit, the reason I can’t remember the apples is because the last year we lived in that home was the first year I remember it having any measurable fruit.

Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree, planted in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it, but did not find any. So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’ ‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”(Luke 13:6-9).

This parable is one where Jesus does not explain the meaning, although based on the context it’s not hard to determine, Jesus had just been in a conversation about lives lost. So, Christ tells of a tree that looks good but yields nothing, a man who sees what the tree is–not what it looks like and a man who does all he can to save the tree.

Christ gave His life for us. He provided us with the opportunity for salvation. However, it is not enough to look good, a tree that looks good is only a block of wood. Our lives have to BE something. Disciples of Christ are more than just blocks of wood, they do good works, produce fruit and honor God with their lives, not their looks.

While we didn’t get to benefit from it, our tree in the garden did bear fruit. We don’t know the fate of the tree in Jesus’ parable, only the possible outcomes. Of course, this isn’t about trees, it’s about us.


Prayer Requests

Remember the Hardy family at this time.  Karen’s family has requested memorial donations to The Susan G. Koman Foundation, 1111 E Army Post Rd, Des Moines, IA 50315.

Jackie Harp, wife of a past elder—Paul, is having knee replacement on Tuesday.

Mike & Cassie Johnson’s daughter, Cora, is now home from the hospital and doing well.

Fred Anderson has had hip replacement.

Ronnie Harrison’s sister Sharon will began radiation treatments for her cancer.

Gail Kish, a friend of the Foldings, fell backward out of a chair and broke three vertebrae in her back.

Mark Keyser a friend of Mike Ogle fell of a roof and broke his back.

Lyndsay Gordon asking for prayers on behalf of a friend of her sister: Tommy and Amber Flinn and their newborn son, Miles.  Miles is doing better – his head ultrasound showed that the bleeding in his brain has resolved.  He is in the NICU.  There have been some challenges and these ups and downs have been very hard on the parents.

Please continue to remember Marge and Glenn Stevens.

Nancy Wallis has broken bones in both feet.

Mike Mazak asked for prayers for his father who is in failing health and that his heart may be opened to God.

Prayers have been requested for Nick Lacina who worships with his parents the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.  Nick is 18 and has leukemia.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Sparks and his brother-in-law, Rich Potter, Floyd West (Susie Easter’s brother). Jeannie Duquette as she is seeking a new work opportunity.

Phyllis Mort’s sister-in-law Carol who has cancer.

Expectant mothers:  Sarah Mongan, Kayla Wallis

Prayers for Brody Decker who is in the hospital dealing with his leukemia.  Brody will be a student in Jo Mort’s class when school starts.

Rod Potter, a friend of Beth Potter (no relation) has been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. James Farrell, brother of Beth Potter’s co-worker is in end stages of lymphoma.  Michelle, sister-in-law of Beth Potter’s co-worker, is dying of cancer.

News & Notes

BLOOD DONORS: Blood Drive results:  22 people registered, 15 gave whole blood, and 2 donated double red cells.  After performing 14 tests on each pint of blood, it is separated into components. A total of 47 transfusions will take place because of the kindness of the donors from Grandview!

OPEN HOUSE:  Everyone is invited to a come and go open house at the Foldings on September 12th from 3-7pm. We will be grilling burgers and hot dogs for all those who would like to attend. Please RSVP by September 6th.

BASIC PREACHING CLASS: was completed in Hampton, Iowa, this past Friday. That is the sixth location a satellite class that has been taught away from Des Moines.

SHORES:  Today at 2:00 we will be having our afternoon services at ‘The Shores’ retirement center in Pleasant Hill.  Two weeks ago there were 18 from The Shores and 14 from Grandview in attendance. Thanks to all who continue to help with this program.

EDUCATION WORKDAY:       The new quarter is beginning and we are going to have a workday on Aug 23 after morning worship.  If you are interested in teaching or even if you are a parent please come and see what goes on in Bible class.

EDUCATIONAL SERIES:  The Jasper County church of Christ would like to invite you to come and see the series on the Myth of Evolution. We will be showing it each Thursday evening beginning August 13th at 7:00 PM. Come and enjoy the informative series and the great Christian fellowship.  We are located at 1100 N. 3rd Ave. E in Newton Iowa.  Fred Rhodes

Jeremy and Sunny Folding’s new address is: 4017 56th St, Des Moines, IA  50312

ANNIVERSARY RECEPTION:  Gene and Bob McClaren’s 60th Wedding anniversary reception is August 30 from 1-4:00 pm here at the building.

Missions VBS Supplies
We would like to begin collecting supplies for the mission work again this year.  The supplies are an important addition to the  work that we do through the Richardsons in Bonaire, Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica.  We need the following items:

Construction Paper—as much as we can get since this is a hot item in these countries.
Crayons—200  plus boxes
Children’s Safety Scissors—150
Markers—50 boxes
Glue Sticks—200
Bible related stickers (for attendance and other projects) – 50 sheets
Thanks for your help!  Darin


Friday night, September 11th

“Won’t It Be Wonderful There?”

Marshalltown Community College Campus

Hosted by the church of Christ in


More details to follow!

Kids Corner

Hidden Bible Books:  Twenty-nine books of the Bible are hidden in this story.  See how many you can find.  Example:  Donna hummed.

Trip to Ai

I went to visit my cousin Donna in the city Ai last week.  As Donna hummed, I asked her, “Is this Ai a holy city?”  She said that it wasn’t and silently pointed to the letter “J” on a high cliff.  A “J”, oh now I knew why everyone was so frightened.  Ai was ruled by a wicked chief named Jezabel.

As I turned around, I saw a sedan coming down the street driven by Philipp.  As I approached the sedan, I elbowed by several people in order to speak with the driver.  Someone asked me the driver’s name, “Philipp,” I answered.  His job was to drive the chief of the city wherever she wanted to go.  The passenger inside was as dismal a chief as I had ever seen.  She was wearing blue hose and the brew she was drinking was green in color.

From answers I got from Philipp, I found out that she always acts strange and that he was thinking of quitting.  He said that the old hag gained the office by committing dishonest deeds.  She even has her pet ermine living in the palace.  Whenever she sees anyone with money, she pumps alms from them saying that it’s for the poor.  The last time she got some alms money, she bought an oil well, a banjo, elephant, a Moses picture, an encyclopedia set and a giraffe.  If she hears anyone mocking, she sends them to jail.  When Philipp’s brother Jud expressed his feelings about her, she sent him to the prison across the street.  Jud gestured to me as we passed.

I told Philipp I had better be getting on my way to meet my wife.  “Where is your gal at?”  I answered Philipp by explaining that she was to meet me at the well.  “I am at the well every day from noon to three if you wish to visit again.”

I went on toward the well and I saw as comic a hat as I had ever seen.  I felt like I was getting the flu and began to walk slower.  The flu and began to walk slower.  The flu kept me from getting to the well sooner than I did.  My wife had bought a jar of jam especially for me, and also a long silver object.  It was a bit; it usually goes in a camel’s mouth.

My wife asked if I wanted to buy a camel’s hair coat this year.  “Not I, moth, you know, eats camel hair,” I answered.  I then told my wife we were getting in a rut here, and I had decided we should go home.
My wife replied, “Too bad, I a home in Ai had planned.”

Calendar of Events

  • Aug 30 – McClaran’s reception
  • Sep 5 – Crystal Lange and John Even wedding
  • Sep 12 – Open House at Foldings
  • Sep 19 – Alison Augspurger and Rich Stricklett wedding
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.