Volume 32 Number 27


My wife said something to me this that only a mom would think of. We were leaving the Church building and she said something like, “I think God created dandelions for kids.” At the moment I was a little surprised because typically dandelions are the mortal enemy of anyone trying to have a decent looking yard. I cringe at the dandelions in the yard across the street because I know those white puffs are at this very moment blowing into my yard, probably taking root around my, “For Sale” sign. Therefore, God creating this bane to my yard was the furthest thing from my mind. Kris went on to explain how they are one of the first flowers that bloom in the spring, giving children something to pick and give to their mothers. Even more irresistible are the white seeds begging to be blown free from its moorings. I had to admit I saw the wonder in my children as they ran across the playground recently leaving a trail of floating puffballs in their wake. Something tells me God was probably smiling too, thinking, “Now that is a good creation.”

The point is when we look at things with different eyes we see the inherent beauty in it. I think maybe we should try to see God’s point of view more often. I know I am often guilty of not seeing the beauty in God’s creation, whether it be in a flower or in a person. God however looked upon us and loved us, even when the ugliness of sin covered us. He sent His Son to redeem us from this state. Because of this, our minds can be reshaped to become more like Him.

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:22-24).

So the next time you look at a dandelion don’t think weed, think a wonderful creation of God for kids. Then, think of how God saw the beauty of His most wonderful creation even when man seemed unlovable, nothing more than a weed. Remember His love for you and pass that love on to the next person you see.

Wade McKnight, Southern Oaks Church of Christ, Chickasha, OK

News & Notes

SONBEAMS will be going for breakfast at 8:30 Tuesday July 14, at the Village Inn, 3410 8th St S.W. in Altoona. Anyone is welcome to join us for food and fellowship. Lyle

GOSPEL MEETING:  The Ogden church of Christ will be holding a gospel meeting with Maxie Boren Wednesday, July 22 – Sunday, July 26.

GOSPEL MEETING: The Jefferson Church of Christ invites you to a gospel meeting from Sunday, July 26 – Wednesday, July 29, 2009.  David Wright, from New Albany, Indiana, will be the speaker.

VBS:  There are brochures on the back table to use when you invite friends to VBS.

ANNIVERSARY: Bob and Gene McClaren will be married for 60 years on September 3.  They will be having a reception August 30.

SATELLITE CLASS: This past Friday the Basic Preaching Class was taught at Hampton, Iowa, as a satellite school. There will be 3 more classes of 3 hours duration to complete the quarter’s worth of class materials.

BRIDAL SHOWER honoring Crystal Lange will be July 25th at 10:00am at the building.  Plan to join us for brunch.  Crystal and John are registered at Target, Younkers, and Williams Sonoma.    If you have questions, please contact Beth Potter or Debbie Nieves.

BRIDAL SHOWER honoring Alison Augspurger will be held on Aug 13 from 7-9 pm at the building.  Alison and Rich (Stricklett) are registered at Target.  See Beth Potter if you would like to help.

THE SHORES:  This afternoon at 2:00 we will be meeting again at The Shores retirement center in Pleasant Hill. We have been having good participation from members at Grandview as well as from residents of the center. The people there enjoy the services. Please plan to attend if you are able. We can always use more help singing.

NEW PREACHING CLASS ‘Going On Unto Perfection’ got off to a good start last Sunday morning. If you have participated in the other preaching classes or have gone out to preach for the CIM program, this class is for you. We have room and booklets enough for several more men to attend, if you are interested.” – Art

GOSPEL MEETING:  The Ogden church of Christ will be holding a gospel meeting with Maxie Boren Wednesday, July 22 – Sunday, July 26.

Gary and Kim Hysell placed membership with Grandview.  Their address is 1402 W. Madison, Knoxville, IA  50138.  Their phone number is 641-891-9437.  Welcome Gary and Kim!

CLOTHING GIVE AWAY MEETING:  Please meet in the library Sunday evening after services.  We would like to schedule some workdays and do some planning for this event.

NOTE: If there is anyone that you would like to add to our prayer list or if there is an update for a current listing, please call (957-0542) or email Sandy (sklongfellow@yahoo.com).

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL:  There are going to be several work days to construct scenery and to get ready for VBS.  This is not going to be elaborate set up but we will need to do some work.  Please plan to help. VBS Workdays:

  • July 12, 19 at 5:30 pm
  • July 18, 25 from 1-4pm

Don’t forget to invite your friends to VBS!

Prayer Requests

Dora Crocker is scheduled for surgery to remove her thyroid very early Tuesday morning, July 14 in Sherman, Texas.  The doctors feel no chemo or radiation with be necessary. Your continued prayers on Dora’s behalf are greatly appreciated.

Karen Hardy has infection in her port and she will have to have it removed, this infection is also in her blood. She is also experiencing some swelling and redness as a result of an allergic reaction to her chemo pills she is taking.

Dennis Webber a friend of Dan and Donna, is in California and has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is too unstable to move back to his home in Scottsdale, AZ. Please pray that he can get stable enough to return home soon.

Jake Ferrell’s aunt passed away.

Kati Johnson the wife of Pam Durrell’s nephew is having trouble with her eyesight and they don’t know why.

Doris Gaulke’s granddaughter, age 44, passed away. The funeral was last Thursday. Doris also said that two of her friends passed away last week.  Please keep Doris in your prayers.

Jason Housby’s parents, Bob and Marla, are in transition preparing to go to Italy for mission work.  They will be in Des Moines before they leave.  Please remember them in prayer for a good transition.

Prayers have been requested for Nick Lacina who worships with his parents the Center Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown.  Nick is 18 and has leukemia.  He has a three year course of treatment that leaves him weak and sick.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Sparks lost his job and his brother-in-law is also unemployed, Rich Potter, Floyd West (Suzie Easter’s brother), Tom Doty and Jared VanEgdom’s job is in danger.

Ken Hardy did not lose his job.  He had reduced hours temporarily and has returned to full time.

Phyllis Mort asked for prayers for her sister, Carol, who had a CT scan which revealed a mass on her kidney and she must see a surgeon.

Please pray for those who are travelling during this summer time. Many are on vacation.  The Millers will be on vacation for two weeks.

Prayers for Brody Decker.  Brody will be a student in Jo Mort’s class when school starts.  He has just been diagnosed with leukemia.

Kristin Fagin, a friend of Kim Ferrell, recently lost her husband and is suffering through depression right now.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father, is receiving Hospice care at home for his cancer.

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson’s due date is very close (Aug 1) — pray for safe delivery and good health.

Calendar of Events

  • July 17 – Knoxville church Youth Lock-in
  • July 22-26 – Ogden Gospel Meeting
  • July 25 – Crystal Lange’s Bridal Shower
  • July 26-29 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 26-29 – Jefferson’s Gospel Meeting
  • Aug 13 – Alison Augspurger Bridal Shower
  • Aug 15 – Blood Drive
  • Aug 22 – Clothing Drive
  • Aug 30 – McClaren’s reception
  • Sep 5 – Crystal Lange & John Even wedding
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.