Volume 32 Number 23

Watch for the “BUT”

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. BUT when you are tempted, he will also provide a way our so that you can stand up under it.” (Paul, I Cor. 10:13, NIV)

This is one you have to be sure and read in total. You cannot leave out a word. Words are important to meaning; here we highlight the word “But” in the above passage. BUT.

Don’t know how many times I have read that passage. I have probably gotten it right all the time. But, recently reading it, the “BUT” (my emphasis) stood out more than usual. How about the “but”? I think we have to appreciate the “BUT.”

Without considering the “but” we can come up with the wrong meaning. One has to wonder how is it that God does not allow us to be tempted more than what we can bear? If we think he protects us without our effort, we kid ourselves. The “But” conveys what God does for us.

For proper understanding, we look at Jesus. How did Jesus avoid giving in to temptation in the desert. We know that he always said, “But the scripture says….” The fact is, that is how he withstood the temptation. And that is how we do, at least in part.

Another thing we need to understand is there are two slightly different perspectives regarding temptation. One is avoiding the temptation; the other is overcoming the temptation. I take it that (1) we can be smart enough in the knowledge of God to walk the other way, so to speak; or (2) we can indeed be caught temporarily in the trap. In both cases, the passage applies. “BUT” God makes a way of escape. How about that?!!?

Another part of that verse is that what we come in contact with all men (and women) have come in contact. There is nothing new under the sun, we are told.

The point here is that God makes a way of escape and of avoidance. We can do either of those if we lean on him. Sounds simple enough, huh.

In this case the “but” is really important for us to understand. Like not that but this!

Chuck Owen, Northside Church of Christ, Laredo, Texas    Chuck Owen, Northside Church of Christ, Laredo, Texas

News & Notes

SONBEAMS will be going for lunch at Hickory Park in Ames on Tuesday June 9.  We will be leaving the building at 11:00 A. M. Please let me know if you would like to car pool or if you will be driving  and would be willing to give a ride to those that need it.

GRANDVIEW FAMILY PICNIC/CAMPOUT will be this Friday night and Saturday, June 12-13. Bring meat to grill and side to share. Supper will be at 6:30. Maps to Alan’s Dad’s place are available. If you are staying overnight please sign up. Breakfast will be provided.

BLOOD DRIVE:  The blood drive is scheduled for August 15 so…
CLOTHING GIVEAWAY is scheduled for August 22nd.

Ryan and Kristen Cary’s New Address: 2300 Indian Hills Dr, Apt 2201 Sioux City, IA 51104

YOUTH ACTIVITY:  Come join us for our 8th annual youth lock-in at the Knoxville church of Christ on Friday July 17th.

TEEN GIRLS OVERNIGHT:  There will be an overnight for the teen girls at Ann Longfellow’s home on Monday, June 22 beginning at 5:00 pm.

Opportunity to Serve: If you would like to help work in the sound room during worship/classes, please contact Jason Housby.

SIGN:  We are in need of a person to put scriptures and/or sayings on the sign out front of the building.  If you are interested, please contact Jeremy.

“THE SHORES” FIRST WORSHIP SERVICE A HUGE SUCCESS!   There were 63 people for our first Sunday afternoon worship service at The Shores retirement center in Pleasant Hill. There were 29 who were from The Shores and 34 were from Grandview!  I want to thank all those who came to help out. A special thanks to Jeremy Folding for his good lesson, to Mike Dorrell for leading songs, and to Mitch Mort for the prayers!  It all worked out very well.  One lady told me that she hadn’t been able to get to worship services anywhere for a long time and that what we had done was exactly what she had needed!  A big thank-you to everyone who had a part!  A special thank-you also goes to Jeanne Duquette for telling us about this opportunity to be of service in this way.

Prayer Requests

Carol Nikkel passed away on Wednesday shortly after being removed from the life support equipment. Please pray for the family during this time of loss. Additionally, Jerad and Amy Penick are traveling to Tennessee for the Memorial Service.

Addie Meyers a new baby, whose parents are acquaintances of Beth Potter, will be having some chromosome testing.

Philip Walker went through the shoulder surgery well and his off pain medication.

Jim Mort’s sister Helen Haymaker was placed in a nursing home in Pennsylvania.

Kristin Fagin a friend of Kim Ferrell recently lost her husband and is suffering through depression right now.

Bill Gordon is healing from his Hernia surgery.

Fred Watney a friend of Bob and Gene McClaren passed away recently.

Karen Hardy would benefit from visitors and welcomes them. If you get a chance to go see her it would be a great benefit to her as well as the family. Continue to pray for her and the family.

Louise Nikkel, grandmother of Amy Penick will be having her hernia surgery later.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father, is receiving Hospice care at home for his cancer.

Karen Hardy’s mother has now been placed in an Assisted Living facility.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Spark’s brother in law, Toni Lovejoy, Jake Ferrell pursuing a position, Rich Potter, Ken Hardy, Floyd West (Suzie Easter’s brother), Tom Doty

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson (Aug 1)

Toni Lovejoy’s father is terminal with cancer.

Note:  If there is anyone that you would like to add to our prayer list or if there is an update for a current listing, please call (957-0542) or email Sandy (sklongfellow@yahoo.com).

Calendar of Events

  • June 12 – Grandview Campout
  • July 17 – Knoxville church Youth Lock in
  • July 26-29 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 26-29 – Jefferson’s Gospel Meeting
  • Aug 15 – Blood Drive
  • Aug 22 – Clothing Drive
  • Sep 5 – Crystal Lange & John Even wedding
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.