Volume 32 Number 22

“The Visit”

Pat and I have traveled extensively in our 35 years together and have stopped by to visit many churches in our brotherhood over the years.  From Cooperstown, New York to Lubbock, Texas to many places in between, we have found and worshipped with congregations of Churches of Christ. The experience of doing that has been memorable…sometimes in good ways and sometimes in not-so-good ways. It has been several years since we last had the opportunity to stop in on a morning or evening (or Wednesday, for that matter) service and we thought we would do so this evening as we were going to be in Des Moines on a Sunday evening.

We checked out the Des Moines area online in the national directory of Churches of Christ and found that the Grandview Church of Christ held evening services and wasn’t that far from our motel in Ankeny. I decided to “try you out” and see what kind of memorable experience we would have.

We arrived with our son Scott at about 5:45 and were greeted by a young lady at the door. We asked if this was the right door to enter and she assured us it was. From that time on through the entire three hours or so we were with you, we felt as if we were among people 8fof like mind who truly cared about the visitors in their midst and went out of their way to help out and make us at home.

We had been in the building no more than about 3 minutes when we were invited to the picnic that followed services. That invitation was repeated over the next hour by at least four more people and possibly more (I lost count). We found that we had common interest in the Tom Doty family, had common interest in people and places in Kansas, had common interest in our travels, and above all had common interest in glorifying our God and Maker.

The folks we met were easy to visit with, genuine, and without pretense. They listened when we spoke and talked easily of commonality, which made our visit pleasant and enjoyable. The singing was great, the prayers were heartfelt, and the lesson was powerful. The picnic was truly the crown of a royal evening spent with brothers and sisters previously unknown.

Occasionally, we have opportunity to pass through Des Moines (three or four times or so in 10 years). We will always remember our visit with you and be encouraged as we pass through on I-80. We probably will turn to our spouse and say, “Remember when we stayed in Des Moines that Sunday evening and went to church here?” We then will talk of this evening with fondness and affection.

If we never meet again this side of heaven (to borrow the lyrics of an old song), know that you folks will always be in our hearts and that we will think of you with great pleasure and satisfaction; knowing that you too are laboring with love and joy in the service of the Master.

(As a tribute to our visit, I will reprint this letter in its entirety on my blog www.hubblefan.blogspot.com )

Jay and Pat Plank & Scott
Central (soon to be RiverWalk) Church of Christ
Wichita, KS

News & Notes

SONBEAMS will be going for lunch at Hickory Park in Ames on Tuesday June 9 . We will be leaving the building at 11:00 A. M. Please let me know if you would like to car pool or if you will be driving  and would be willing to give a ride to those that need it.

CLOTHING GIVEAWAY is scheduled for August 15th.

THE SHORES: Today 2 pm, we will begin our ministry to the residents of The Shores at Pleasant Hill.  Jeremy will speak, and we will sing songs as well.  Please consider joining us in this exciting new effort.  Please note the address and directions: The Shores of Pleasant Hill, 1500 Edgewater Drive Pleasant Hill, Iowa 50317

Directions: From University in Pleasant Hill, Go North on Copper Creek Drive 0.2 miles. The Shores is on the left side.

“And without faith it is impossible to please Him for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

VBS:  There will be a meeting at 5:00 pm to do some planning and assignments.  Please come if you would like to participate.

Opportunity to Serve: Jason Housby would like to meet with everyone who works in the sound room, or would like to start.  He will be making up a new schedule for those to help in this work.  Please see Jason if you are interested in serving.

SIGN:  We are in need of a person to put scriptures and/or sayings on the sign out front of the building.  If you are interested, please contact Jeremy.

BIRTHDAY:  Dean A. Cobb from Blockton, IA will be celebrating his 90th birthday!  It will be Saturday June 6 from 2:00—4:00 pm.  Cards are welcomed but no gifts please!

Trivia Question:  Who was Elisha’s father?

Prayer Requests

Carol Nikkel had a pet scan on Wednesday and it revealed she is cancer free. She is still awaiting the results from the bone marrow test. Her white and red blood counts are still low.

Addie Meyers a new baby, whose parents are acquaintances of Beth Potter, will be having some chromosome testing.

Philip Walker will be having shoulder surgery on Monday. Additionally, he has hurt his ankle.

Three employees in the office of Nancy Wallace and Jess Mort have experienced deaths in their immediate families.  This is a big challenge for the employees and the office.  Please remember them in prayer.

Jim Mort’s sister Helen Haymaker was placed in a nursing home in Pennsylvania.

Kristin Fagin a friend of Kim Ferrell recently lost her husband and is suffering through depression right now.

Pat Gann, Gene McClaren’s brother’s first wife passed away from cancer.  Please remember the family.

Glen Wilson, a friend of McClaren’s, passed away.   Please pray for his family and friends.

Bill Gordon will be healing from his Hernia repair surgery for the next six weeks.

Fred Watney a friend of Bob and Gene McClaren passed away recently.

Karen Hardy would benefit from visitors and welcomes them. If you get a chance to go see her it would be a great benefit to her as well as the family. Continue to pray for her and the family.

Remember the family of Keith Johnson who has passed away.

Judy Singer in the passing of her mother and for her younger brother, Jimmy who was especially close their mother.  Pray also for her shoulder that has been giving her some pain.

Louise Nikkel, grandmother of Amy Penick with hernia surgery.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father, is receiving Hospice care at home for his cancer.

Karen Hardy’s mother has now been placed in an Assisted Living facility.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Spark’s brother in law, Toni Lovejoy, Jake Ferrell pursuing a position, Rich Potter, Ken Hardy, Floyd West (Suzie Easter’s brother), Tom Doty

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson (Aug 1)

Toni Lovejoy’s father is terminal with cancer.

Calendar of Events

  • June 6 – Heart Walk at Capitol  ”Easton’s Army”  Van Egdom’s are organizing.
  • June 12 – Grandview Campout
  • July 17 – Knoxville church Youth Lock in
  • July 26-29 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 26-29 – Jefferson’s Gospel Meeting
  • Aug 15 – Clothing Drive
  • Sep 5 – Crystal Lange & John Even wedding
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.