Volume 32 Number 2

Elder Selection

Today we begin the congregational process of “looking out among ourselves” to consider men who meet the scriptural qualifications to serve as elders.  Historically, this congregation has approached this process in a very prayerful and serious manner, and so we should.

These are critically important and significant decisions that can impact the nature and direction of the Lord’s work.   Over the next two weeks, brother Jeremy Folding will bring us two lessons on leadership.

After the first lesson, we will distribute an informational packet on the qualifications and work of elders for your review and consideration.  After the second lesson, we will distribute the “nomination sheets” along with the guiding instructions. This will be Sunday, January 18, 2009, and we hope that the members will be prepared to review the process and be ready to consider men whom each member or family feels meets the qualifications.

Each nomination sheet must be signed and dated. It is our hope that this process can be completed by January 24, 2009, and that this information can be returned to the elders by this date.  Each of us can begin this important responsibility by going to God in payer for our common work together in the Lord and for the selection process.

We can all read the scriptural qualifications and the informational packet which will be distributed in order to prepare ourselves to evaluate and consider men of the congregation. This is critical. If you think a man is qualified according to the scriptures, ask him if he is willing to have his name submitted in this first step.  Please do not follow any hearsay about who might be willing to be considered.

Pray for this activity on a regular basis.

News and Notes

VAN EGDOM BABIES ARE HERE!  Chase Elton was 5 lb 16 oz and Easton James was 4 lb 13 oz and born last Sunday.  Chase came home but Easton has a medium sized hole in his heart and they are in the hospital waiting to see if it will heal itself or if surgery will be needed.

PREACHING CLASSES:  There are now three preaching classes being conducted each week. The Basic Preaching Class is held each Tuesday night at the Grandview building at 6:30. The Intermediate Preaching Class is held each Sunday afternoon from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Osceola congregation (with a sermon preached at their 6:00 p.m. worship service), and the Advanced Preaching Class is held at the Grandview building each Sunday morning during the Bible class hour. This is not only ‘preacher training’, but it is also ‘leadership training’. May God continue to bless all those who are involved in the classes. – Art”

ALL CHURCH BIRTHDAY PARTY:  Our theme is seasons.  We will have a season in each classroom and one in the commons area.  We will have one activity in each room and rotate.    Please plan to attend!  Please check the bulletin board and sign up for a cake.  We will have two for each season!

KAREN ACRES SINGING: We are scheduled to sing on January 18th at 2:00.

KATY ALBERS (former member) will be doing mission work in NW Scotland.  If you are interested in contributing to her expenses there will be envelopes and brochures available.

BIBLE BOWL:  Be thinking about participating in the Bible Bowl.  The text is 1 Samuel 1-10  New American Standard.  The date is Feb 14  (snow date Feb 21) Practices are Sunday afternoon  at 4:00.   Grandview is co-host.

NEW:  We would like to begin a listing of activities/achievements of the Grandview Church members.  For instance, if your child has a recital, please give me the time and place and we will enter it onto a list. We would like to give interested members the chance to attend.  Also, if you have achieved something such as getting a promotion or honor roll, this would be great for the list as well .

Prayer Requests

Van Egdom family with the birth of Chase and Easton.

Lyndsay Gordon’s sister’s baby, Michaela Sue Nobel, has gained about an ounce and is now in an incubator which is good progress. She still needs a lot of prayers.

Jake Ferrell’s mother has been ill and has been referred to Iowa City or Rochester.

Cedar Falls Members:  Glen Davis has a kidney on his tumor and will be having surgery.  Sharon Burke has cancer.

Jeremy’s aunt is having back surgery.

Karen Hardy has been taking a lot of medication and having a lot of pain.  Please remember her in prayer!

Louise Gordon is beginning to get her eyesight back.  Please pray for continued progress.

Remember to pray for the elder nominations.

Millie Buxton is still having eye problems and please pray for Joe’s job.

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson

Glenn and Marge Stevens in dealing with Glen’s illness.

Barb South’s brother-Mike Hysell’s brain tumor has returned. He is having treatment.

Toni Lovejoy’s father and her grandmother with lung cancer; Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father also has cancer.

Jeff Moore— to follow his diagnosis go to www.caringbridge.org/visit/JeffMoore

Kimball Matkins, who has ALS go to:  www.caringbridge.org/visit/kimballmatkins

Calendar of Events

  • Jan 17 – Men’s Bible Breakfast
  • Jan 23 – All Church Birthday Party
  • Feb 14 – Bible Bowl
  • Feb 21 – Bible Bowl Snow Date
  • Feb 21 – Grandview Blood Drive

Central Iowa Missions

  • Jan 11 – Osceola – Dan Bailey
  • Jan 11 – Blockton – Darin Thompson
  • Jan 18 – Osceola – Lew Kirk


  • Jan 10 – Orrin Nearhoof
  • Jan 12 – JoAnn Wilson
  • Jan 13 – Marge Nearhoof
  • Jan 13 – Jess Mort
  • Jan 14 – Debbie Nieves
  • Jan 14 – Tammy Sparks
  • Jan 14 – Bryce Phelps
  • Jan 16 – Barb South

End of this issue.