Volume 32 Number 19

“See What You Made Me Do!”

A woman in Houston, Texas, has been accused of killing her husband by running over him several times with her car. It has been reported that she was heard to direct these remarks toward his body, “See what you made me do!”

After the Oakland Raiders lost the Super Bowl, a large mob “torched cars, ransacked stores, broke windows, ripped up bus benches, tore down street signs and threw rocks and bottles at police and firefighters” (Caller Times 1/29/03). When asked why they did this, one 19-year-old said, “It’s the Raiders’ fault. Blame it on the Raiders. If they would’ve won, we wouldn’t be doing this.” However, they had done the same thing a week before when the Raiders had won.

A number of years ago, the popular comedian Flip Wilson had one of his characters blame the devil when he popularized the statement, “The devil made me do it!” Many are still using this excuse today.

While this blame-game is still going on, it didn’t originate with any of these. It started with Adam when he blamed his wife and even blamed God when he was questioned as to why he had sinned (Gen. 3:12). None of these could, nor can, escape the fact that each person is responsible for his own conduct. “So then each one of us shall give account of himself to God” (Rom 14:12).

Instead of blaming others for our sins, we should repent of them, confess them and pray to God that He will forgive us (Acts 8:22; 1 Jn 1:9). “He that covereth his transgressions shall not prosper: But whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall obtain mercy” (Prov 28:13).

George Pledger, Weber Road Church of Christ, Corpus Christi, TX

News & Notes

GRANDVIEW FAMILY PICNIC/CAMPOUT will be this Friday night and Saturday, May 15-16. Bring meat to grill and side to share. Supper will be at 6:30. Maps to Alan’s Dad’s place are available. If you are staying overnight please sign up. Breakfast will be provided.

SONBEAMS will be going for breakfast at 8:30, on Tuesday May 12, to Perkins Restaurant, 2425 E. Euclid Ave. Please let Louise Gordon or Mary Liggett know if you plan to go. Thanks, Lyle

NEW LEVEL PREACHING CLASS: For those of you men who have come through some of the earlier levels of preaching classes, there is a new preaching class with all new materials. It is called ‘Going On Unto Perfection’ and is an advanced level practical ministries course. It would be a good class for all of you Central Iowa Missions preachers who have taken the other courses and have been going out to preach from time to time. This class is tentatively scheduled to begin as soon a we complete the current Sunday morning preaching class during the Sunday morning Bible class hour. The new class should begin some time in June. Please be watching for more information on this new preaching class. – Art

POTLUCK:  There will be a potluck on May24 after evening services at Doanes Park in Pleasant Hill.

THANKS to all the saints at Grandview who support the youth ministry of the Midwest Bible Camp through prayer, donations of ranch dressing and the gift of your time.  There were 67 people at the workday.  Much was accomplished.  Your generosity is appreciated.                 – Beth

EVERYONE INVITED TO: Graduation Open House for Stephen Albers  Saturday, May 30th 1-5 pm Albers’ home 6924 Brookview Drive, Urbandale, Iowa 515/270-4606

OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE! – Once again we have been given an opportunity to serve. Starting on Sunday afternoon, May 31st, at 2:00, we will be conducting a worship service for ‘The Shores’ retirement center behind Copper Creek in Pleasant Hill. On that Sunday, Jeremy will preach, Mike Dorrell is scheduled to lead songs, and Mitch Mort will be leading a couple of prayers. A few have committed to coming along to help sing or help in other ways. This is an outreach program for the Grandview Church of Christ. It is just another way in which we can use our talents for the Lord to try to expand His church kingdom. In June we are scheduled to be at ‘The Shores’ June 14 & 28. Thank-you for your continued support. – Art

Prayer Requests

Judy Singers’ mother passed away last Sunday afternoon. Judy has requested prayers for the family, specifically Jimmy her younger brother who was especially close their mother.  In addition to this prayer for Judy please also pray for her shoulder that has been giving her some pain. She has just recently had some realignment work done to it. The pain makes normal activity painful.

Carol Nikkel, aunt of Amy Penick, had stem cell replacement which appears to have not been as successful as hoped.  She continues to run a fever and her white cell count is very low.  A test in the near future will show if the cancer is gone.

Louise Nikkel, grandmother of Amy Penick is having hernia surgery soon.   This is the third surgery in the same area.  Please pray that this will be successful this time.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father, is receiving Hospice care at home for his cancer.

Continue to remember Philip and Marnie Walker as they continue to work through the challenges that they are facing in their relationship to each other and to the Father.

Tammy Sparks’ dad went through his surgery well. However, a nerve was moved that is causing some temporary paralysis in his bottom lip. The doctors think this is temporary, let us pray that it is as well.

Kim Ferrell’s co-worker Rick Drabeck has been informed by hospice to remain with his son Kahlon, as he is unresponsive to anything at this time.

Theresa Jacobson (Kieran Mort’s friends mom) passed away last week.

Please continue to remember Karen Hardy in your prayers.

Karen Hardy’s mother is not doing well and will very likely end up in a nursing home soon.

Continue to remember the Van Egdom family.

Those looking for employment:  Tyler Spark’s brother in law, Toni Lovejoy, Jake Ferrell pursuing a position, Rich Potter

Dan Bailey has learned that he has Type II Diabetes.

Karen Belk’s sister, Ina , is doing well and has gone home.

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson

Marge and Glen Stevens concerning Glen’s medications.

Beth Potter’s uncle, Jim Asmus, has completed his tests.  He was not diagnosed with MS.  Praise God!

Toni Lovejoy’s father is terminal with cancer.

Note:  If there is anyone that you would like to add to our prayer list or if there is an update for a current listing, please call (957-0542) or email Sandy (sklongfellow@yahoo.com).

Calendar of Events

  • May 15 – Grandview Campout
  • May 17 – Karen Acres Singing
  • May 19-30 – Davis City church Youth Rally  “What School Doesn’t Teach You…”
  • July 17 – Knoxville church Youth Lock in
  • July 26-29 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 26-29 – Jefferson’s Gospel Meeting
  • Sep 5 – Crystal Lange & John Even wedding
  • Oct 12-15 – ‘Holding the Traditions’ Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.