Volume 32 Number 16

A Matter of Fruit…

Read Luke 13:1-17

In the very back of the garden of my childhood home grew an apple tree. I knew it was an apple tree however, I do not remember what kind of apples grew on the tree. There is a reason for this, which I’ll soon get to. I do remember that it was a beautiful tree. The soil it was planted in was rich and every year the tree’s dimensions expanded. Back to the fruit, the reason I can’t remember the apples is because the last year we lived in that home was the first year I remember it having any measurable fruit.

Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree, planted in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it, but did not find any. So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’ ‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”(Luke 13:6-9).

This parable is one where Jesus does not explain the meaning, although based on the context it’s not hard to determine, Jesus had just been in a conversation about lives lost. So, Christ tells of a tree that looks good but yields nothing, a man who sees what the tree is–not what it looks like and a man who does all he can to save the tree.

Christ gave His life for us. He provided us with the opportunity for salvation. However, it is not enough to look good, a tree that looks good is only a block of wood. Our lives have to BE something. Disciples of Christ are more than just blocks of wood, they do good works, produce fruit and honor God with their lives, not their looks.

While we didn’t get to benefit from it, our tree in the garden did bear fruit. We don’t know the fate of the tree in Jesus’ parable, only the possible outcomes. Of course, this isn’t about trees, it’s about us.

Wade McKnight, Centerville Church of Christ, Centerville, Ohio

News & Notes

TEENS: The Grandview 7 & 8th and Teen Classes will be taking part in a service project on Sunday, April 19.  We will have lunch right after services and then get to work.

CHURCH SIGN:  If anyone would like to take on the task of putting sayings in the sign out front, please contact Joe Longfellow.

MWBC COLLECTION:  Don’t forget to get some Ranch Dressing for Midwest Bible Camp!

MIDWEST BIBLE CAMP applications are on the back table.

MENLO GOSPEL MEETING:  Runs from April 24-26th  and topics include:  Maturing in the Faith, Working Together Two by Two, Encouraging Each Other in Faithful Worship, Set Your Mind on Heaven.  Speaker is Brother Wendell Fikes, Airport Church of Christ, South San Francisco, California.  Look on the window in the back of the auditorium for details.

Diane George’s new address is:
3500 Maple Street
West Des Moines, IA  50265-3940

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for Sunny and Jeremy Folding at the Potter’s on Saturday, Apr 25 from 2:00-4:00.

KAREN ACRES SINGING:  May 17 at 2:00.

LADIES FELLOWSHIP will be this Tuesday, April 21, at 7pm at the Starbucks just north of I-80 at the 86th St exit. We will be discussing how to guard our hearts as we remove clutter from our lives and live with the clarity that only God can give.

HICKMAN LADIES DAY—April 25:  Our ladies day will be April 25th, registration begins at 8:30am.  Our theme this year is “Self Talk, Soul Talk.”  Wear your most unusual pair of shoes and bring a pair of plain flip flops to decorate.  You can call me at 515-255-8055 or email me at clapp_lisa@yahoo.com  for questions or to RSVP. See you soon Lisa Clapp!

JEFFERSON’S SUMMER GOSPEL MEETING:  July 26-29 beginning at 7:00 pm with speaker David Wright.

CLOTHING GIVE AWAY: Bring good used clothes to church for the August give away.

Prayer Requests

Easton Van Egdom came through having his chest closed on Thursday. He has been moved to the Pediatric ICU in Mercy hospital. He is continuing to improve. We need to continue praying for his valve, that it will be strong enough to make it through a year so the doctors can go in and replace it at that point. Continue to pray for Jerod and Stacy as well.

Glenn Stevens is still having some problems from the tooth that was removed last week.

Karen Hardy’s cousin passed away recently.  Karen Hardy’s mother is not doing well and will very likely end up in a nursing home soon.

Karen Belk requests prayers for her sister, Ina Reiker, who had undergone a colonoscopy and during the process a large mass was discovered.  She had surgery to remove about 8 inches of her colon, and now her condition is not a bad as had been previously thought. The surgery is over, and once she eats and can take care of herself, she will go home.  Karen was thankful to Grandview for the prayers offered and the cards she received on behalf of her sister.  However, she requested that we continue to remember her sister, Ina Rieker, in prayer.

Barry Phelps is recovering at home.   Remember Millie during this time as well.

Mike Hysell is still facing challenges.

Mike Ogle had a cyst removed from his wrist on the 17th.

Gene McClaren asked that we remember, Karen, a former babysitter that has cancer and is not doing well.

Philip and Marnie Walker as they continue to move forward in the Lord.

Beth Potter’s uncle, Jim Asmus,  has had good tests so far.  There will be more tests.

Pam Dorrell’s friend Joan has cancer that has returned and is in the hospital and the family is in the process of looking for a care center for her.

Looking for Employment:  Tyler Sparks’ Brother-in-law; Toni Lovejoy; Jake is pursuing a job with the Sheriff’s office; Rich Potter

Just a note to let you know that Todd’s sister, Karen, has passed the state exam and is in training to sell insurance, annuities, etc. for Banker’s Life in Minnesota and surrounding areas, so she is no longer looking for employment.  Praise God and thanks to all for your prayers!

CEDAR FALLS:  Sharon Burke is still battling with cancer.  Ward Bickford (an elder) is battling an infection.

Expectant mothers:  Cassie Johnson

Toni Lovejoy’s father is terminal with cancer and his pain meds are not holding.

Calendar of Events

  • Apr 21 – Ladies Bible Study—Starbucks
  • Apr 24-25 – Menlo Gospel Meeting
  • Apr 25 – MN Bible Lecture, Rosemont
  • Apr 25 – Hickman Ladies Day
  • May 2 – MWBC Clean Up Day
  • May 16 – Karen Acres Singing
  • Oct 12-15 – Holding the Traditions Lectureship—Dubuque

End of this issue.