Volume 31 Number 48

What Happens When a Church Grows?

  1. Weak members are growing stronger. Some who have not been so interested in the past are taking a new, fresh look at their involvement in the Lord’s work here. They are finding it exciting and meaningful, and they are receiving a blessing for their increased interest.
  2. Strong members are reaching out to those whose faith needs strengthening. They are encouraging others to be a part of the Lord’s people, to share in the fellowship and joys of Christian labor. They are becoming more aware of the weaknesses and needs of those around them. They are seeking to build and not criticize, to help and not hinder.
  3. Satan is upset. He sees this increase as a real threat to his dominion over the minds of worldly people. He sees God’s kingdom chipping away at his kingdom. He sees the power of the truth overruling his power of darkness. He knows that his own power is no match for the Lord’s power, and he panics. We can be pretty sure that he will increase his efforts against us. But, the Lord’s power will always “overwhelmingly conquer” if we live in it.
  4. The church is happier. God designed man for God’s own glory. When we are in line with God’s will, we see the benefits, and it gives us peace. When we can help spread the Gospel and see its power changing the lives of the wicked, we rejoice in being able to give as He has given to us. When we do, we grow.
  5. The world takes notice. Man possesses at particular instinct for measuring sincerity. When we radiate the glory of the Father and seek to communicate His mercy to the lost, people know. And that makes them wonder what’s happening. So, non-members become members, and the church learns more of how to be God’s people.
  6. Heaven rejoices. God is glorified. Christ is lifted up. All Heaven sings in joy. “There is more joy in Heaven over one sinner that comes to repentance….”

William Eudy, Southside Church of Christ
Mineral Wells, Texas William Eudy, Southside Church of Christ
Mineral Wells, Texas

News & Notes

COOKIE EXCHANGE: All ladies are welcome to Jo Mort’s house Dec. 4th at 7:00 pm for a night of fun.  We will have a cookie exchange,, candle exchange and a chance to help replenish the Welcome Basket Supplies.  You can participate in one, some or just come and have fun.  If you want to do the cookie exchange bring 3 dozen cookies.  If you want to do the candle exchange bring a wrapped candle do not include a tag.  Try to keep the candle under $10 or under.  If you would like to help replenish welcome baskets consult the list on the next page.

MEN’S  GET TOGETHER: All men are welcome to a Sausage Feast.  Mitch Mort will host on Dec. 4th at 7:00 pm in his Manly Garage!  Bring a dish that uses sausage and the men will eat and have fellowship.  Drinks and table service will be provided.  Please bring a chair.

NEW EMAIL: Jeremy has a new email: jeremyfolding@gmail.com.

CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN!  Please be very careful as the construction progresses.  Drive carefully and be careful of the children.

SONBEAMS will meet on Tuesday, December 9, at 11:30. Mary and Ruth have graciously offered to host our lunch at the manor at Valley View Village.  A Menu has been planned. Please see Mayrene for more information.

KINYON ANNIVERSARY:  John and Cheryl’s 35th wedding anniversary is December 9. They have been workers at Midwest Bible Camp for many years and Cheryl has been having serious health problems. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to send them cards. Send them to: 916 Iowa Avenue, York, NE 68467.

“And without faith it is impossible to please Him,  for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

Welcome Basket Items:

Recipe Card Sets
Book Markers
Note Cards
Picture Frames
Chip Clips
Dish Cloths
Coasters (set of 4)
Combs and Brushes
Hot Pads

Ice Scrapers
Garage Items
Duct Tape
Shop Towels
Bandana  Handkerchiefs
Detail Brushes (For Vehicles)
Tape Measures
Chap Stick

Night Lights
Gloves and Hats
Gift Cards (McDonalds, Burger King, Subway)

(Donations for the purchase of Bibles, Placemats & Devotional Books will be accepted. These  will be given to new converts only.) We have plenty of dish towels, candles, pens, pencils and note pads.

Calendar of Events

Dec 4 – Ladies Class Cookie Exchange at the Mort’s
Dec 7 – AM Potluck     -  -  –
Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve Party at the building
Jan 16 – All Church Birthday Party

Prayer Requests

We are sad to announce that Karen Carico passed away at 5:30 am, Friday, November 28. Hamilton Funeral Home on Lyon is handling the arrangements. Her funeral will be early next week. Please remember Lynn Cook and Laurie Breton and their families in your prayers.

Beth Potter fell down some stairs and broke a bone in her foot on the way back from Canada.

Please remember expectant mothers and their safe pregnancies: Stacy Van Egdom & Kristen Cary

Andy Behanish is recovering at home.

Nancy Wallis’ and family on the passing of her father, Albert Delbridge, in Indianapolis.

Mike Johnson concerning his job. Please pray for new opportunities.

Karen Hardy and her continuing challenges.

Jim Mort, who is still rehabilitating from surgery at home.

Glenn and Marge Stevens in dealing with Glen’s illness.

Barb South’s brother-Mike Hysell’s brain tumor has returned. He is having treatment.

Jeff Moore— to follow his diagnosis go to www.caringbridge.org/visit/JeffMoore.

Toni Lovejoy’s father with prostate cancer and her grandmother with lung cancer.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father; Jean Cook, Archie’s mother, who all have cancer

Kimball Matkins, who has ALS go to:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kimballmatkins.

Note:  If there is anyone that you would like to add to our prayer list or if there is an update for a current listing, please call (957-0542) or email Sandy (sklongfellow@yahoo.com).

Central Iowa Missions

Nov 30 – Osceola – Joe Buxton
Dec 7 – Osceola – Darin Thompson

On Sunday afternoons, Art is teaching a 2-hour Basic Preaching class at Osceola and then speaking for their evening worship hour.

Attended Nursery

Nov 30 – Sandy Longfellow—Katie Mort
Dec 7 – Tammy Sparks—April Mazak
Dec 14 – Heather Siegle—Missy Thompson


Dec 2 – Ron Melvin
Dec 5 – Tyler Sparks
Dec 6 – Charlotte Ogle

End of this issue.