Volume 31 Number 39

A Missional Church

Some might be thinking, “What’s a missional church?”

Do you ever wonder if we have times when we forget exactly who and what the Lord has called us to be? We often speak of “going to church” and of events that take place “down at the church.” But in reality, the church of Jesus Christ is not a place, but a people. WE are the church (1 Cor. 12:27, Eph. 1:22-23)!

As a people, we must understand that we have a divine purpose for being. We have a mission to accomplish during our journey through this world. To put it plainly, we are a sent people. Our Lord has challenged us to go into the world around us and be salt, leaven, and light. In other words, we are to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Just as yeast has to permeate dough before it will rise, so disciples of Christ must involve themselves daily in the lives of others before their existence can be effective spiritually. Salt, to accomplish its purpose, must get out of the shaker. And a Christian, to be what called him to be, must get out of the building.

Our mission on earth is to be spiritually relevant among those we encounter each day. Believers are to be a “missional community.” This simply means a group of people who truly understand their purpose, and who center their lives on achieving it.

Missional disciples understand that “church” isn’t something one goes to; it is something one IS. Our mission is to be the visible manifestation of Jesus to those around us who are in search of a Savior.

They see Jesus in us.

William Eudy, Southside Church of Christ, Mineral Wells, Texas

Prayer Requests

Karen Hardy has been having some tests. Some have been good and some bad. Please keep her and the family in your prayers!

Shane Siegle has lost his job.  He has been having interviews.  Pray for his success.

Praise God! Joey Goodale  is officially out of a coma.  He is going through extensive therapy.  He will have surgery to replace his skull sometime the week of Sept. 22.  Thanks for the Prayers—Mitch and Jo Mort.

Please continue to pray for:

Jeff Moore, a friend of Andrea and Andy’s who continues to recover from an ATV accident in Minnesota 2 weeks ago.  He is still in a drug induced coma, but doctors continue to be optimistic about his recovery.  If you want to encourage his family or follow his diagnosis go to www.caringbridge.org/visit/JeffMoore.

Frank Ingersoll’s step-mother had a small stroke.

Karen Carico is at Taylor House.  Please remember her in prayer as well as her family!

Karen Belk’s sister had a stroke and will have a long recovery.

Doris Gaulke’s cancer has returned but she will not be continuing chemotherapy.

Glen and Marge Stevens in dealing with Glen’s illness.

Toni Lovejoy’s father who has advanced prostate cancer and her grandmother diagnosed with lung     cancer.

Bob McClaran’s sister, Nathalie, who lives in South Carolina is in need of a transplant for her  eye.

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father; Jean Cook, Archie’s mother, who all have cancer

Kimball Matkins, who has ALS —there is a website that chronicles his life at: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kimballmatkins.

Central Iowa Missions

  • Sep 28  No one going out
  • Oct 5    Ogden – Joe Buxton
  • Oct 5    Osceola – Mike Richardson

Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • Sep 28  Debbie McGee
  • Sep 30  Jerry Duquette
  • Oct 1   Diane George
  • Oct 3   Mayrene Dales
  • Oct 4   Brian & Melissa Hiskey

End of this issue.