Volume 31 Number 35

Pray Over Iowa 2008

Pray Over Iowa 2008 is just a few days away. Plans have been made, the program is nearing completion; and we anticipate a great opportunity for a spiritual feast. Pray Over Iowa is historically an idea developed at the Grandview church of Christ. The first program was held on August 22, 1980, and it was held at the Des Moines Downtown Holiday Inn (at the TOWER). In the initial communication concerning the program distributed in 1980, these purposes were set forth for Pray Over Iowa:

  1. “To produce a better fellowship among the Christians of Iowa. We need to share with each other both joys and sorrows that we experience… I’m also sure that we can glorify God and strengthen each other by coming together with one accord.”
  2. “This will be a chance to let the whole state know that we exist and that we care about them and that we hate sin.”
  3. “This will be a chance to feed your soul on God’s Word.”
  4. “It should be an aid to your local evangelism.”

The general purposes of the program have not changed since the inception of POI. Here is what you can expect this year at Pray Over Iowa:

  • we will spend time in prayer together.
  • we will sing praises to our Father in Heaven.
  • we will hear spiritual lessons from God’s word.
  • we will sit together and eat together.
  • we will renew old acquaintances and meet new brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • we will enjoy great Christian fellowship.

How can you help with the program this year?

  1. Pray for the program and the event.
  2. Plan to attend.

The program theme for this year is the “fruit of the spirit,” from Galatians 5:22-23. Six of the “fruits” have been selected for consideration at Pray Over Iowa. The individual areas and speakers follow:

  • Love Roy North, Harlan and Redline congregations
  • Joy Zack Ahrens, McPherson Ave. congregation, Council Bluffs
  • Peace Jason Zaiger, Atlantic congregation

News and Notes

TEACHER WORKDAY -  August 24:  We will be assembling new material.  Please bring a sack lunch and spend the afternoon.  Everyone is welcome—you do not have to be a teacher to assist!

RICHARDSONS still have a need for some school supplies.  Their needs in order of importance are construction paper, scissors, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, crayons, tape, markers,  and glue sticks.

PROFILES: Gene McClaren is collecting family profiles from Grandview members.  If you have not done one, please talk to Gene.

SINGING:  Karen Acres has Grandview on their calendar to sing on September 20 at 2:00 pm.

PRAY OVER IOWA—Friday, September 5
Theme: The Fruits of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22,23
A Catered Supper starts at 5:30 pm.
Program  begins at 7:00 pm
Speakers include:

Roy North – Harlan/Redline – “Love”
Zach Ahrens – McPherson Ave., Council Bluffs – “Joy”
Jason Zaiger – Atlantic – “Peace”
Paul Prescott – Marshalltown – “Kindness”
Jeremy Folding – Grandview, Des Moines – “Goodness”
Dan Pierce – Cedarloo, Cedar Falls – “Gentleness”

PM Worship:

Jeremy Folding: “The Same Mind: But Whose Mind?”
Readings: 1 Corinthians 1:10-11  and   Philippians 4:1-9

A Community Need…Hospice of Central Iowa is looking for people to provide baked goods to our 24-bed hospice facility.  Cookies, bars, breads or any comforting baked treats are set out for patients, families and visitors to enjoy daily. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at the Bright Kavanagh House, please call or e-mail Cheryl Berg, Bright Kavanagh House Volunteer Coordinator, at (515) 333-4552 or cberg@hospiceofcentraliowa.org for more details.

Calendar of Events

Sep 5 Pray Over Iowa—Grandview church of Christ
Sep 7 PM Potluck
Sept 20 Singing at Karen Acres
Oct 5 AM Potluck

Prayer Requests

Meredith South is going to study in Italy this semester  – pray for her safe travel.

Karen Carico is very ill and in room #370 of Powell.

Louise Gordon has a mass on her bladder and she will be having a biopsy on the 25th.

Doris Gaulke’s cancer has returned but she will not be continuing chemotherapy.

Please continue to pray for:

Karen Hardy’s chemotherapy is not working and is undergoing tests.

Glen and Marge Stevens in dealing with Glen’s illness.

Karen Belk’s sister, Ina, is having sinus symptoms that are similar to a stroke.

Toni Lovejoy’s father who has advanced prostate cancer and her grandmother diagnosed with lung cancer.

Bob McClaran’s sister, Nathalie, who lives in South Carolina is in need of a transplant for her eye

Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father; Jean Cook, Archie’s mother, who all have cancer

Kimball Matkins, who has ALS —there is a website that chronicles his life at:


Central Iowa Missions

August 24 Osceola Michael Mazak
August 31 Osceola Kelly Kaiser


Aug 24    Darin & Missy Thompson
Aug 29    Glenn Stevens
Aug 30    Todd Johnson
Aug 30    Paul Nieves
Aug 30    Fred & Nancy Anderson

Service Roster

Sunday AM 08/24/08 08/31/08 09/07/08 9/14/08
Song Leader Joe L. Jason H. Dan B. Alan A.
Opening Prayer Joe Bux. Patrick D. Joe Bre. Randy L.
Reading Tate S. Tyler S. Art W. Joe Bux.
Lord’s Supper Dan B. Joe Bux Jared V. Orrin N.
Bread Robert G. Mike Mel. Tate S. Gaylon H.
Cup Wes M. Lew K. Mitch M. Rich P.
Offering Joe Bre. Matt B. Mike Maz Archie C.
Closing Prayer Kelly K. Darin T. Todd J. Ron M.
Sunday PM 08/24/08 08/31/08 09/07/08 9/14/08
Song Leader Joe L. Alan A. Philip W. Patrick D.
Opening Prayer Jared V. Gaylon H. Kelly K. Jason H.
Reading Ron M. Steve S. Mike D. Mike Mel.
Lord’s Supper Dan B. Joe Bux Jared V. Orrin N.
Closing Prayer Archie C. Randy L. Robert G. Lyle D.
Wednesday 08/27/08 09/03/08 07/10/08 09/17/08
Song Leader Dan B. Jason H. Alan A. Philip W.
Closing Prayer Lyle D. Orrin N. Tyler S. Darin T.

End of this issue.