Volume 31 Number 2

Live Each Day as if it is Your Last

Here is a brief note, written by Kimball Matkins on January 7. Kimball was formerly a member here at Grandview, and has ALS—Lou Gehrig’s disease.

If having ALS is not enough of reality, I am constantly reminded again of the frailty of life. Last Saturday, our son Thomas told us that one of his friends administered CPR for 20 minutes waiting for the ambulance at one of our local restaurants. My initial thought was it was an older person traveling through York. Last night I found out the person was a local person, 45 years young who had just returned to York College to finish his degree in History. I helped him finalize his financial aid and now he is dead. He was so excited about returning to college to finish his degree that he had started many years before. I understood his excitement as I returned to York College at 45 and finished my degree at 49 that I had started when I was 18. All of this is now finished as his life has ended at the young age of 45. I was reminded again that each day, whether healthy or not is a blessing from God. We have no guarantees that we will wake up and we have no guarantees that we will live the full day. We need to thank God for waking up and then thank him again when we lie down at night. Live each day as if it is your last because it just may be…really. Psalm 118:24

Kimball Matkins

Prayer Requests

Please add Taylor Gordon to your prayer list. She is now on her fourth set of ear infections. We would like prayers on her behalf to help her, and to help us in this battle. Thank you. Lyndsay

Update from Jose & Christine Martinez: After less than two weeks we have good news to report on my Mom. She is doing so well in rehab that she will be going home on Monday. She is still shuffling that left foot a bit but she is more steady on her feet and able to walk without constant assistance. We continue to pray she won’t need 24 hour care although we are planning—at least in the beginning—to have someone with her at all times. Thank you for your prayers. Mom’s recovery would not be so successful without the healing touch of the Lord’s hand! Your Sister and Brother in Christ, Christine and Jose

Praise the Lord! Phyllis Mort went home on Friday. There is a sign-up list on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall for those willing to take meals to Jim & Phyllis.

Susan Mort is on a waiting list to have knee surgery. Please keep Susan, who’s knee is very painful, in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Preacher search, for God’s guidance
  • Greta & Phil Blankenship, trying to sell their house in Wichita
  • Glenn Stevens, seeing a cardiologist for chest pains and shortness of breath
  • Evie Welch, newborn daughter of Callie & Jesse Welch, who contracted CMV
  • Phyllis Mort’s brother, Don Demi, recovering from esophageal surgery for cancer
  • Steve South, job hunting
  • Bailey Bunting in Wichita, Kansas, who has many tumors in her small body
  • Marge Stevens’ sister, Dorothy Talbert, has macular degeneration
  • Gene McClaran’s uncle, Lowell Blake in the nursing home in Newton
  • Janna Miller’s uncle Norm is having health concerns
  • Randy Lange’s father has been having serious heart problems
  • Expecting mothers: Kim Ferrell; Angie Charlier;Heather Easter;Art & Nancy Wallis’ daughter, Dawn White
  • McClaran’s neighbor, Kate Wurtz, who has untreatable cancer
  • Betty Demi, being treated for skin cancer, and is shut-in
  • Millie Buxton whose eyesight has been deteriorating
  • Cristie Williams, paralyzed in an accident
  • Andy Arnett in Afghanistan
  • Karen Belk’s sister, Donna Butcher, and brother, Darwin Belk
  • Louise Gordon; Karen Carico; Karen Hardy; Bob Kunce, Kim Greer’s father; Jean Cook, Archie’s mother; Melissa Hosey, the Mort’s friend who all have cancer
  • Bertha Jones who is shut in
  • John Singer and his health concerns
  • Kimball Matkins, who has ALS

News & Notes

Please join us today at 2 pm in singing at Karen Acres. We will begin at 2:00 pm.

Ladies: Do you desire to simplify your life, inside and out, and build a more meaningful relationship with God? Come to the Ladies’ Fellowship this Tuesday at 7 pm as we begin a study of the book From Clutter to Clarity: Simplifying Life from the Inside Out  by Nancy Twigg. This month we will meet at the Starbucks in Johnston, 5340 Merle Hay Road (just north of I-80). Come for a refreshing evening of Christian fellowship and spiritual renewal.

Bible Bowl practice will begin this afternoon here at the building at 4 pm for grades K-12. We are alwo looking for people who would like to be on an adult team. Please let Donna Bailey know if you or your child would like to participate. The questions will be on 1st and 2nd Peter and will take place at the Boone Street congregation in Marshalltown.

Grandview will be hosting a “Workshop Discussing Aspects of the Eldership: qualifications, duties, communication, relationships, some very practical information, etc.” This workshop will be April 11-13. Please reserve these dates on your calendars. We plan to have 9-10 men from both in-state and out-of-state here to present these lessons. This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in learning more about this vital subject.

We are now in the second month of this session of F.I.S.H. groups. Make plans today to get together with your group for some Christian fellowship. —Joe Longfellow

We are looking for people who would be willing to host the monthly teen devotionals / activities on the third Sunday night of each month.

There is also a sign-up list for those interested in hosting the Ladies’ Fellowship on the third Tuesday night of each month. Please sign up if you can help.

Make plans to join in the fun and games at the annual Grandview Birthday Party on January 18th. Everyone who has a birthday during the 2008 calendar year is invited which, this year, includes February 29th. Please sign up on the sheet on the fellowship bulletin board to bake a cake. Birthday cakes will be categorized by the day of the week on which you were born.

Central Iowa Missions: This week, Ron Melvin will speak in the morning, Joe Longfellow will speak in the evening, and Alan Augspurger will speak at Blockton. Next week, Mike Melvin will speak in the morning, Mike Dorrell in the evening, and Art Wallis will speak at the Jasper County congregation in Newton.

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AM Sermon

Ron Melvin , “God’s Love For the World “

PM Sermon

Joe Longfellow

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Jan 13 Marge Nearhoof
Jan 13 Jess Mort
Jan 14 Debbie Nieves
Jan 14 Tammy Sparks
Jan 14 Bryce Phelps
Jan 16 Barb South
Jan 18 Robert Gordon
Jan 19 Jim Mort
Jan 19 Alan Augspurger

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Calendar of Events (See also the Iowa Churches of Christ Calendar of Events)

13 Sunday Singing at Karen Acres, 2:00 pm
18 Friday Grandview Annual Birthday Party

3 Sunday Potluck
16 Saturday Bible Bowl, to be held at the new location of the Boone Street Church of Christ in Marshalltown
23 Saturday Blood Drive

8 Saturday Firearm Fellowship, Payton, Iowa

End of this issue.