The Grandview Dream

We of the Grandview family, desiring to do the will of God, dedicate our God-given talents and resources to fulfill the mission Christ has for his church. It is our hope, our dream:

…To be a people who are deeply committed to the inspired Word of God, both in letter and in spirit; a people of fervent and constant prayer who depend on God’s care and guidance; a letter from Christ, known and read by all men.

…To be a people who unashamedly and faithfully proclaim to the lost the good news of Christ’s redeeming love, in a gentle, humble, uncompromising spirit.

…To be a body of believers who are building one another up in love, trained and equipped to function as Christians in the home, the school, the work place, the community, and the church.

…To be a people of contrite heart who, with reverence and awe, worship God in spirit and in truth, as a genuine expression of gratitude for his love and grace, within the collective assembly as well as in daily life.

…To be a people who imitate the caring compassion of Christ, being aware of and sensitive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all people, especially members of the body of Christ.