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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

Support by Preston Road Church

After careful consideration the Preston Road brethren decided to fund the cost of the venture only if more local leadership would commit to the project to insure its success. At this point George Mayfield called Paul Harp requesting that his family consider making a commitment to this new work because they lived hi the area to be served. Paul and Jackie discussed the matter as a family and, feeling they could not drive past a small struggling church to attend a strong church 11 miles away (Southside), they agreed to go with the new church. With that commitment, the Preston Road brethren made a 10-year financial commitment that would begin in the summer of 1978 when Jon Bailey was due to graduate. The first year they agreed to pay 100% of the preacher’s salary, with a one-tenth reduction in support each succeeding year with a total phase-out after the 10th year. Grandview met the challenge and was fully self-supporting in 10 years.

On Sunday morning, May 28th, Paul resigned as an elder of the Southside Church and began preliminary work of locating a meeting place and talking with those who were expressing interest in the new work. Jon Bailey made a trip to Des Moines in mid-July to attend an organizational meeting held at the Harp’s. Several people who either had made a commitment or were seriously considering making a commitment to become a part of the new congregation attended this meeting. At this meeting, the name Grand View Church of Christ was decided upon because, at that point, no one had any idea where the future building would be located and the name Grandview Golf Course, Grandview Park and Grand View College were familiar names in the area. Therefore, we settled on “Grand View” as the spelling of choice, however, subsequently the name has gradually become “Grandview” even though “Grand View” is on the papers of incorporation. (G.V. is used throughout this document as the abbreviated designation.) It was decided at this meeting that August 6th would be the date for the first meeting of the church. About a week later the group met at the Nelson’s home in West Des Moines for further discussion and planning.