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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

Special Remembrances in 1998

We scheduled a 20th Anniversary Celebration for August 1998, to coincide with the date of the first official meeting and worship for G.V. With a great deal of congregational input and planning, we hosted a special weekend of activities culminating in the anniversary activities. Members prepared a memory book of 20 years, former members returned for the weekend, and the spirit of the weekend was positive and filled with sharing of good memories of the first 20 years.

A month later, G.V. hosted Pray Over Iowa for the first since 1984, when we gave up the option to host this state-wide program. In view of the fact that brother Gary Lambrecht had promoted the concept, we invited him to speak at this special state-wide activity. POI was once again very well attended, and we planned and served the meal with great support and involvement by the G.V. family.

As 1998, drew to a close, brother Lyle Asbill informed the elders that he was interviewing for another preaching opportunity, and this announcement coincided with ongoing congregational planning to enlarge the leadership at G.V.