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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

Pray Over Iowa / Sing Over Iowa

Another initiative taken by “little GV” was to introduce a new thing, “Pray Over Iowa” (POI)held atop the Holiday Inn, 6th Avenue and 1-235. Brethren from around the state attended to enjoy food and fellowship. Jim Waddell spoke. G.V. continued to provide the leadership and finances for this program for the first four years. Subsequent “POI” gatherings were held at Adventureland. After we decided not to continue the program, other congregations around the state picked up the baton and took turns hosting the affair. It has continued in modified forms annually since its inception. “Sing Over Iowa” was a take-off of this program and has continued for several years under the leadership of the Church of Christ in Iowa City. It was during the first year of Lambrecht’s tenure that Don Nelson and Paul Harp were appointed as the first elders – no deacons. At the end of three years Gary Lambrecht left, the eldership dissolved, and the work continued without a preacher for several months.