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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

Lyle Asbill Hired / More Expansion

Lyle Asbill began work as our fifth preacher in January 1996, and we added a fourth elder (Kimball Matkins) and one additional deacon (Brian Showen) in January 1996. It became obvious that we were poised for expansion both in numbers and effectiveness to our world with the renewed enthusiasm that emerged in early 1996; thus, in March, the elders announced plans to expand the current building and to add more parking spaces. At the time the challenge to build was announced we had $74,000 in the building expansion fund, and the congregation responded to the challenge by donating $65,000 for the project and by loaning $55,000. The members’ responses and support were encouraging, and we began using the new classrooms in March 1997. Due to the characteristic G. V. spirit, the loans from members were repaid ahead of schedule, and we were debt-free by December 1998.

In January 1998, we added three new deacons: Archie Cook, Mike Mazak and Ron Melvin. Also in June 1998, Don and Nan Nelson left Grandview to begin their work with the Sojourners.