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The "Grand View" Story

Revised May 9, 2008

In the Beginning

Prior to 1978 the Des Moines area was served by several congregations of the Lord’s church: Hickman Avenue and West Madison, located at Madison and Beaver area, both of which employed full time gospel preachers; and also the oldest congregation in the city, located on Dean Avenue, which did not employ a full-time gospel preacher, as well as the congregation located at 59th Street and University Avenue. The Southside Church of Christ located at # I Emma on the south side of the city was begun in 1968 and was composed of members of both Hickman and West Madison and led by members of the Iowa Campaigns For Christ team. There were also several other smaller congregations of a very conservative nature in the city.

No church had ever existed in the N. E. quadrant of the city nor had any evangelistic work ever been attempted here. The Hickman Avenue congregation decided to try to develop a work in this area of town. In 1977-1978, the Hickman congregation authorized George Mayfield to travel to Dallas, TX to meet with the elders of the Preston Road church of Christ. He had learned that this congregation had an interest in mission work, and Brother Mayfield went to Dallas with proposal for a 10-year program of work. This trip was eventfully deemed a success as the Preston Road congregation developed an interest in the idea of establishing such a work. In the Spring of 1978, Brother Charles Dameron (elder) and Jon Bailey (preacher student in the PR School of Preaching) came to Des Moines to meet with area elders, preachers and members of congregations to consider the merits of the proposal. After much discussion, elders from Southside, West Madison, and the men at Hickman agreed to the proposal. Brother Dameron returned to Dallas to share the information with their elders and await a decision. Area leaders agreed not to discourage any of their members from joining this new work.

One critical fact in this process is that G.V. began with the support of the three congregations, which were involved in these initial discussions.