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The "Grand View" Story

Revised May 9, 2008

G.V. Moves to Hubbell Avenue

On Wednesday, March 30, the congregation met for the last time in the Scout Hall for a devotional and instructions on how the “Exodus” would proceed in caravan format as we took all of our supplies and materials to the new building. It was decided that Paul Harp would lead the way because he had been an original elder. The Nearhoofs locked the doors after the last members departed and brought up the rear. We proceeded to the present building and met in the basement where Orrin spoke to the membership concerning rules for the new building, etc. After a devotional, we shared treats. We wanted to save the auditorium for our first worship service that took place on Sunday, April 3, 1988 with a membership of approximately 50. Our plan was to outgrow the new building within five years and then add on. Within a year, our attendance was exceeding 100 fairly consistently. 165 was our record in these early years, and it occurred the last night of VBS. The next year was a great year for leadership expansion. Alan Phipps was added to the eldership in the fall of 1989. Three deacons were added in December 1989: Randy Albers, Tom Doty and Kimball Matkins. The congregation was greatly saddened by the passing of Alan due to a sudden heart attack in August of 1991 after serving only two years.