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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

G.V. Meets for the First Time

On Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m, August 6, 1978, the Grand View church of Christ met for the first time in the Mid Iowa Boy Scouts of America headquarters at 1659 E. Euclid Avenue next to the railroad tracks just east of 1411 and Euclid. The Scout Master had drawn up an agreement whereby we would have access to certain areas of the building three times per week in exchange for a “donation” of $40.00 per week and a $200.00 deposit to cover any damage that1 might occur. As time passed a bond of trust developed, and the Scout organization turned over’ the entire building for our use. The initial understanding that we would be there no more than six months turned into a 10-year relationship in which we were accorded every consideration because of the high esteem in which we were held by the Scouts. An adult class was even held in the Director’s office around his conference table. We were given free access to the Scout Camp near Luther for men’s retreats.

Paul Harp opened the first service with greetings, and among other comments the following statement was made to the congregation assembled (32 in all):

“This is a great day for this part of the city. They don’t know it, but the finest thing that could happen to N.E. Des Moines has happened – the planting of a true N.T. Church.

  • A bit of leaven has been placed here – let it grow and permeate!
  • A bit of salt has been sprinkled here – let it season!
  • A light has been turned on here – let it shine!
  • A mustard seed has been planted here – let it grow!
  • A Pearl of Great Price has been found – sound the good news!”

After the worship service, “Share-the-Work” forms were distributed and every member was asked to pick areas of work for which they felt qualified and to begin an active involvement in building the Church to be leaven, salt, etc. The first contribution was $356.00. Of the 32 people present, one family came from Hickman (Don Reeves, family of four); two elderly ladies from West Madison who lived in our area (Annie Shafer and Cordia Rabum), and the rest came from the Southside Church. Of the 32 present that day there were just six who were still with G.V. for the 20th Anniversary in August 1998. Today, Frank Ingersoll and Don and Nan, who are here for the summer, are the only members from that original group which met on August 6, 1978.