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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

G.V. Leadership

Late in 1982 Paul and Jackie met with Orrin and Marjory Nearhoof and laid out the need we had at GV for additional leadership and invited them to join forces with us. On December 5, 1982, Orrin came over to preach for us and at the end of the invitation stepped back up and announced they were placing their membership with the Grand View church of Church. The following February the congregation hired Larry Yurk as the third GV preacher and a long night of discouragement vanished with a burst of enthusiasm and renewed zeal. Larry came in February 1983, and continued with us until October 15, 1991. During these almost nine years several significant things occurred. Paul and Orrin were appointed elders in December 1984, and subsequently Joe Longfellow and Leon McDaniels as the first deacons.