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The "Grand View" Story

Revised August 10, 2003

1999 A Year Of Transitions

As 1998 was drawing to a close, the congregation was involved in an elder selection process, which resulted in the selection of Alan Augspurger and Ron Melvin as two additional elders to serve the congregation.

Lyle Asbill had already announced his intention to accept a new work with the Grapevine church of Christ, Grapevine, TX, and he would be leaving G.V. in January 1999.

Immediately after the installation of the two new elders, Alan and Ron, in January 1999, brother Paul Harp announced to the elders, in their first combined meeting, his intention to resign as an elder so that he and Jackie could move to Arkansas to be nearer their family. Subsequently, on Wednesday night of this same week, he announced to the congregation his resignation as an elder of the G.V. church of Christ. Brother Paul had served the congregation as an elder on two tours: first in the early 1980s with Don Nelson and since December 1984.

The new eldership was faced with the responsibly of a preacher search and also the ongoing plans for deacon selection, and at the same time, the new eldership was involved in the development of a new program, the Central Iowa Mission (CIM) Program as it is now termed.