Sunday Morning Adult Class

This week we continue looking at the parables of Jesus found in the gospels. We will be focusing our attention this week on the parable found in Luke 19:11-27. Next week we will plan on looking at the parable in Matthew 21:28-32. If you would be willing to read Matthew 21:28-32 in preparation for study and discussion next week that would be appreciated.

Games at Grandview

November 9: Please come and join us for an evening of playing games and sharing snacks! There is usually a dominoes game going on but bring one of your favorite games and join us! We begin at 6:30pm.

Holiday Care Packages

THE GRANDVIEW TEENS are now asking the congregation to begin purchasing and donating items suitable for our annual 2012 Holiday CARE packages that we send to soldiers, college students and shut ins. There will be a sign up sheet for suggested recipients as well as a “need” list posted on the bulletin board. If you have an idea for something not on the list that is suitable please bring it. We will collect items until Sunday, November 25.


A construction event is planned for 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 17. We are in need of a working sewing machine that can zig zag stitch and an operator that can sew on the labels either during the event or at home. Todd will bring donuts and juice. We will plan for 3 hours to 3.5 hours of work before going our separate ways for lunch. Please let Todd know if you plan to attend.

Blanket Making Party September 22

Todd Johnson has organized another Fleece Blanket Making Event, Sunday afternoon, Sept 23. Please bring a sack lunch and something to share, if desired. We have quite a bit of fleece, so many hands and scissors make light work! Hope you can be a part of this good work, blessing the children of Iowa in crisis.

Questions? Contact Todd Johnson

2012 Lectureship: The Good Shepherd

The Grandview Lectures
May 4th – 6th 2012


2012.05.04 Rob Swartz God’s Flock 7PM Play Download
2012.05.04 Tom Collier How To Tell A Sheep From A Goat 8PM Play Download
2012.05.05 Jason Zaiger How Does God Lead Us? 10AM Play Download
2012.05.05 Joe Buxton The Good Shepherd Vs. The Hireling 11AM Play Download
2012.05.05 Matt Glawe Growing the Flock Numerically 1:30PM Play Download
2012.05.05 Orrin Nearhoof Growing the Flock Spiritually 2:30PM Play Download
2012.05.05 Darin Thompson How Do We Submit To God’s Will? 7PM Play Download
2012.05.06 Dan Bailey How God Meets the Needs of His Sheep 9AM Play Download
2012.05.05 Gary Hutchens The Good Shepherd 10AM Play Download
2012.05.06 Doug Berry Gods Sheep Will NOT Follow A Stranger 3PM Play Download
2012.05.06 Gary Hutchens The Good Shepherd 10AM Play Download
2012.05.06 Gary Hutchens The Lord Is My Shepherd 6PM Play Download