Grandview Lectureship

The Good Shepherd

May 4th-6th, 2012

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God’s Flock
Rob Swartz
How To Tell A Sheep From A Goat
Tom Collier – Matthew 25:31-46


How Does God Lead Us?
Jason Zaiger – Psalm 23:2
The Good Shepherd Vs. The Hireling
Joe Buxton – John 10:11-13
Growing the Flock Numerically
Matt Glawe
Growing the Flock Spiritually
Orrin Nearhoof
How Do We Submit To God’s Will?
Darin Thompson – John 10:4


How God Meets The Needs of His Sheep
Dan Bailey – Matthew 6:25-34
The Good Shepherd
Gary Hutchens – John 10:1-18
God’s Sheep Will Not Follow A Stranger
Doug Berry – John 10:5
We Must Enter The Fold Through Christ
Alan Augspurger – John 10:9
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Gary Hutchens – Psalm 23
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